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  • vco
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: WiFi Version
    The item is OK when the price is right
    I bought the air purifier for 66 USD and at this price is a great item. However, the very bad communication from the part of Gearbest made me pay a whopping total of 129 USD - almost double the initial price!
    When I payed the order, I payed 7.5 USD for shipping.
    Two weeks after, with no news, no feedback, no communication, I opened a ticket with Gearbest only to find out that the shipping method is no longer available. So, they let me pay the initial fee only to tell me that I need to pay an extra 14.75 USD to ship by DHL. After two weks with no news I said fine, you twist my hand with this, but I want the item still.
    So I paid and waited.
    It arrived quite fast in my country.
    I was contacted by DHL after two days, for custom clearance procedures. They offer me two choices:
    - I handle myself all the procedure, but this will take some time and I have to pay for deposit 6 USD per day
    - DHL will handle the procedures, for a fee.
    I went with the second option, for
    I was informed that I have to pay 40 (Forty) USD to cover all expenses for custom clearance and DHL's "troubles" for handling the customs in my stead.

    So to summarize, in order to receive the 66 USD item that I wanted, in the end I payed 66 + 7.85 + 14.75 + 40 = 128.6 USD... which is basically double the price.

    The item in itself is good for 66 USD. For 130 USD I think there are other options on the market

    May 07,2020

  • idefix
    Yes (1) Color: White Size: Air Monitor Version
    Tut was er soll, könnte aber leiser sein.
    Ich habe seit einem Jahr einen Alpawise P1 in Betrieb, mit dem ich beste Erfahrung gemacht habe, er läuft ganztägig im Schlafzimmer, da er auf kleinster Stufe wirklich leise ist. Da er intern keinen Sensor hat, habe ich den P2 von Alphawise in der Ausführung ohne Handy App gekauft. Im Automatik Betrieb merkt der P2 höheren Staubanteil und schaltet die Reinigungsleistung um. Er schaltet allerdings den Lüfter nicht ab, wenn er längere Zeit im 'grünen' Bereich arbeitet. Damit könnte man leben, wenn denn die kleinere Lüfterstufe entsprechend leise wie beim P1 wäre. Durch die Verwendung von dünnerem Plastik und der runden Form ist er aber signifikant lauter als der P1, und im Schlafzimmer nicht zu verwenden, dafür gibt es den Punktabzug. Die Reinigungswirkung für Staubpartikel und Pollen ist gut, wie man mit einem PM2.5 Messgerät sehen kann, die Absorption von Gerüchen lasse ich mal unkommentiert, dafür ist der Kohleanteil im Filter des P2 und des P1 zu klein, das schaffen aber auch teurere Geräte nicht befriedigend. Dafür sind aber die Standzeiten und die Preise für die Ersatzfilter für den P2 und P1 erträglich.

    Jun 16,2020

  • Shirley
    Yes (1) Color: White Size: WiFi Version
    Good size, adjustable wind, slightly smell, easy to control
    So far I gave it 5 stars.

    First of all, it may be that the purification area supported is large, the body size of this purifier is not too small, and it is more suitable to be placed on the floor rather than on the desktop. Of course, this is not a downside.

    In the manual, it says the fan has three speed winds, so it can do a quick clean based on my own needs. This function is very useful.

    Once I opened it, it smelled like plastic, but it was gone after a few minutes.

    What's more, the purifier can be connected to WiFi and Alexa, which I can easily control from my couch or on the bed.

    Many extra functions like timer, voice control etc,. which is contribute to simply operation.

    Nov 06,2019

  • SmartHomeFinland
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: WiFi Version
    The product arrived on time, the packaging was more or less fine upon arrival, it was just as described, connected seamlessly to the SmartLife- app and worked just as intended with all my other automated smart home devices.
    I was not expecting a product of this price range to clean the air so noticeably.
    3 different speed levels ensure that you can either have it running on lowest setting the whole night without it disturbing or full power whenever needed to get a quick room purification.
    I have the device sitting in my bedroom (approx 15m2). If you want to have a quick filtration of larger area, I would suggest getting 2 of these. Then again you can just keep 1 device on (even on lowest setting) the whole time and it will do the job without you ever noticing it.

    Feb 10,2020

  • Tamas
    Yes (1) Color: White Size: WiFi Version
    Useful product
    Our flat is next to a high traffic road and I thought it would be nice to have a product like this. However it indicates that the air quality is always good (i.e. green light) which makes it kind of purposless.
    We will continue to use this in the spring and I hope that it will help to cope with pollens.
    The opearting noise is okay at the lowest fan speed but quite loud at level 2 and 3 (you dont want to stay in the same room for a longer time at these settings).
    The application is neat and easy to use.

    Dec 31,2019

  • Piotr
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: Air Monitor Version
    Compact and quiet
    Intuitive and simply settings. Simple filter installation. Pollution sensor detects smoke and dust in the air and reacts by increasing airflow speed. On lowest speed virtually inaudible during day hours, not disturbing, but clearly audible during night (or when ambient noise level is very low). It simply works as it should.

    Nov 18,2020

  • Mariya
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: WiFi Version
    Довольна приобретением!
    Выиграла данный девайс в VIP-клубе. Доставка была в Новый год, приехала посылка за 3 недели. Упаковано в картонную коробку с пенопластом - все целое, без повреждений. Все соответствует описанию: сенсорная панель, 3 уровня потока воздуха, таймер, подключение к телефону по Wi-Fi, подсветка для использования ночью. Работает от розетки. Запасных фильтров в комплекте нет, надеюсь в продаже появятся, пока не видела.

    Jan 16,2020

  • fabiominetto
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: WiFi Version
    Silenzioso ed efficace
    Per uno come me che soffre di allergie, l'Alfawise è sicuramente un'utilità. Lo utilizzo principalmente di notte, per tenere pulita l'aria della camera da letto. Molto comoda la possibilità di gestirlo via app, dove posso programmare accensione e spegnimento e velocità della ventola. Di notte il rumore della ventola è davvero minimo e sono curioso di vedere se nella stagione estiva potrò usarlo come una sorta di ventilatore. Comunque un ottimo prodotto.

    May 19,2020

  • Peter G.
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: WiFi Version
    Powerful purifying capacity
    Much better than expected. This air purifier is a excellent helper for me since I have a furry dog. It has powerful purifying capacity and effectively refreshes quite a bit of dust and hair and clear the air of my living room. and it looks great for small or medium-sized rooms.I will update my feedback if there is any issues in the next weeks.

    Nov 08,2019

  • Francesxo
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: WiFi Version
    Mai più senza
    Cercavo un purificatore che mi salvasse dai pollini in casa e che non fosse troppo grande e rumoroso. Dopo varie ricerche sono ricaduto su questo Alfawise. È della grandezza giusta e non fa troppo rumore. Pensate che ne ho uno in camera e non disturba il sonno. I filtri sono buoni perché da quando lo uso starnutisco pochissimo. Devo anche dire che da quando lo uso devo anche spolverare meno. Grazie Gearbest e grazie Alfawise.

    Oct 28,2020