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  • Quindor
    Yes (1) Color: Orange
    Good card
    Fast card, worked fine with USB3 card reader and testing tool. I think it's genuine.

    00:00:12.01 - -------------------------------- New test process started --------------------------------
    00:00:12.02 - Started "Writing test data" for drive E: 29983MB, "Generic, STORAGE DEVICE, 0821, ^Eã^GCGENE", 512b
    00:42:06.04 - Completed "Writing test data" for drive E: 29983MB, "Generic, STORAGE DEVICE, 0821, ^Eã^GCGENE", 512b
    00:42:06.04 - Tested total 29983.999MB in 0:41:53 with 11.948MB/s
    00:42:06.04 - Total write errors: Fatal=0, Recoverable=0
    00:42:06.06 - Started "Reading and comparing data" for drive E: 29983MB, "Generic, STORAGE DEVICE, 0821, ^Eã^GCGENE", 512b
    00:54:19.15 - Completed "Reading and comparing data" for drive E: 29983MB, "Generic, STORAGE DEVICE, 0821, ^Eã^GCGENE", 512b
    00:54:19.15 - Tested total 29983.999MB in 0:12:13 with 40.922MB/s
    00:54:19.15 - Total errors: Read fatal=0, Read recoverable=0; Write fatal=0, Write recoverable=0; Comparsion=0
    None yet, seems to work fine and looks and performs the same as locally genuine store bought.

    Jan 13,2015

  • dragao
    Yes (0) Color: Orange
    samnung product
    I wanna make a full review, including the order processing and customer care; purchased this along with a couple of wathces, this being my first order with gearbest; I've chosen the standard Holland post ( before completing the order it gives you 3 options to ship ( 2 with regular post and one expedite); the shipping to Italy took 21 days from the shipping date and the products were shipped after one week of placing the order; I knew that it will take a while till I receive them since this was exactly the information the customer care agent gave me; in my case the Italian post just left the package inside the mailing box; I was not happy about this, not to blame gearbbest, but it bothered me that the products were listed on the package along with the prices; I was very satisfied with the customer care, they have replied to every question that I had; it is indeed a samsung product, happy about the adapter as well;
    will see about this later on

    Nov 02,2014

  • John Drossis
    Yes (0) Color: Orange
    Samsung Quality
    Original and Samsung. Using a USB 2.0 card reader that can NOT show the true potential of this card, I still get the best performance numbers when comparing with other cards, noname, Sandisk and Toshiba Exceria. Especially the 4K performance is great making this card ideal even for using it on a phone or tablet. You can even install a desktop OS on this card, Windows XP, Linux or Remix OS and enjoy it like using a full hard disk drive.
    None. Absolutely none.

    Apr 06,2016

  • ABS
    Yes (0) Color: Orange
    Test results
    Flash memory is usually available marked with the following classes :

    Class 2 - 2MB/s
    Class 4 - 4MB/s
    Class 6 - 6MB/s
    Class 10 - 10MB/s

    As with all speed tests they are only a rough guide. There are lots of factors that affect real world data rates. These include :

    - File size
    - Activity of other USB devices
    - General computer activity

    Jul 31,2014

  • Ditkowski
    Yes (0) Color: Orange
    Very good product
    Very fast card. I use it to the phone. It works very well. All the best works. I highly recommend. Of course, it is the original memory card from Samsung!
    Could be more :) Buy 64gb soon! :)

    Mar 05,2016

  • Ralph
    Yes (1) Color: Orange
    Simply Works!
    I'm using this in a Gearbest DVR (G1WH 2.7-inch Full HD 1080P Car Dash VR Camera Recorder G-sensor Novatek NT96650) and it hold about 40 hours of video clips.

    Jan 23,2015

  • Stonegray
    Yes (0) Color: Orange
    32Gb Ultra Class I micro Memory card
    Fast writeread flash memory from Samsung. Good for games, taking video movies with phonetablet or for long term data stotage.

    Mar 01,2014

  • Ztrike00
    Yes (1) Color: Orange
    32GB micro SD card and adapter
    Excellent product well worth the price, about half of what we pay in my country

    Apr 08,2014

  • Zahid
    Yes (0) Color: Orange
    Very good. No complains. The cards have a good writing and reading speed.
    Nothing wrong comparing them with some more expensive cards.

    Aug 16,2014

  • Gabor Korik
    Yes (1) Color: Orange
    Best buy Sd card
    - Genuine Samsung
    - With adapter
    - Good speed
    - Long life

    Aug 20,2016