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  • Doron Engel
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    Working as real estate agent, I needed to have a laser meter and thus bought this one, which is up to 40 meters, more than enough as I use it inside appartments only. After reading the manual , it seems to be a very easy to operate accessory. I use it mainly for distance and area calculations. Please note to carefully learn the manual , or you will become frustrated !
    Very very small manual ! I had to enlarge it with my photo copy machine to a 150% size In order to be able to well read it !

    Jan 19,2016

  • JC
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    Accurate and versatile tool
    This is my first laser distance meter. As soon as I got it, I checked its functions and precision. It has basically all the functions (I'm not going to mention here) as the other brand names do. As for the accuracy, it's around +-5mm from my quick and rough comparison with my measuring tape . Pros: 1. Very easy to operate. 2. Precision is good (at most +-5mm). 3. Use only 2 AAA batteries.
    Not a huge con, but the size hardly can fit in the pocket. Bottom line: It's a reliable and affordable laser distance meter. Definitely worth buying to replace the conventional measuring tape is you don't care about few millimeter errors. AND just beware of the laser power (635nm, Class II).

    Jan 07,2016

  • Pavel
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    Хороший лазерный дальномер на 40м.
    Легкий и удобный. Неплохо лежит в руке. Есть чехол и шнурок на руку. Батарейки в комплекте. Умеет высчитывать стороны треугольников, квадратов, кубов и др. Возможности переключать единицы измерения. Имеется подсветка экрана, с возможностью отключения. Функции сложения и вычитания измеренных расстояний и др.
    Нет, все устраивает.

    Jan 24,2016

  • -
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    Must-have device for each home owner
    Awsome device for fast and easy measurement of distances. Absolutely must-have if you buying a house or furniture. Easily measures each distance, can measure areas and volumes, can use trigonometry to calculate unaccessible sides of triangles. Has memory, backlight, water level, batteries and carrying case included.
    Could be a little bit smaller to fit in any pocket.

    May 20,2016

  • Michal T.
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    Laser Measure Tool
    Works very precisely, buttons and symbols on display are very intuitive. Without reading User Guide I discovered almost all the functions. Battery saving is very logical - first back-light and later LCD is switched off. To get the length, square and cubic dimensions are very easy. Triangle (Pythagoras formula) measurement is great, only calculates different results (+/- 5 cm), maybe I am not trained enough or caused by shaking hand. Comparing with the ultrasonic one this is much more exact.
    I did not find any

    Jan 08,2016

  • Aleksey
    Yes (1) Color: Colormix
    40M LCD Display Laser Distance Meter
    A great device for little money ... a decent set of measurement functions (area, volume, measurements with the aid of the theorem of Pythagoras) ... a nice shock-resistant plastic, excellent indication contrast display, also has a hole for a tripod .... ... the most important thing - the price of ...
    I made a good purchase, I recommend items ... ps ..., batteries included ....

    Aug 08,2016

  • Leo
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    great value for money
    This is very good device for a home and semi-professional use. Comes with good quality, buttons are good, laser is high intensity and works precisely indoor. Still need to test outdoor. Features include multiple Pythagorean based modes which are very useful.
    nothing precisely as long as you remember this is not for heavy duty professional use.

    Mar 18,2017

  • Case
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    It works
    Great product, Does exactly what it is supposed to do. It comes with a protective sleeve. I inserted the included batteries and was up and running in a few seconds. You can add multiple measurements and calculate area and volume. The user manual is fine.
    None so far.

    Jun 02,2016

  • JoNiC
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    Отличная лазерная рулетка
    Точные замеры, есть подсветка (включается/выключается отдельной кнопкой), есть маленький пузырьковый уровень на корпусе, считает площать, объём, есть записи предыдущих замеров на экране, добавляет, вычитает замер. Очень доволен. В комплекте удобный чехол.
    Не нашел.

    Jan 25,2017

  • cemil maraş
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    Türk Alıcılara
    ürün mükemmel çalışıyor.gündüz ışığı falan etkilemiyor. 40 m mesafesi var. uzunluk, alan, hacim ölçebiliyor. otomatik olarak çarpıyor. bir arsanın alanı, bir havuzun hacmi gibi değerli ölçüp sonucunu anında veriyor. ark aplan ışığı çok yeterli ve hoş. taşıma kılıfı kaliteli. peşpeşe ölçümde yapabiliyor. yani illa bir noktaya sabit tutmanıza gerek yok. baıslı tutun her noktayı ölçüp ekrana yazıyor.
    hiç eksi bir tarafı yok.

    Jun 10,2016