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  • Alexandru
    good quality for the price and features
    plug and play (with windows works flawless so far) perfect for xbmc / kodi keyboard works good as expected it can learn commands from other devices (i think there are 5 button available, power button, red, green, yellow, blue buttons. You can make it learn commands by: (this example power button - tv remote) 1. put both controllers facing each other at about 5-10 cm. 2. Press and hold SET button on air mouse until blue light glows strong 3. Press the power button on the air mouse, blue light will start binking 4. Immediately press and hold the power button on tv remote, until blue light will glow continous again 5. Press SET button on air mouse, blue light will be off 6. you are done
    Not so strong construction, be careful of drops Came with no instructions/ manual at all careful you dont lose the usb adapter, no place to store it in the air mouse

    Dec 25,2016

  • Tecworx
    Great bang for the buck
    The buttons are very responsive. I have tried 6 different air mice, and this one has the most responsive buttons. The buttons on the keyboard also click as you press. The physical feedback is important when pressing buttons. The cursor can be turned on and off. Directional buttons are large and easy to press with your thumb. Uses 2 x AAA batteries. This is an advantage because you don't have to wait for the controller to be recharged when the battery is empty. Overall the buttons are very intuitive and easy to read/navigate. Cursor movement is more accurate than most competing devices. Build quality is very good, it's quite solid.
    The only downside to this remote is that it is somewhat large. This might bother people who have smaller hands. If you have small hands then I would suggest trying the C120 instead.

    Nov 25,2016

  • Konstantin
    2.4G Wireless Air Mouse
    Приобретением очень доволен т.к давно искал чем заменить свою мышку, чем-то маленьким, беспроводным да ещё чтоб и писать можно было. Тем у кого комп подключен к плазме или проектору советую брать и не раздумывать! Дальность сигнала радует!из одного конца комнаты я без проблем работал с Пк в другом конце! Просмотр фильмов стал более комфортным раза в 2 Можно также во всю пользоваться поиском почти также комфортно как и на обычной клаве, мало того можно даже отвечать на сообщения в соц сетях! конечно полноценно клаву не заменит т.к. скорость печати заметно падает из за отсутствия русских букв на клавиатуре. К управлению курсором вопросов нет вообще ) Штука очень классная советую!
    нет русских букв на клавиатуре

    Feb 01,2017

  • Mick
    Air Mouse RF android remote and Keyboard
    Works well with BeeLink Android TV BOX - All Functions work in android OS IR Learning Function function for power button IR Learning Function for Colour coded buttons can also be used for other devices eg turn on TV, Reciever etc Air Mouse Function is Off by default (Press button to turn on) Great for Kodi Use Air Mouse auto off after approx 12 seconds of inactivity Great range and responsiveness on RF functions Low Price great Value
    Not fully compatible with My LibreElec build (Libreelec config issue - not problem with the remote) Air Mouse Not the best (Many times better than stock android remote scroll buttons though) Buttons a bit too clicky but work well enough Dimensions Could be a little narrower range and responsiveness on IR functions not brilliant better than stock android remote though

    Apr 21,2017

  • Tim
    impressive at this price
    I don't think I would actually use the air mouse function in this much but surprisingly it was rather functional, I use it with my projector and for that it is very handy. Not precision accuracy though, works well with win 10 with all functions I highly recommend!

    Jun 16,2017

  • Tomas
    2.4G Wireless Air Mouse
    Hi, did not like the air mouse remote control: the hard pressed buttons especially on the ok wheel creeps out to emit sound! Not very accurate air mice on the stroke, the switch-off muzzle does not work with the tv box T6 ... I find an no orginal product and so on.
    Hi, did not like the air mouse remote control: the hard pressed buttons especially on the ok wheel creeps out to emit sound! Not very accurate air mice on the stroke, the switch-off muzzle does not work with the tv box T6 ... I find an no orginal product and so on.

    Apr 06,2018

  • EV
    Must have if you have an Android tv box
    The air mouse work good and is a must have if you have an Android TV box. This esenciale if you want to be able to control all the different apps on your Android TV. Plus you can program the IR to do some of the TV actions like power on/off and change source.
    nothing for now

    Aug 08,2017

  • Fernando
    It combines a PC keyboard, a mouse and a wireless remote control into a single device. Good finish and lightweight. It uses AAA battery so you don't have to charge the device frecuently. Very easy to use, just plug and play. It makes an android TV more comfortable to operate
    The size is a bit large and is not ergonomic to hold. The keyboard does not include the function keys, nor the tab key, so when used with a Windows PC functionality is not complete. The IR remote control only has 5 programmable keys.

    Feb 27,2017

  • Ali Salim
    big one for the big hands
    I brought it for selling purpose and it has big size and very nice wide buttons , havent used it yet but it really fits whoever has big hands .. dont buy this if your hands are like a mouse's

    May 10,2017

  • Lucard
    The remote works fine, the driver installed once the usb dongle was put in . All the buttons work fine Great quality exterior.
    Small range of wireless The only thing that bothers me.

    Nov 26,2017