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  • Al D
    Yes (2) Color: Carbon Gray
    Fantastic Value!!!
    I purchased my unit with my own funds from I received my order (Guangdong, China to Ontario, Canada) unregistered air mail in 11 total days, unusually fast for basic shipping.

    "Carbon Gray" looks exactly like the "Black" version. The actual gray/silver version seems to be gone.

    The sound is what you'd expect for a $20 Bluetooth headphone and then some. The sound is very bass heavy, mostly warm. The mids are a little distant and lack a little definition. The highs are not sibilant or harsh, but they are a little distant on the sound stage. The dynamic range is decent. I noticed heavy distortion when driving these even moderately down low. Isolation, it's okay: As much as you'd expect from an on-ear set of closed headphones. You can obviously try to tweak the sound to your liking from your device.

    No connectivity issues on BT 5.0, but noticed tiny cut-outs on BT 2.1 (decade old device). Wired option is stereo listen-only, no microphone or controls (perfectly usable with an in-line mic). The included 124 cm, 3.5 mm stereo phono is fine. The sound quality is a tad bit hollow and cold when compared to the sound over Bluetooth.

    Call quality is just okay. The microphone is muddy. Completely serviceable in quiet environments. I can't imagine this would be great in a noisy area, though.

    The construction of the headphones are also pretty good. The plastics are cheap, but the injection moulding used is still pretty crisp with only minor flashing that wouldn't bother most people. I took a #15 scalpel and cleaned it up. The black plate on the cups have metalized "Alfawise" logos on them which I covered with black gaffers tape. The buttons are cheap but feel solid enough. The main niggle I have with the buttons is that the feedback from them is harsh to the ears when worn (the click is quite loud into the ear).

    Comfort is quite good. I have large ears and they sit comfortably with the headband tight or loose. Clamping pressure is pretty light when adjusted properly. The headband is lightly padded. The ear cup cushions are soft and work with these on-ear cans.

    I have not yet been able to test music streaming time. "15" hours with a 400 mAh battery seems a bit optimistic. The user manual states 10-12 hours, not 15 hours.

    Controls are pretty standard. Hold V+ for track forward, etc. The user manual is decent, though not comprehensive.

    *** Solid buy for the price!!! ***

    Not so great:

    The FM mode is not great. There is always interference and static, even outdoors. There is freq memory, though. This would be a novelty feature that few will use.

    The TF/MicroSD card functionality quite bad. It lacks shuffle, so it'll play any and all audio files on a MicroSD card in order. It remembers the last file played. Far, far more sound distortion when compared to BT use on certain files. It is unclear if the BT transceiver is off during FM or MicroSD card use. It also does not remember volume settings after a power cycle.

    Oct 02,2019

  • Игорь Баженов
    Yes (0) Color: Carbon Gray
    Наушники Alfawise JH-803
    Доставка до Курганской области 23 дня. Трек отслеживался на протяжении всего пути. Удивительно, но даже коробка не помятая, хоть и "погуляла" посылочка по России, благодаря ПОЧТЕ РОССИИ, дополнительно упаковано в пакет с пупырышками. Наушники выглядят стильно. Изготовлены качественно. За свою стоимость - отличный вариант. Всё работает, кроме радио, удобное расположение кнопок управления. Качество звучания музыки хорошее, басы присутствуют и неплохие, при телефонном разговоре слышимость с обеих сторон тоже хорошая. Женский голос оповещает при включении Bluetooth и при входящем звонке - произносит номер телефона с которого звонят (на английском языке). На голове сидят удобно, регулируются, не жмут и не слабо, в общем - в самый раз. Есть поворот на 90°. С телефоном конектятся быстро, отображается заряд в %, определяются как гарнитура. В инструкции русский отсутствует, английский - есть, да и без инструкции всё и так интуитивно понятно. Покупкой доволен. Спасибо. Рекомендую к покупке. Отзыв пишу сразу после получения, проверить наушники на время работы от одной зарядки не смог, да и не критично для меня время работы от одной зарядки, но пришли они с зарядом в 70%.

    Nov 14,2019

  • PUBG
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Alfawise JH - 803 Folding Stereo Bluetooth Headphones
    ●Titanium diagraphm for wonderful sound, precise and honest reproduction of the details
    ●15h music time with 400mAh rechargeable battery. Music on the go with 3.5mm audio cable
    ● The artificial protein leather earmuffs simulate the texture of the human skin and are comfortable to wear for a long time
    ●Ergonomic design - the earmuffs can be rotated by 90 degrees, and the adjustable headband is suitable for all head shapes and sizes
    ●Reliable and stable Bluetooth 4.1 for real-time audio streaming, compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.
    ● Built-in HiFi microphone for clear transmission of your voice, providing better call quality even in noisy environments
    ● The 40mm magnetic neodymium drivers can bring you vivid sound field, stunning sound clarity, great for various games
    ● Folding design, flexible to wear, easy carrying for wherever you are

    Jun 10,2019

  • Neemias
    Yes (1) Color: Carbon Gray
    ótimo produto!!!
    Comprei o produto somente pelas avaliações do comentário, e não me arrependi, procurava um fone com um preço mais acessível e com os recursos de um fone Premium, este não me decepcionou, estou realmente satisfeito, atendeu todas as minhas expectativas, tem pequenos recursos como entrar para cabo P2 que alguns fones top de linha não tem, además, a bateria é de longa duração, praticamente só vão para a a tomada nos finais de semana! O som é muito bom em relação ao preço que paguei! R$96,00! Recomendo para quem procura muito pagando pouco, não é de se esperar um produto de excelente qualidade pelo preço, mas tem uma boa qualidade de construção! Recomendo!

    Nov 03,2019

    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Alfawise JH - 803 Folding Stereo Bluetooth Headphones ₪94.87
    The packaging came crumpled in a simple package, the seller did not take care of the proper packaging. On the big head sit well. But there is too strong mobility of the hinges of the cups. By sound medium (not good and not bad). Noise reduction surprisingly works, but not 100% of the external environment is still audible. Connect normally communication does not lose, noise extraneous absence. And the minus is also that they do not fold, only cups. I would advise you to take the atomix s204, there is no noise reduction, but the sound at times is better + design

    May 20,2019

  • Jesse
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Good for the price
    For the price it is an excellent headphone. Though I would not compare it with the sound of more expensive headphones like Bose or Sony. Im not an expert, but i think there could be more depth in the overall sound and especcially the quality of the base could be improved. Besides that the little bag to carry the headphones (the one on photo 10/10) is lacking, which is unfortunate..
    At last the headphones exterior seems quite premium. Overall I am satisfied with this product, due to the low cost. Charge, connect and enjoy!

    Dec 17,2018

  • kajsi
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    V celku rychle dorucenie z ceskeho skladu aj ked to islo z nemecka cez dhl. Celkom slusne sluchadla kvalitou primeranou ich cene. Parovanie prebieha bez problemov s akymkolvek zariadenim. Kvalita zvuku na primeranej urovni kde zneju basy aj vysky. Usnice alebo ako to mam nazvat sedia dobre na usiach az na jeden problem. Pri dlhsom pouzivani presitie usnic neprijemne tlaci. Za velmi slusnu cenu v celku dost dobre sluchadla. Odporucam napriek jednemu nedostatku. Super

    Jan 09,2019

  • Carlos
    Yes (0) Color: Carbon Gray
    Fone de qualidade e excelente entrega
    Pra quem deseja um headphone de alta qualidade de material e sonora, esse é o produto. Veio muito bem embalado, inclusive com uma pequena bolsa para guardar o fone. Se encaixa perfeitamente nas orelhas, tem uma boa exclusão de ruídos externos e para não tem condições de adquirir um produto mais caro, eu recomendo o fone da Alfawise. Irei pedir outro para dar de presente. O produto veio tão bem embalado que, apesar de ter amassado a caixa externa no transporte, o fone veio sem nenhum defeito ou dano.

    Jul 30,2019

  • Iran
    Yes (0) Color: Carbon Gray
    Apesar de está com problemas com a minha primeira encomenda, que a gearbest esqueceu-se de colocar o número da casa, eu ainda continuo satisfeito com o atendimento, e aguardando resposta sobre a minha situação, em relação ao primeiro produto.
    Mais enfim, o meu fone chegou, graças a Deus, e abaixo segue as fotos. Ainda irei testá-lo, mas já adianto que é um lindo e bom fone.
    Obrigado, gearbest! Farei mais compras por aqui, isso não tenham dúvidas!

    Jul 10,2019

  • Tina Green
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    Nice-looking and satisfying
    I have been looking for a Bluetooth headset for so long and researching quite a lot. However, due to the limited budget, I forget about all the famous brands. This pair surprised me greatly. I have never found such a combination of titanium diagraphm, 15h music play time, folding design, and low cost.
    The earmuffs are so comfortable. Wearing them for over 4 hours, don't want to take them off yet. Thank you very much! :)

    Nov 21,2018