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  • Yaniar Go
    Bang for the buck
    Pro: cheap price, good design (matte finish) and water resistant.
    I accidentally soaked mine for a good time. I thought I'm fkced but it took it like a champ and work as if it never happened.

    - Constant high pitch ringing on the left ear piece. Which assume is a manufacturer defect. It does bother me when music is on pause or during ballad song.
    - It randomly turns on when I put it back on the case. So I would sometimes ended up with dead (no battery) buds.
    - After a couple of months of usage I noticed a connectivity issue in the middle of playing music. It rarely happen so it doesn't bother me.

    5 seconds hold on left piece turns off the left piece only. 5 seconds hold on right piece turns off both sides which is pretty weird.

    Please don't expect it to have a depth, clarity, bass, etc. Sound quality is mediocre but considering the $8 price tag, it's sound quality is better than most wired earphone out there.

    May 17,2020

  • Tillerman
    gute Kamera für kleines Geld
    diese Kamera erzeugt ein 1080 p Videobild
    ●1080P Auflösung, schießen hochwertiges und glattes Video.
    ● Infrarot Nachtsicht, eingebaute 6 Stk Hochleistungs-LED-Infrarotleuchten, um 8 - 15 m Nachtsichtabstand zu erreichen, in der dunklen Nacht deutlich zu sehen.
    ●360 Grad horizontale Ansicht und 90 Grad vertikale Sicht
    ●APP Kontrolle, Monitor und Aufzeichnung, geben Ihnen Leichtigkeit des Geist, wenn Sie nicht zu Hause sind.
    ●Empfindliche Bewegungserkennung, AI menschliche Formerkennung, sofortige und genaue Alarm Push.
    ●Intelligentes Tracking, schalten Sie ein / runter links / rechts mit dem Ziel, stellen Sie sicher, dass das Set Ziel immer im Bild ist.
    ●Unterstützung von Zwei-Wege Audio, integriertes Mikrofon und Lautsprecher, sprechen Sie mit Ihrem Familie oder Haustier, wenn Sie weg sind.
    ● H.265 Encoder Format, sparen Sie mehr Speicherplatz und sorgen für die Bildqualität.
    ● Support Cloud Speicher und bis zu 128G SD Kartenspeicher (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten

    Feb 14,2020

  • Léo
    Para o Brasil demorou um pouco mais de 30 dias, no entanto ele pegou uma pequena greve dos Correios. Fora isso, foi tudo certinho com a encomenda. Testei o aparelho carregando por 3 horas. Mostrou uma qualidade muito boa de som, meu celular com o volume no mínimo, o som pelo fone estava perfeito. Aumentando mais chegar a doer o ouvido de tão alto. No meu ouvido ficou perfeito a colocação. Não caiu e não mostrou incomodo. Duração da bateria perfeita, já coloquei um filme para ver pelo Youtube e ainda mostra 80% da carga no celular. Eu estava querendo um fone desse modelo a tempo e achei um que atende todas as minhas expectativas. Recomendo. Uma questão que percebi é que tem que tomar um pouco de cuidado quando for abrir a tampa da caixinha do carregador, pois ela trava muito bem, mas consegue abrir tranquilo, só não forçar muito porque pode vir quebrar.

    Eu dou 5 estrelas porque ele possui qualidade!

    Oct 02,2020

  • Lubomir
    A6S Wireless Earphone - gearbest
    plusy - cena za bluetooth 5, zvuk je za 5€ ok ale žiadna sláva. sú to lacné ale dobré slúchadlá. diódy nabijania Ok. netlačia v uchu

    mínusy - sú lacné. niekedy sa nechcú pripojiť a strácajú spojenie v priestore na pár sekúnd. led diódy nie sú dobre vyditeľné. za cenu 5€ ok pre deti alebo na jednoduché počúvanie rádia alebo youtube

    pros - price for bluetooth 5, sound is 5 € ok but no glory. they are cheap but good headphones. charging diodes Ok. they do not push in the ear

    Cons - They are cheap. sometimes they don't want to connect and lose connection in space for a few seconds. LEDs are not easily replaceable. for the price of 5 € ok for children or for simple listening to the radio or youtube

    Sep 02,2020

  • Ihab Harrak
    I Give this item a 3 star because of Some disadvantages, Let's Start with Advantages First.. The design is cool and modern, There is 4 earplug silicone cap in different sizes that will fit your ear and a User's Manual in English, The Packaging is Good
    For the Disadvantages i didn't like that Sound isn't very clear, it's a little bit dimmed and the Stereo isn't really good, the box is from plastic so you got to be careful
    I Would recommend it to someone who's not very active because they fall easily
    I Liked them

    Jan 27,2021

  • Balazs
    Cheap clone
    I ordered this headphones as reserve, if anyone in the family needed headphones quickly. For eight bucks i didn't expect too much, so i am not disappointed. The box came crumpled, but luckily the contents are intact. I don't recommend it for listening music, because it's sound quality is not too good in my oppinion. TV shows and maybe movies are its territory. I had little time to test it, but once it was opetating for almost three hours with one charge. Later i was not using it about two days, and i was suprized, that the earplugs depleeted itself in the fully charged charging box! Strange.

    May 04,2020

  • FábioAlmeida
    Nice earbuds
    Close to 10 business days to be delivered. Pretty safe package, did not had any extra taxes or something.

    About the earphones, pretty nice! They really passed my expectation!
    Nice confort, average battery life, like it's announced... And pretty nice sound! You can even feel a little bass in it :)
    (Fair to say i didn't tried calling for once, because i really use him to listen music and watch videos)

    For the price, and the quality, i think it was a pretty good buy :D

    Thanks for the seller, and gearbest :)

    Nov 20,2019

  • Gábor Erdős
    Ennyi pénzt simán megért. Egész jól szól, a hangzása is tiszta kicsit lehetne több mély benne. Majd kiderül mennyire lesz tartós. Szállításnál nem működött a nyomonkövetés így fölöslegesen plusz egy ezresbe fájt.
    Illetve a doboza kicsit sérült volt de belül semmi baja nemvolt. Ajánlom annak akinek nincsenek nagy elvárásai egy ilyen fülhallgatóval kapcsolatban. Árban bőven a legjobb.

    Sep 09,2020

  • unn
    It took 35days from shipped out day to the day it came to me. I use it only to hear music, for it. For it,it’s very useful .
    Its fit my ears very well. When I wear it , music start automatically.And I push the left one , the music stops . When I push it again , the music starts again. I can control volume by touching the ear phone.I need not to take up my phone, very easy.
    I recommend it everyone, if you could wait for long time to get it.

    Dec 30,2019

  • Carlos
    Buen producto
    estan bastante buenos los audifonos, calidad de sonido aceptable, los avisos sonoros son en ingles asi que se entiende, el estuche que a su vez es cargador, esta bueno, recomendado si queres audifonos inalambricos y no queres gastar tanto, lo valen!! solo el material es un poco sencillo, pero para el precio esta mas que excelente, ademas inlcuso con el estuche son bantante comodos de llevar ya que no ocupan mucho espacio. por eso se merecen las 5 estrellas.

    Jan 27,2020