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  • Joel Bryant
    Yes (0) Color: Milk White
    Highly recommended.
    This is an excellent water flosser, and a great value. I like the clean feeling in my month every time after I use it to clean my teeth. I am impressed with the quality of the power. This flosser is just as powerful as their countertop unit, but takes less space and is more attractive. It is comfortable to use, really a quality product at a reasonable price. If you are in the market for a nice flosser, you can't go wrong with this one. And gearbest has good email based customer service. Highly recommended.

    Sep 01,2019

  • AlwaysAugust
    Yes (0) Color: Milk White
    Quality addition for home dental care
    This one is of very good quality and works good. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to get it to start though. Using this before and after brushing helps my mouth feel cleaner overall, my teeth feel great afterwards. I like to add a touch of antiseptic mouthwash to the water to run through it to keep it clean and sanitized. I haven't tried traveling with it but I don't foresee any problems with it. Its a good buy for the price.

    Sep 09,2019

  • Wolfgang
    Yes (0) Color: Milk White
    Convenient dental irrigator
    My wife has standard, older big water flosser but it is bulky and takes up room by my sink. This is much more compact, always ready to use, and gets the job done. I got this rather than another brand because we bought a small travel flosser from the same company last year. We lost the power cord to that and they promptly replaced with good customer service. It is a reliable company with good service. Both products work well

    Aug 29,2019

  • Scot Stobbe
    Yes (0) Color: Milk White
    Great way to get kids to brush their teeth!!
    I bought this for me, my dental checkups have significantly improved since I started using a water flosser, so I decided to invest in a portable one for travel. What surprised me even more is it works great to get my kids to brush their teeth. If they brush well, they get to use the water flosser! This is a great easy to use product. We love it at our house. Highly recommend this!!

    Sep 05,2019

  • jimmyjet
    Yes (0) Color: Milk White
    Love it
    I would recommend this device. Its not as powerful as my home unit but its a good choice for a on the road unit. It works just as well as the plug in ones but it’s much more convenient. Like that its portable. Easy to use. And works well. Great product, make my teeth really clean. It was fun to watch her. She sounds like a little girl again.

    Sep 12,2019

  • so-cal
    Yes (0) Color: Milk White
    I bought this item for my friend as a gift. I already have one,It's bigger than this. My sister recommended this one. I am very satisfied after receiving it. Its very convenient, I believe my friends will like it.

    Sep 14,2019

  • Erik Skywalker
    Yes (0) Color: Milk White
    Great addition after brushing teeth
    We love how easy it is to use and the battery life is great. we plan to take the unit with us when we travel. We would recommend it to everyone. Thank you again for a great product.

    Sep 11,2019

  • Dave S
    Yes (0) Color: Milk White
    Effortless hygienic tool
    It takes less effort to clean and floss. It has a long battery life, easy to hold, manageable to clean and fun to use.

    Aug 28,2019

    Yes (0) Color: Milk White
    Super power storage capacity
    This is too good to use, the power storage capacity is super strong, bought back so long before charging once

    Aug 29,2019

  • David D.
    Yes (0) Color: Milk White
    works very well
    It works very well for the price, and it is very convenient as it came with a carrying case for traveling.

    Aug 30,2019