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  • pedromadeira
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    as written
    It's like the description says, but I thought that it also supported WIFI, but the WiFi that is described it's used to connect the device and not to operate yours devices.
    Also I bought it, because my AC unit doesn't support any other that it only remote... and after a long searching process in the app... still no memory's on this model. So not a big help to me.
    I also have a Broadlink IR mini 3, that works more fast that this one, in connecting away from home and same wifi network. it was a cup side, it measures the room temperature.
    And at night, it green led it is a bit intense...

    Jun 05,2019

  • Лентяйка с удалённым досту
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    Дешевле и лучше Сяоми
    ИК пульт с управлением по сети. Намного меньше Сяоми по размерам, функционально такой же. Плюс термометр на борту (однако занижает температуру градусов на 6).
    Если требуемого пульта нет в базе - можно обучить.
    Для кондиционеров - вначале запоминать температуру, потом все остальные функции. Если начать не с температуры, то она не появится в меню. Придется удалить устройство и начать заново, с температуры. Я на это убил час времени, в мануале и на ютубе этого нет.
    Могу ли рекомендовать сей пульт? Однозначно да. С небольшими затратами любой кондиционер превращается в умный )))

    Jun 23,2019

  • Julian Ramy
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    Build a smart home
    The smart IR remote control is equivalent to all IR remote controls in my home. It is so convenient to

    use, compared with a dozen of smart WiFi sockets. I prefer using this device. It can be connected with

    TVs, air conditioners, TV boxes, DVDs, projectors, and so on through AI learning. Both installation and

    configuration are easy. The remote control, timing and temperature control function are useful. No need

    to look for a the right remote control anymore. Happy with it :)

    Jan 19,2019

  • Barry
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    I then bought this one and it works flawlessly! Setting it up was so easy,
    I then bought this one and it works flawlessly! Setting it up was so easy, it learned all of our shades with no problems. It was fully operational in minutes. Its awesome to have an app to control the automatic roller shades. You can even control the devices when not connected to your wifi network. I am surprised how fast and responsive the app is to control the shades. Also, the range on it is great, I can control shades that are two rooms away from the device itself.

    May 09,2019

  • A
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    This is a really cool device
    This is a really cool device which allows one to control basically anything remote-controlled by the app or Alexa.
    One problem is that if you have to 'teach' the device to learn your remote without choosing a specific brand, then this custom device isn't always able to be voice activated.
    Other than that, the range is great and it works well. I have it mounted underneath the bar by my kitchen, and it is easily able to transmit an IR and RF signal across the room.

    May 09,2019

  • Marcelo
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    Works great, but....
    O aparelho funciona bem, mas pra encontrar uma programação existente de controle remoto para meus aparelhos, foi um parto, e não havia nenhuma programação 100% funcional.
    Testei as rotinas de ações automáticas, que também não funcionaram 100%.
    Agora o maior problema que ainda não teve solução, é a integração com o Google Home que não funcionou, e esse foi justamente o motivo principal para minha compra.
    Isso não diminui a qualidade do produto em si, que funciona bem, mas um grande diferencial que seria essa integração com o Google Home para automação residencial.

    Jun 10,2019

  • JACK
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    Latest addition to my home automation collection.
    Latest addition to my home automation collection. This was so close to perfect, only a couple things on the app side would really put it over the top. Setup took me about 10 min and a couple tries. Knowing what worked, I could redo it in about 2 min. The app is where the magic happens, adding a device is pretty straightfoward; learning custom remote buttons is super easy and even modifying/re-learning a preprogrammed remote only takes seconds.

    May 09,2019

  • cuong
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    good quality and fast shipping thank gearbest.
    I bought this because a friend of mine suggested it, but it is very useful. The device is much smaller and lighter than I expected. Interfaces are very rich. Plug and play it into your TV's HDMI, which already has a lot of apps built in. This is very convenient and has done a lot. It's great for simple TV, and you want to be a "smart TV" essentially. I'm satisfied with my purchase good quality and fast shipping.

    Apr 23,2019

  • Michael X
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    Great smart remote controller for the price
    Many timers can be set for each device and it can be configured and controlled easily with a smartphone from anywhere. In spite of timer, temperature control, daily scenes are ready to help. Most
    importantly, many IR remote controllers are supported. Have a lot of fun playing with it!
    No LED indication when the device is working.
    The device needs to be connected with AC power source.

    Jan 08,2019

  • Chris
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    The greatest remote!
    I use the program comes with my phone to turn on/off my home devices and adjust the temperature of air conditioner. It doesn't satisfy me at all. Mulfunctions all the time. But this smart IR remote control device is different. The most amazing thing is that the temperature of the air conditioner can be maintained at the same automatically and I can control wherever I am.

    Jan 05,2019