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  • Mathew Lamy
    Flawless 3D printer kit
    This is the greatest budget 3D printer. Everything is designed based on customer requests. I was happy to receive the package and found every component intact. The aluminum alloy gantry is very nice, with durable black varnish like that of the piano. It is easy to connect the components because the cables are in a bunch. After about 3h 23min, I finished assembling it and calibrating. The aluminum alloy heat bed is very flat, and the first layers stick to the hotbed perfectly. The printing speed can reach 120mm/s without sacrificing the quality. I've already got a dozen exquisite prints after 10 days. Thanks to the cooling fans and pause function, though the printer did not stop working during the period, everything went well! All in all, Alfawise EX8 is a perfect choice.

    Nov 27,2018

  • Darryl Felder
    Amazing printer for the price
    Well, I received the product yesterday, and come into use in an hour follow the user manual. Very convenient for me.Indeed, Alfawise EX8 is a great upgraded version. Not just the screen, cooling fans, control button, but also the motherboard. Compared with other products, the EX8 undoubtedly producing better performance as we expected, it will be my first recommend. It works precision, printing with standard 0.4mm diameter nozzle, and the easy operation is also very addicted to me. In a word, the EX8 is all most the best 3D printer that I have ever purchased.My favorite are the pause and memory function. Cope with filament run-out and power outage easily.

    Jan 12,2019

  • A. Hitzig
    All as the description
    I have few complaints about any part of the actual physical construction of the printer. It is nice. And I love the increased use of metal brackets. The belts a re also pre-tightened perfectly. Besides the acceptable noise and a little bit heavy weight, the quality of the Alfawise EX8 printer looks very promising. Layers are aligned very well, making watertight, meanwhile, printing is surprisingly easy. I'm very pleased with the potential of this printer. The user interface is absolutely fantastic, it’s almost one of the best I've ever touched. Although the delivery is a little late, but for me, it doesn't matter.

    Feb 17,2019

  • Steve
    Affordable 3D printer for making toys, odds and ends
    My son became interested in 3D printers in his first science class at the beginning of this semester. Then, he tried to find out everything about it and learned to model. I've heard of the popularity of Alfawise U20, however, I don't need such a big one, EX8 is a better choice for me. The build volume is 220x220x240 mm, approximately the average size of any models. To my surprise, my kid can operate it with ease. We were thrilled by the first printed models. As soon as we finalize the design, we start printing! Each layer is nearly invisible for the human eye, which is amazing!

    Nov 26,2018

  • Kelvo
    Mi primer printer 3d
    después de haber estado estudiando las posibilidades de adquirir una impresora 3d me decidi por esta la EX8 además de ser nueva esta mejoreada comparado con la Anet A6 y A8. Al principio es un poco retante la instalación pues la verdad son muchas piezas pero la verdad que es una satisfacción personal conocer el proceso y descubrir cada paso Enel proceso de instalación. es algo innovador y de vanguardia esta impresora. ahora ya me encuentro en el proceso de mejoramiento técnico al imprimir. de verdad que espero divertirme mucho con esta compra.

    Dec 19,2018

    Alfawise EX8 3D printer
    EX8 is like the upgraded version of Anet A8. I use both 3D printers for work, and found that EX8 has a better motherboard, its LCD screen and control buttons are much more convenient to use. Cooling is important, so I had added cooling fans to Anet A8 before, and I was glad to find EX8 has cooling fans.The toughest thing for me, is the assembly, it took me several hours, whereas, the moment my first printed model was finished, I felt it all worth it. No over extrusion nor under extrusion, the smallest details are wonderful.

    Dec 04,2018

  • Nigel Nevin
    The Alfawise EX8 helped me a lot
    I have been interested in 3D printing a few days ago, this is my first own 3D printer. After I receieved the product, I try to print lots of models around, and this incredible Alfawise EX8 help me a lot. It has a 220 x 220 x 240mm large build volume and a easy read LCD display for more challenges. I also try to print my own model, and be surprised to find that each layer is nearly invisible, amazing!I love it so much, made my 3D printer learning easier. I'll recommend it to other 3D printing amateurs without a doubt.

    Feb 23,2019

  • Sulav poudel
    great little monster
    best in the price range acrylic was broken when i got it but i know this was done by poor hadelling of staffs in custom office when i went there they were throwing stuff all around so dealer is great got it in 4 3d printed parts all plastic parts except fan blower is injection molded comes with 1 memory card and 10m long PLA i was suprised with quality after calibrating the bed and tweaking the models great printer

    Jan 07,2019

  • Santi Romero
    Gran compra a gran precio
    Muy buena compra y a un gran precio. El envío me llego en tan solo 18 días laborables, el proceso de ensamblaje fue muy sencillo gracias a las instrucciones de la tarjeta sd. Una vez montada tiene una estética muy bonita, tiene la ventaja de que se puede pausar y posteriormente reanudar sin ningún problema. Para usarla es sencillo gracias a la rueda giratoria de la pantalla LCD. Ya he podido comenzar a imprimir sin ningún problema. Sin duda una compra a un buen precio en relación calidad y precio, además con algunas ventajas que no tienen otras impresoras.

    Jan 22,2019

  • yves
    Alfawise ex8 diy: que du bonheur!
    génial - Arrivé super vite avec mes bobines commandéesMontée rapidement et super mécano : j'adore çal'erreur que j'ai faite et que vous ne ferez pas c'est d'avoir ôter le scotch du plateau alu: je croyais que c'était une protection mais non!: c'est nécessaire pour l'adhérence de l'impression sur le plateau . j'ai mis du blue tape et c'est nickel depuisje recommande : par contre fait être bricoleur si on veut obtenir une machine au look top et sans fil ou câble à se promener.Tout est prévu pour faire du bon boulot pour le prix : je suis pleinement satisfait de cet achat

    Apr 20,2019