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  • Lubomir
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Alfawise T02 Smart Wristband - gearbest
    výborná cena v akcii za 5,5€
    všetko funguje skvele - pripomienky - hovor, sms, email,
    - fotoaparát - iba nezaostruje dobre
    - prehrávač funguje správne - posúvanie skladby, zapnutie vypnutie
    - počíta kroky a vzdialenosť - približne
    za tú cenu super zariadenie
    aplikácia prehľadná a jednoduchá

    Excellent price per share for 5.5 €
    Everything works great - reminders - call, sms, email,
    - the camera - only does not fade well
    - player is working properly - scrolling the song, turning on the shutdown
    - counts steps and distance - approximately
    For that super equipment
    Application transparent and simple
    lacný materiál
    nabíjací kábel nie je dobrý - dlho nevydrží
    odpája sa od bluetooth. na krátku vzdialenosť nie je problém. po 4 - 5m sa odpája

    Cheap material
    The charging cable is not good - it does not last long
    Disconnects from bluetooth. Short distance is not a problem. After 4 - 5m it is disconnected

    May 31,2017

  • fcadav
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Average Fitness Tracker
    Good price offer from the seller for $14 - Thanks to seller.
    Simple yet presentable and great tracker.
    Has remote control for taking pictures and music feature.
    Step counter is pretty accurate.
    Sync only on Android OS.
    Does not support iOS - am an iOS user so I can't keep track of my details in the phone. Hope the manufacturer will release an update on the app soon.

    Mar 11,2017

  • Bayona Hernandez
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    More than Smart Bracelet
    - Easy to use and configure.
    - Very fast the communication with the cellphone when I selected an option in the smartwatch.
    - The Native App crashes frequently, but I think that the reason is my cellphone (Discarding yet)
    - The charger is privative. I don't wanna think the tedious what the search will be to replace the charger when expire. The charger should be universal (MicroUSB for example)

    May 17,2017

  • Роман
    Yes (0) Color: Pink
    Фит нес браслет
    Хороший Браслет за эти деньги не могу разобраться с форматом времени нет возможности переключить
    Надо писать в службу поддержки магазина узнавать как переключить
    форматом времени нет возможности переключить 12 часовой на 24 часовой

    Jan 25,2017

  • Leandro de Souza
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Smart Bracelel iFitness
    Atende todas as descrições do produto, tem controle de musica e fotográficas, testado em dispositivos Android apenas,apesar disso o seu aplicativo é 100% em Português, não falha na contagem, aplicativo sempre tem atualização e também atualiza o firmware do dispositivo, é resistente a água e ela remove seu interior, carregador é um encaixe muito legal.
    A qualidade do bracelete não me parece das melhores, eu diria 7 de 10 pontos, seu controle de fotografia e musica é meio confuso as vezes

    Jan 16,2017

  • zack
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    very usefull i recommende it
    very nice wristband and very usefull
    now i can check my notification and call and controling the music without take my phone from my pocket
    i recommende it

    Dec 02,2016

  • Ivan Kolev
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Ivan Kolev
    The screen is clearly visible. The functions work well. The strap is fastened securely.
    I'm happy with this wristband.

    Jan 14,2017

  • martin Novák
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    super truper náramek
    funkce: krokoměr,kalorie,notifikace s Facebooku,ovladani kamery mobilu,info o volajícím,info o spánku,ovladni hudebniho přehrávače,budik

    výdrž baterie 5 - 7dnu
    za koupených 10 dolarů nemám co vytknout náramků

    Dec 01,2016

  • Vasilis
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Nice product for the price, really simple to use.
    Really bright have no trouble seeing screen clearly even at direct sunlight
    It's charging cable. Really bad, seems like it is going to break.

    Jan 13,2017

  • mickeyg
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Alfawise T02 Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Wristband
    Good quality for the prise nothing bad to say
    for now it's all good this is my second Alfawise T02 will buy againg for my friends

    May 26,2017