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    Yes (0) Color: Green
    Very good Measuring Cups and Spoons for Dry / Liquid Ingredients
    Very good , Measuring Cups and Spoons for Dry / Liquid Ingredients....Usefal and practical kitchen tool....very good quality....very cheap market price.....It is a good market and thank the group of GEARBEST, for this Product....He arrived in Greece in 15 days with the bpost...

    Πολυ καλο εργαλειο κουζινας, κανει σωστα αυτο που υποσχεται και ειναι ενα πολυ χρησιμο προιον σε παρα πολυ καλη τιμη...Εφτασε στην Ελλαδα σε 15 ημερες....

    Oct 23,2018

  • Alexander Stotsenko
    Yes (0) Color: Green
    Works without troubles.
    zP"""""$e. $" $o
    4$ '$ $" $
    '$ '$ J$ $F
    'b $k $> $
    $k $r J$ d$
    '$ $ $" $~
    '$ "$ '$E $
    $ $L $" $F ...
    $. 4B $ $$$*"""*b
    '$ $. $$ $$ $F
    "$ R$ $F $" $
    $k ?$ u* dF .$
    ^$. $$" z$ u$$$$e
    #$b $E.dW@e$" ?$
    #$ .o$$# d$$$$c ?F
    $ .d$$ #" . zo$> #$r .uF
    $L .u$*" $&$$$k .$$d$$F
    $$" ""^"$$$P"$P9$
    JP .o$$$$u:$P $$
    No black jack and hookers.

    | ___|
    | (.\/.)
    | ,,,'
    | '##

    Jan 16,2018

  • Геннадий
    Yes (0) Color: Green
    Measuring Cups and Spoons
    Excellent measuring spoons. A large number with different sizes. From large to smallest. For all occasions. It is convenient to quickly measure loose and liquid substances. A useful thing in the household. I recommend to all.
    I did not find any shortcomings.

    Apr 03,2018

  • Kasaju
    Yes (0) Color: Green
    Worth it
    -well made, decent, durable material
    -volumes of each part match the description
    -it looks nice
    -the ring is flexible so it's easy to take out the one you need
    -as it's said in description, whole set is easy to store, not taking too much space
    -sometimes the writing of size is hardly visible after dark, even with lights on

    Dec 30,2017

  • Avinash Mallinath
    Yes (0) Color: Green
    All you need measuring cup/spoon
    I gave it five stars because the product was as it was described. Good quality, good packaging with no damage. I ordered via unregistered post, and recieved in the stipulated time. I was sceptic whether I would receive the package after reading various comments but got it as promised within the stipulated time frame.

    Oct 25,2018

  • Alexandr
    Yes (0) Color: Green
    Неплохой набор
    Набор для игр в кухню для девочки, запаха от пластика нет, пластик более менее крепкий, цена небольшая, по скидки было куплено менее чем за доллар

    Apr 08,2018

  • Leon
    Yes (0) Color: Green
    Cheap and cheerful set of measuring cups and spoons
    The individual items (measuring cups and spoons) of this set nest inside each other, taking minimal space in your cutlery drawer. Each item is conveniently engraved with its capacity. Includes 11 items (5xcups ranging from 1/8 cup=1oz to 1 cup=8oz, 6x spoons ranging from 1/8 tsp to 1 tsp and 1/2 tbs to 1 tbs)

    Mar 21,2019

  • Denis Nikolenko
    Yes (0) Color: Green
    11pcs Measuring Cups
    Отличный набор для кухни. Крепкий пищевой пластик. Небольшая цена / Excellent set for the kitchen. Strong food plastic. Low price

    Sep 23,2018

  • Maxime
    Yes (0) Color: Green
    Kitchen Tools
    I could buy similar set for at least twice as much in a local store, so I was glad that I found this on GearBest
    no cons

    Mar 31,2018

  • Rob
    Yes (0) Color: Green
    kitchen tools
    -very handy tools
    -11 different measurements
    -durable plastic
    -proper labeling on the tools
    -organized with rings

    Aug 07,2018