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  • Timothy G.
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: 8+256GB
    Definite powerful
    I need a notebook to work. I have to use it every day, but only for a few things, so I want something small enough to be thrown in a schoolbag and then forget until I need it. This notebook looks perfect. I set it up effortlessly, and I like it to be responsive and only a little slower than a mid-range desktop. Quick start, and your usual multitasking. Love the size and portability of this micro-notebook, but still use it everyday. Overall, its small size is undoubtedly a powerful source of power.

    Dec 05,2019

  • T. Lyssy
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: 8+512GB
    Love it
    Got this notebook because mines broke and didn’t really want to spend more money for a new one. So I went the cheaper route. I’ve never heard of the brand so I was a little nervous about buying it, but took the chance anyway. So far so good. It moves faster than my last notebook which was an HP, 1920 x 1080 screen with impressive high quality images. It’s supper light weight, hold an battery for an extremely long time.

    Dec 04,2019

  • D.Algaard
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: 8+512GB
    Awesome little machine
    This is a great notebook for someone who needs a notebook that doesn't take up much space. I like this notebook because its great size, but it has the full Windows 10 operating system, so I can install executable files on it, use a USB drive, etc. The touchpad works well. Battery life is good. I haven't tried any 3D games, but I didn't buy them for this purpose. All in all, this is a great small notebook.

    Dec 04,2019

  • Elton
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: 8+512GB
    Generally met expectations
    My experience: fast and beautifully packaged, set up in 5 minutes, it recognizes all nearby wifi options (and many cheap notebook don't recognize wifi signals), and I downloaded the software I needed in minutes. Everything is set up quickly and seamlessly. The trackpad is super easy to use. When I type, there are sometimes short lags, but all are within acceptable limits. So far thank you

    Dec 02,2019

  • Marico
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: 8+512GB
    Good product, nice travel machine
    Thank you for fast shipping. A good travel machine. Perfect for web browsing, email, media consumption and kindle reader on the road. Also it handles basic office and mobile tasks perfectly (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Citrix) and basic games. Battery life is about 4 hrs for watch videos, but easily charges from a compatible battery bank.

    Dec 05,2019

  • Evgeny Zachary
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: 8+512GB
    Seems nice
    It is extremely light & portable

    Dec 01,2019