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  • Nuno
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    They work but...
    Bought these for the same brand printer Alfawise EX8 and installed them only on X and Y motors. X was fine but Y didn't work until I reversed all the pins in one end of the cable that comes with the smoother. Alfawise should have known about this issues with their own products, but no info comes with these. That's why I rate it only 4*.

    Apr 18,2019

  • Lenard
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    My printer funs well now
    So these things do work. Most of my issues are gone and the ones that are not are now just barely visible. Super easy to install and the cables are wired properly so you don’t have to waste anytime correcting that. I used all three on the xyz steppers, not sure if the z stepper benefits from a smoother but I had it so I used it.

    Mar 15,2019

  • Paolo
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    Quiet 3d printing now
    They don't come with any instructions so I guessed and put them inline with each stepper that moves the most! Wow got it right and now about half as quiet now, no winning when moving from one side to other, plus you get protection from back voltages to motherboard!!! Great buy fast shipping.

    Apr 01,2019

  • Kirk B.B
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    Great quality.
    The product is of great quality. It is also very simple to install on printer. Once I plugged them into the printer I was able to get printing again. The prints have seemed to be more smooth. Well done Alfawise!

    Feb 24,2019

  • good
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    Alfawise ACS01 TL Smoother Add-on Module for 3D Printer 5PCS
    Good. I require for everybody who have 3d printer and would much better printing quality. super update for Ender 3 recommended for every ender owner this parts improves your Quality

    Dec 25,2019

  • Gioia
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    Less jerky
    Excellent product and works great now. I had setting again before installing these guys and afterwords i turned it off as it was significantly less jerky. I had great improvements in my 3d prints

    Mar 20,2019