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  • Jacob Hyman
    Yes (8) Color: Gray Size: US Plug
    Each take a different charging cord and the usb ports on this surge protector allows me to plug them both in without taking up an outlet spot,i am very happy with my purchase and my husband wants one for his side of the bed too,the usb charging ports are disappointing as they are very weak in their output,flat wall plug,i also use it to power wireless chargers with good results

    Aug 10,2018

  • owendon
    Yes (1) Color: Gray Size: US Plug
    You are looking for something which will protect your electronic components and have a usb port for charging your portable device,this is a great item to have,the spacing of the plugs work great for different items and easy to use,i had bought a similar power strip from a competitor and it was dead in a few weeks

    Oct 20,2018

  • Bridgie
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: US Plug
    We found that our normal power strip was getting overcome with larger plugs but also all the plugs for usb-charging devices,two of the usb plugs have more power than the other two,the spacing on the last two plugs gives a perfect spot for two of the larger plugs

    Aug 28,2018

  • A Good Neighbor
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: US Plug
    This was perfect for my use-case ; I use this as a power charging station for the various devices my family has,is perfect for use for plugging in a radio,this device seems to be pretty rugged,this should be the standard way power strips are handled universally

    May 25,2018

  • Julie L
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: US Plug
    This power strip/surge protector is so much better than the traditionally designed variety,i have lots of plugs that are so big,i also like that there are usb ports so I can charge my kindle and my tablet,a very handy surge protector at a good price

    May 20,2018

  • Janna
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: US Plug
    This is a great power strip,i love the distance of some of the plugs which allow large adapters without losing the other plugs,the color is great for my white apartment,all the other plugs are a great accessory for plugging in my cell phone

    Jul 04,2018

  • S. L. Boyd
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: US Plug
    The usb power option is welcome as my tv's are both old enough that they do not have usb on them to plug my chromecast in to,the set up of the plugs is well spaced and works for the strange shaped plug associated with the switch and roku

    Oct 16,2018

  • Zophiefase
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: US Plug
    The spacing is good and allows me to have multiple items plugged in without any problems,i routinely and am using a number of the outlets and the usb ports at the same time and haven't experienced any power draw problems

    Nov 17,2017

  • Carly Harmon
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: US Plug
    This is my favorite power strip,the price is just great,i use this one most because the flat plug in allows you to place it behind furniture and not worry about the cord bending or cracking

    Apr 08,2018

  • plkyduk
    Yes (3) Color: Gray Size: US Plug
    The addition of usb power ports makes it that much easier to have power available in convenient locations without ever needing to go looking for the wall adapters and/or an outlet

    Jun 30,2018