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  • Sherol White
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Amazing wireless charger
    This wireless charger is amazing! I’ve spent money left and right on chargers for years. I either end up losing them or having issues down the line. But once I bought this product everything was made simple. Now we have the wireless charging. I purchased this thinking it was solely for wireless charging, however it can be used for multiple chargers. We are now protected from cluttered lines. This one is easily the same quality for a much better price and offers extra charging ports for multiple devices. I’d recommend!

    Jul 04,2019

  • Heather D.
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Definitely recommend!
    My wife despises a messy desk, and cable strewn across the desk and floor. Recommended that we try this wireless charger. This charger required no assembly, it can charge two mobile phones at the same time, which saves the trouble of a family, so took a short amount of time to get accustomed to use it. Wireless charging pad works well. Weight, size and construction are good, not too much nor too little. Black goes with nearly any decor. In a word, it is perfect and recommended to buy.

    Jul 19,2019

  • Paolo
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Tremendous ease of charging your phone
    I recently upgraded my apple watch and iphone xs and was looking for a charging device that could service Both. Great price and quick delivery and the build quality is amazing. it works as advertised, flawlessly. Just set your phone on it and forget it for awhile. I particularly like because it makes the charging pad look more luxurious. It does what it is supposed to do for an amazing price! No problems whatsoever. Definitely will order again, when needed.

    Jul 16,2019

  • Mona Wyld
    Yes (0) Color: White
    This arrived promptly and very well packaged. I am so impressed with this product! I liked it and and i was very handy because my brother didn’t like all the cords I had plugged in. Good for very organized people. I replaced an old clunky charging piece with this sleek and streamlined device. My bedside table is more organized and neat! What's more, my phone charged very quickly! This will make traveling so much easier than packing 3 different chargers!

    Jul 08,2019

  • Ivan
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Perfect tool
    Useful charging device actually used for apple watch and iphone x. I will use also with AirPods but actually don’t have Qi case. Great price and nice look seems to work well: very fast with Apple Watch and a bit less fast with iPhone (even if I don’t have comparable elements to be honest). Arrived in Italy within 10 days from the order with specific delivery option (10-18 biz days).Satisfied!

    Aug 07,2019

  • ND89
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    It is great
    I just received this wireless charger today, I already love it. This product is great! I've had many multi-product chargers in the past and this has been the best. Size is perfect, the material looks resistant, I like the color. I have all my devices in one place now. I charge my phone and AirPods and keep the AirPods there to no misplace them. If a clean and organized desk and stylized functionality are important to you, give this a try.

    Jul 26,2019

  • Wordsworth
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Stylish and practical, great charger!
    This charger is great. It comes in really nice sleek packaging. Everything worked out of the box and the build quality lived up to the description. It eliminates the clutter on my bedside table and looks better than the bunch of wires on my bedside table. I am also looking forward to traveling with it, just carry one thing! Apply to my new wireless airpods and works well. Overall very satisfied.

    Jun 25,2019

  • Bosco
    Yes (0) Color: White
    It's worth the money.
    My last three-in-one charger was taken away by my daughter. I wanted to buy another three-in-one charger, but I found this product and I’m so happy I selected this one. It frees up my night stand and I can charge everything on it, and it charges quickly and works very well so far. My only complaint is that my phone does get warm while charging, but I already knew that going into it. It's worth the money.

    Jul 22,2019

  • Vicki T.
    Yes (0) Color: White
    So thrilled with this product!!! The design of this wireless charger is really very humanistic. So far, it works very well for my iphone x and iwatch and is very convenient to use. Also my wife and I can charge our mobile phones at the same time. It's really a pleasant wireless charger. Thank you for eliminating the mess of cords, adapters and nightmare on my bedside table!

    Jul 15,2019

  • Patsy
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Good Stuff
    Received my packages today I'm very pleased with both the charger which I have up and running now and the cable cord screw protectors I have them on some devises and will put them on the rest tomorrow easy to use and sit well at the top of the cable without interfering with handling Thank You Gearbest

    Aug 19,2019