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  • Android TV Box Owner
    Yes (0) Color: US Plug Size: 2GB + 16GB
    Computer Specialist
    The NEXBOX A95X 2/16GB Smart TV Box is an AMAZING miniature version of a traditional sized Android TV Box. This is my fifth Android TV Box and the technology keeps getting better, as-well-as the software features. Small enough to carry around in your shirt pocket...well to store in your pocket to take it to a friend's home to show it off. I am pleased to have purchased this device from GearBest! The online order process is straightforward, get bonus points towards your next purchase, professionalism, prompt and courteous customer service !!!!!

    Overall Experience:
    ...Great remote control that can be programmed to switch "ON" and "OFF" your TV, Source Select, Vol.- and Vol.+. The POWER button on the remote, with a short "TAP" puts the TV Box into sleep mode and the Red and Blue LED on the box will flash alternately. The POWER button on the remote, with a "LONG PRESS" and then "OK" button will POWER OFF the device and Red LED will light.
    ...Must buy a 2.4ghz, wireless keyboard with touch pad and back light for ease of navigation. A Bluetooth wireless keyboard seem not to "wakeup" out of Sleep Mode. Must use the TV Box remote to switch "Off" and "On" the Bluetooth feature to re-activate the Bluetooth connection.
    ...Audio Output is through HDMI with optional Ext. Audio through A/V and SPDIF(SPDIF to Optical Cable) ports. Remember to "select" in Settings for Sound.
    ...Tried a USB MIC adapter to connect a Microphone without success.
    ...Antutu(current version) benchmark scored just under 35000. Comparable to a Tronsmart Vega S95 Telos, twice the price. Must clear or boost memory before running the test.
    ...CPU-Z thermal reading is about 158F degrees with all four cores functional. Max. is all four at 2.02GHZ.
    ...MOST IMPORTANTLY, the NEXBOX A95X plays SUHD 4K videos on a 1080p TV flawlessly, smooooooth!!!!! ...and with the HDR feature enabled, my 1080p looks like a 4K Display.
    ...KODI v16.1 in this TV Box is METICULOUSLY done with loaded features.
    ...Achieved a 135Mps throughput with an Ethernet connection straight from the router when running the online SPEEDTEST App.
    ...WiFi could be better with a wireless"N" connection. Managed to get 30Mps next to the WiFi router.
    ...Can play YouTube SUHD 4K videos in 1080p mode on a 1080p Display without lagging.
    ...Gaming apps from the Google PlayStore is EXCITING with a bluetooth paired or a 2.4ghz dongle GamePad.
    ...32GB SDMicro stays connected without the occasional disappointing dismount issue.


    If you are looking to purchase an Android TV Box under $50 USD, the NEXBOX A095X 2/16GB maybe your first choice for PERFORMANCE, FEATURES and a RELIABLE device to play your media.

    When you purchase your Android TV Box from GearBest, you'll feel confident that you are getting the "BEST" Customer Service !!!!!
    Really don't have any negative remarks about this Android TV Box.

    Sep 22,2016

  • Cole
    Yes (0) Color: EU Plug Size: 2GB + 8GB
    Super Mini and Smart: NEXBOX A95X is a Super-Mini Android TV Box, very small and smart. Both its length and width are only 93mm and the height is just at a amazing 11mm.
    You can install or uninstall software, games and application programs easily.
    H.265 and VP9 decoding: The S905X chipset inside this smart TV Box is a advanced version compared with the original S905 chipset.
    It supports both H.265 and VP9 decoding, which are the absolute mainstream decoding formats in the globe.
    HDR Vivid World: HDR is quickly making its way to TV, first to set-top boxes with NEXBOX A95X TV Box.
    Watch videos in detail like never before with selected HDR content. Witness scenes and characters come to life in vivid contrast, color, and clarity.
    Kodi Center: KodiCenter, developed by NEXBOX engineer team, is a place where users can find many useful Kodi add-ons for their TV boxes. Here, you can find an add-on which can help to maintain your Kodi (update, backup and much more), so you can be always updated with your HD video fun.
    One-Key to Live and One-Key to Kodi: The custom remote control for A95X comes with two special features: One-Key to Live and One-Key to Kodi. Just press one-key and you can watch live TV programs. Also. just press one-key will take you to the Kodi interface
    I only needed to project PremiumPlay on a non-Smart TV for my mom as well as YouTube so finally given the compatibility with google cast and I add FINALLY, better the googlecast.

    Jul 08,2018

  • Asher
    Yes (0) Color: UK Plug Size: 2GB + 16GB
    Easy to use. All preloaded
    I had received this product within 10 days of ordering. Very fast delivery. This is my first tv box so it was all new for me.
    It just took me 2 mins to set up. As soon as the Nexbox is powered up I had to connect it to my wifi and connect the hdmi to my tv. that is it. everything worked out of the box. Kodi 16.1 Jarvis was pre-loaded. A few streams were already loaded too. Fusion was already loaded so by using add-ons installer it was easy peasy to install any addon.
    One another brilliant app that came preloaded was Mobdro. To be honest the streams in mobdro was much reliable and quality was hd and no need to search for the streams.
    I rate this box highly due to its configuration
    quad core processor
    2gb ram
    16gb internal storage
    means no stuttering or lag in streaming.....
    I had even loaded angrybirds game and it works flawless and looks lot better on my 40 inch screen.

    Last not least, I rate this product very high and Gearbest service was just outstanding from the point of payment till the order being shipped to the UK within 10 days with a free postage......can't ask for more.
    if anybody is on the fence, worry not about gearbest or nexbox.
    glad I made the right decision.

    Oct 23,2016

  • Dmitry
    Yes (0) Color: EU Plug Size: 2GB + 16GB
    Good product
    It came quickl. On the one hand the packaging has been jammed. Plastic quality is not high, even on matte surface has a scratch, there is also on the rim. But this can be overcome, because the work is not affected. TV box like, are satisfied. Android 6! Root out of the box, you can put apps from Google Market, you can use a USB flash drive and throw any content at all. USB flash drive can be used as an external storage device or a main memory extender. While everyone likes.

    Пришла быстро, упаковка с одной стороны была замята. Качество пластика приставки не на высоком уровне, даже на матовой поверхности есть одна царапина, также есть по канту. За это и снижаю оценку. Но это можно пережить, так как на работу это никак не сказывается. В работе приставка нравится, все устраивает. Не поленитесь посмотреть на 4PDA ветку по Kodi. Там же есть ветка и по самой приставке. До этого была приставка от саоями, там бубен нужно было держать всегда на готове :), здесь просто отдыхаю. Андроид 6! Есть рут из коробки, можно ставить приложения из гугл маркета, можно через флешку закидывать вообще любой контент. Флешку можно использовать как носитель или как расширитель основоной памяти. Пока все нравится.

    Oct 20,2016

  • AB_BIR
    Yes (0) Color: EU Plug Size: 2GB + 16GB
    TOP Smart TV Box
    This box is very small, it is a 10cm square to 2cm thick with a nice finish. It runs on Android 5.1 (automatic updated to 6.1) and it is compatible with almost all the applications available on the Play Store. It comes with many pre-installed apps: Kodi, NetFlix, Skype, Facebook,etc. It has 2 USB ports, a network port, AV port, SPIF, an SD slot and WiFi and Bluetooth functionality.

    I strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to increase android box tv limits and discover a new Live TV experience.

    Cette boîte est très petite, il est un 10cm carré à 2cm d'épaisseur avec une belle finition. Il fonctionne sur Android 5.1 (automatique mis à jour 6.1) et il est compatible avec presque toutes les applications disponibles sur le Play Store. Il est livré avec de nombreuses applications pré-installées: Kodi, NetFlix, Skype, Facebook, etc. Il dispose de 2 ports USB, un port Ethernet, port AV, un slot SD et les fonctionnalités Wi-Fi et Bluetooth.
    Je recommande vivement à tous ceux qui souhaitent augmenter les limites de tv box android et découvrir une nouvelle expérience de télévision en direct.

    Nov 02,2016

  • Nikolo
    Yes (0) Color: EU Plug Size: 2GB + 8GB
    Great box
    Product working and compliant with the data provided, recommended .. wi fi connection excellent, good graphics very simple to use
    Decoder that all in all does its job, useful for those without a smart TV, you can install many Apps, including Netflix and Facebook. Very very small size, very good I would say.
    Surf the internet, use smartphone-style Android apps like Facebook Twitter Mail Sports Mediaset Tg Com see movies from hard disk or usb sticks listen to music and videos from YouTube with a Bluetooth speaker ... in short, everything that we go out on our smartphone ok, even if with the supplied remote control you will struggle and it is better to attach mouse and keyboard or an airmouse or puntatone any one.
    forget PremiumPlay Because even if installed and logged in, the movie starts, or crashes or goes crazy and crashes showing a message saying that the rooted devices or that they can do it like this are not compatible. But, tih is all because device is prerooted. Everything else works just fine

    Jul 08,2018

  • Bruno
    Yes (0) Color: EU Plug Size: 1GB+8GB
    A must have for multimedia and worth the money
    This android box is worth every bit of money it costed and the best part is that it didn't cost much.
    It comes preloaded with android 6.0 and actually useful apps but you can remove most if you want.
    I bought the 8gb rom+1gb ram and for me is fast enough to boot and has handled all media files i tried well.

    It very small/compact and light, so it won't take much space or you can hide it easily behind your screen if you want. It comes with a hdmi cable, which is is nice.

    If you are looking for something to play your media files on your tv or have an android set up,but don't want to spend a lot, this box will do perfectly and i so far i have no complains, so i can't recommend it enough.
    None so far. I don't know how it will be in the future in terms of updates, but so far everything is working fine and android 6.0 is still recent so it will hold up well for a while in terms of software.

    Nov 07,2016

  • Robert
    Yes (0) Color: UK Plug Size: 2GB + 16GB
    A fantastic little box for a great price.
    After checking out the reviews of other boxes, I decided to go for the Nexbox, 2 gb/16gb. A very sleek design, unobtrusive and modern. It was very easy to setup, with an automatic update taking place of the firmware on first power on. This went smoothly. The box works perfectly, apps are easy to install both online or via the app installer. I have found no issues with both wifi and Ethernet connections. I haven\'t had the need to use Bluetooth yet, so I\'m unable to comment. The video stream and audio work well, with no lagging. Would I buy another? Yes, without a doubt. It makes me question the value of having additional cable or satellite charges, not that I do, but for those that might have.
    Truly, I have no complaints. For the price, you can't go wrong.

    Apr 13,2017

  • CarlosCC
    Yes (0) Color: EU Plug Size: 2GB + 16GB
    The best device to have in the lving room
    Everyone in my house love this box. lIt works perfectly and you can install all the apps you would install in any android device (phone or tablet), so imagine what you can do with this.
    If you want to take full power of this machine you may consider to plugin a wire cable to the internet. I'm not saying that the WiFi is bad (no, it is not!), but having internet at full speed can be an advantage.
    The only bad thing was the Bluetooth that it wasn't working, but the support gave me a file to fix the problem.
    One of the boxes I bought doesn't work, so I had to contact the support again to deal with the repair.
    anyway, this is my family company in many waus. It's robust and very easy to operate.
    Great product.

    Oct 02,2018

  • Artem
    Yes (0) Color: EU Plug Size: 2GB + 16GB
    Можно брать!
    Неплохая приставка. Приехала за 2 недели в Ярославль, отправлял почтой Грузии. По работе косяков не заметил, единственное для обладателей эпловской продукции вы заметите тормознутость приставки и корявость интерфейса, еще дизайн ОСи, короче Андроид - он и в африке андроид ))) Функционал конечно отменный, не поспоришь. Удобство - тут на любителя, с тяжелыми играми не тестил, т.к. играю на компе и айпаде. Кстати для 4pda дрочеров и прочих ixbtшных гиков - приставка работает из коробки, никакие радиаторы и прочую херню, что я пытался прочитать на 100500 страницах данных форумов не потребовалась, единственное радует рут и не пришлось ебаться с прочими софтовыми заебами, поставил другой лаунчер. Короче за свои деньги - получаем почти мини комп. Всем бобра!
    Мне не нравится андроид, юзал HTC Hero в бородатые годы - тормоз, стал юзать матушкин леново планшет в топе - тормоз, купил эту приставку - заметил подтормаживание, видимо гены ))) Да, имею старый яфон 4эс и япад 2 - странно, но ни не тормозят за столько лет, пашут как винда ХР :))

    Jun 13,2017