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Game rules:

1. Activity date: Aug 27 - Sept 6 @ 00:00 (UTC)inclusive
2. Participating users must log in to a verified account.
3. Participants can sign in ONCE each day
4. Each user earns a $5 OFF coupon when they sign in 5 days totally during the event; or a $15 OFF coupon for totally 8-day sign-ins.
5. Coupons won can be accessed via 'My Coupon', which are only valid from Aug 27 - Sept 6 and invalid for certain products.
8. Gearbest reserves the right to cancel the coupon(s) and/or related orders without compensation should a participating user violate the T&C.
9.For safety and security, each customer is allowed to create only one registered account by default. For customers who attempt to create several accounts, We reserve the right to suspend accounts without further notice.
10. Gearbest reserves the right to amend the activity guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Staff (

Sign in to win coupons.
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