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  • Una Warner
    Nice home gadget
    This robot is like a vacuum, but for cleaning windows and not floors :). It is well built, it comes with spare microfiber pads. You have to start it first and then place it on the window. You can control it with the remote control included in the package. Be aware to ensure it is fully charged and secured with the safety cord. It can clean dirty windows, but make sure to put it more than one time on the window, and do not put a lot of cleaning solution.SuggestionI have a Alfawise S60 before and I think this S70 is more stylish, and has a better speed, more suitable for me than S60.

    Apr 02,2019

    Window Cleaning Robot Alfawise S70
    Отличный робот-мойщик окон.! Очень понравился! Работает отлично! Комплектация шикарная. Дополнительный тряпочки и чистящие кольца-насадки в комплекте. Нет Bluetooth. Зато есть пульт ДУ. Встроенный аккумулятор только для подстраховки. При отключении питания, он останавливается и работает на аккумуляторе. Двигается/чистит только под питанием от розетки. Доставка в Россию СДЭК месяц.

    Jul 07,2019

  • Faithe Tuttle
    Good product
    I received the second Widows Cleaner Robot. I will offer it as gift.A few days ago I received the first Robot, Alfawise S60, so I used it. It's so useful. Works perfect. I have cleaned with the robot 20 sq m of windows on the both sides, so it cleaned 40 sq m perfect. I tried to work with windows detergent and only with... rain weather. For this Alfawise S70, it had the same result: perfect. I think it’s cleaning effect is equal to the S60, but it can do the cleaning work faster, and I like the appearance of S70.

    Apr 21,2019

  • Cenk
    Very happy wit the product
    We have a vitrage in our dining room, full windows from floor to ceiling at 7 floor and the cleaning ladies were complaining to clean them as the windows did not open fully. Therefore we looked for a robotic product and decided to buy S70. My wife reported that this cleaned all windows without any stains left and she loved this robot. She only complained that it was a little slow cleaning and got stuck at the corners but overall she is happy from this robot.

    Jun 25,2019

  • Kim young
    Good alfawise s70
    Delivery was also shorter than I thought, and it was inconvenient not to be able to track delivery location. As soon as it came out, I cleaned the windows and I was completely satisfied with the products. I was worried about buying a s60, but the new lion bought it. I like it very much. Thank you.

    Jun 30,2019

  • Vlad
    Well washes the windows. Easy to use. Best buy
    Robot washer exceeded all expectations.Using it, I quickly washed 4 large windows on the 12th floor from two sides.Did not have to use the stairs or the chair. Turned on and only occasionally direct with the help of the remote robot remote control to the area where the dirt remained.I am very satisfied with the purchase and the device itself.

    Jul 09,2019

  • Sundae
    Alfawise S70
    Робот отличный. Из минусов отметил бы отличие от S60. Нет блютуса и соответственно нельзя настроить управление на телефоне. А значит, если потеряете пульт, то будет масса неудобств при работе с ним. Про это ни кто не пишет, а пишут только про положительные отличия от s60.

    Jul 09,2019

  • Allen
    The robot is a great tool for windows that aren’t caked on dirty. My windows hadn’t been cleaned in about 7 months and the robot did great with them! It’s very helpful to get all the dust that can accumulate easily. better!

    Apr 27,2019

  • Barry
    This little Robot does an okay job
    This little Robot does an okay job, if you keep the pads moist, otherwise it just smears dirt, I have 3 kids and they get my slide door dirty from both sides, and since I don't want to clean it everyday, this Robot helps out

    Apr 27,2019

  • Tina
    Problems solved with height
    Good helper. The only problem is the manual that does not give correct instructions and the drawings in it have bad indications. English text need profound correction. For the beginner - check videos in internet.

    Jun 27,2019