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  • Divecon
    Yes (0) Color: Wood
    Type C -LRB- Most Europe -RRB-, We ended up needing the Type J -LRB- Switzerland -RRB- adapter several times due to the outlets being recessed, Others in our group had to borrow adapters from the hotel because their Type C and Universal adapters would not fit into the recessed area, We also needed a Type F -LRB- German -RRB- adapter in one older hotel in Germany

    Jan 19,2018

  • Anitra C.
    Yes (0) Color: Wood
    This products was great for my recent travel abroad, especially since I visited countries that require different adapters, I really like this product because not only is a compact, I still think this is an amazing product and I would recommend buying it if you do a lot of traveling or have many things that need to be charged at once

    Feb 01,2018

  • Robbie Huston
    Yes (0) Color: Wood
    These worked fine at an excellent price, They are the standard -LRB- continental -RRB- European adapter for US plugs, as picking up adapters overseas is going to be either inconvenient or much more costly, -RSB- These did not feel/work like the cheap adapters in the market ; they were high quality and fit great

    Feb 16,2018

  • Dale C.
    Yes (0) Color: Wood
    These chargers are really good quality and will fit all outlets in England, I have a Baby Bliss Pro hairdryer which is dual voltage and works great with this charger, Just make sure you read your devices and make sure they are compatible

    May 08,2018

  • Vincent J.
    Yes (0) Color: Wood
    Not sure if it was the hotel outlets or the weight of the MacBook adapter -LRB- or both -RRB-, but if you are charging a MacBook or something with a similar adapter you'll have to find a way to prop it up

    Apr 27,2018

  • Michigan PI
    Yes (0) Color: Wood
    This is a nice product that conveniently combines multiple power adapters into one, I have been using it for US power cords converted to European plugs in France

    Jul 16,2018

  • A Tech Lover
    Yes (2) Color: Wood
    didn't quite fit in to any of the recessed round outlets I came across during my recent travels in Spain, Worked better inside a power strip located on the floor

    Feb 07,2018

  • Glenn R. Kangiser
    Yes (0) Color: Wood
    I plugged in my laptop charger and the adapter sparked then made a crackling noise as long as the prongs were still in the adapter

    Jan 12,2018

  • Allwhite
    Yes (0) Color: Wood
    Czech Republic when we learned Germany takes somewhat different plugs than other European adapters we've used in Europe

    Mar 15,2018

  • Alex Rebrikov
    Yes (8) Color: Wood
    This compact unit replaces all those bulky plugs and simplifies packing when traveling to several foreign countries

    Jan 31,2018