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  • Yvonne Peters
    As good as the big brands
    Bought this to replace an (high end) Auto Pilot that was heavily discounted, which I loved that stopped working properly after a year. The place I got it from no longer sells the so I couldn't have a replacement. This Eufy is better than I expected and in some ways better. It's easier to set up, comes with spare sweeper brushes (they do need replacing after a few months as they get straggley), is quieter and thinner (so it gets under a few more things), and moves quicker. And he found his way home very easily - he's kept in a corner of the dining room.

    Where it's not so good is that I can't tell it what days to start cleaning automatically - it's all or nothing. I like Robert The Spruce to go to work at 8am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I let him loose upstairs on a Saturday. It's not a deal breaker, I'll turn him off the days I don't want him to work so he still does the automatic three days downstairs. The only other thing is that the bumpers at the front don't seem so robust or gentle - though I fancy he's better an not bumping into things.

    A robot vacuum has given me so much time back, I wouldn't be without one. I totally recommend this one.

    Jul 26,2019

  • Adam L.
    Tranquilo, fuerte, no golpea paredes.
    ¡Tengo esto para mi familia! Este robot es más silencioso, y hace el trabajo muy bien. Tengo piso de madera con alfombras con flecos y no se atasca cerca del refrigerador. Por otra parte, algunos umbrales entre las habitaciones son bastante elevados, y superó a los que no tenían ningún problema. Como usuario por primera vez de esta marca, estoy satisfecho con el resultado a un precio tan asequible. Si resulta que se atasca en algunos lugares inevitables (cables, objetos delgados). Tengo mascotas en casa, y aspira todo tipo de pieles y pelos. Me ahorró tiempo y dolor de cabeza al limpiar constantemente sus pieles. También me permite no tener que barrer o aspirar al menos unas cuantas veces por semana.

    Aug 02,2019

  • Jenny Barnes
    Impressive and efficient latest tech
    "I don't have enough time to clean the floor regularly, so this vacuum cleaner is very handy now, my little helper. It gets the dust out of my thick carpets without damaging them. I normally clean the robot after every use, as the compartment is normally full with dust. It looks likes it's moving into random directions, but by the end of cleaning I’ve noticed that it’s covered the whole area.
    It's quiet and operates without the need to be recharged for a few days (I use it daily for about an 40 min - an hour).
    Replacement sweeper brushes are included, which is handy.
    Great option for anyone into the latest tech at a reasonable price."

    Aug 05,2019

  • Qiaoyi
    Reduces the workload from my busy life
    "This robot Vacuum cleaner is handy little device to have at my home As I live on my own I find it hard to find time to vacuuming and cleaning every day .
    It moves around the house at a set time and cleans what ever it can find in its way which is loose and dry. The suction is not that powerful but picks up loose bits and bobs or dust lying around. Overall It does do a decent job on day to day basis and reduces the over all efforts when I do the big vacuuming using my Dyson."

    Jul 30,2019

  • George
    Excellent Cleaner
    "Used this cleaner now a few times, works really well on hard flooring (I do not have carpet at all.). In the dining room, where the table is it manages to go round nicely, I lift the chairs on the table to give it an easier time and to have the floor completely clean. In all other rooms, cleans thoroughly. I now enjoy my evening coffee knowing the house is tidy and the cleaning is being taken care of. Would highly recommend.
    I have not yet used the mop, though once I have will add my comment here."

    Jul 29,2019

  • Gil George
    Esta máquina es impresionante.
    Esta máquina es impresionante. No, no tiene una estación de acoplamiento, pero no la necesita. Lo tengo en mi sótano, que tiene alfombras bereberes ajustadas y cortas. Después de 45 minutos lo apagué como había estado en todas partes, dos veces. Limpié la caja de polvo, pero con 3 perros, no pensé que fuera tan malo. Cuando la luz se vuelva roja, recárguela o sáquela de un lugar estrecho. ¡Y mis perros pensaron que tenían el mejor regalo! ¡Mantenlos ocupados!

    Aug 06,2019

  • Loic b1
    Tout simplement parfait !
    Avec des enfants en bas âges à la maison il est impératif que mon sol soit propre en permanence. Ce petit robot m'est d'une aide précieuse, mis en route tous les jours pendant les heures de sieste il me nettoie en un clin d'oeil la pièce principale. On ne peut pas dire qu'il soit ultra silencieux, mais il fait moins de bruit qu'un aspirateur classique et quel gain de temps.....pendant que lui travaille, je peux vaquer à d'autres occupations !

    Jul 31,2019

  • thinkinghelper
    Wirklich gutes Gerät
    Es gibt Ersatzbürste. Alle Krümel, Holzreste o.ä. saugt er auf. Die Reinigung des Roboters ist einfach und schnell. Alles ist gut erklärt. Die Saugleistung ist sehr gut. Wenn Sie Frage haben, können Sie den Verkäufer nach dem Problem fragen. Eine Antwort bekommt man schnell und verständlich. Zufrieden

    Sep 04,2019

  • Walt O.
    Strong suction robot
    The robotic vacuum cleaner comes in a high quality packaging, the design is simple and elegant - nice and discreet. He makes a high-quality impression. He is not too loud and works very thoroughly. He also sucks under the bed and other furniture. I would recommend him!

    Aug 21,2019

  • Sara-
    GOOD family member!
    The small vacuum cleaner makes the floors of our large apartment perfectly clean. What he picks up, you can see in the dust container and amazed. The cleaning of the dust container is super easy. All pieces of furniture that are more than 8 cm high, the sucker undercuts easily. We are totally excited and in love. Absolutely top device for a super price. Absolute buy recommendation.

    Jul 26,2019