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  • mark
    alfawise u20. it's worth your money.
    I started off with a small printer, to learn how these work before going for larger print volumes.. the u 20 IS THE LARGER PRINT VOLUME. it was easy to assemble, had it together in about 20 minutes. the packaging was great, everything was secured in the box well. I joined the facebook group alfawise u20 and I believe everyone purchasing this printer should, as updates are offered for download to keep your system updated when new things are added... I've had no negative issues with the printer, the heated bed works well and warms quickly.I had my first storm power outage and the power resume worked as intended. it simply warmed up the hot end, homed the x and y and continued printing.. that's awesome..I would print a spool holder for it as the one provided has trouble with full sized spools of plastic. it works well for the provided spool though..I cannot wait to really get some hours under this printers belt and watch the great things it prints for me... I love movie props and statues, so this bed size is going to be fully taken advantage of...this is a great printer and the price is nice. join the facebook group, take advantage of the updates and learn from the other nembers, maybe I'll see you there..

    Sep 06,2018

  • Irene
    A gift for my son's admission to his favorite university
    My son had asked me to buy an open-frame FDM 3D printer for him, because he loves 3D printing lessons and feels proud of his 3D-printed models. They are something extraordinary. After the admission, I though it might help with his major in the university. Now that my son is interested in 3D printing, he can keep himself occupied before the beginning of the new semester and studied a lot of knowledge. After several long hours prints (about 2 - 3 days), he gave a positive review and put it online.According to him, the nozzle will not be clogged and the printing quality is great when the extruder is working at a high speed. Indeed, the details of the models he made are fascinating. What he likes the most is the combination of printing directly from Micro SD card, filament run-out protection and power cutoff protection. Because 3D printing takes much longer time, these three features help to avoid any possible imperfection and restart.He thought the problems are not a big deal and many can be easily fixed. For example, he replaced the cooling fan, and ignored the scratches on the gantry caused during the shipment.

    Jun 15,2018

  • Henry
    Competitive Large Build Volume 3D Printer
    I waited 2 days to get my first print which takes up the full size of 30 x 30 x 40cm. It is incredibly perfect. Certainly, there exist some noise which is unavoidable for FDM printers. The better the filament you use, the higher printing quality will be. It takes me only 6 minutes to finish connecting the frames and the cables, although I did not have a look at the instruction. This is because there are labels at the end of the cable, so what you need to do is only to match them. It is easy and time-saving! I also like inserting a TF card to print, so I do not need to keep the computer operating for tens of hours.As to its disadvantages, the 3D printer had not been packed well, although everything inside is intact. Different parts needed to be separate apart. Evidently, this is something that you should think highly of.

    Jun 05,2018

  • juan carlos rueda
    La mejor impresora calidad/precio actual!
    -Toda la impresora esta construida con piezas metalicas, lo que le da una gran consistencia.-Un solo motor en Z, por lo que se evitan desincronizaciones!-Electrónica de 32bits con fuente de 24v y pantalla tactil. Electrónica aislada de la impresora.-Extrusor de corta distancia, con ventilador de capa incorporado.-La cama caliente viene con una plancha de adhesión para las piezas impresas, estilo buildtak.-Ruedas Vslot en todos los ejes, por lo que tiene una gran suavidad de movimiento.-El extrusor viene ya modificado con un sensor de filamento. Filamento en un soporte para poner encima de la mesa.-Viene totalmente equipada, con herramientas, una bobina de 200gr de pla de regalo y una aguja para desatascar el nozzle.
    -La unica contra es que el firmware es cerrado, a la espera de que se libere.

    Jun 29,2018

  • Michael
    Love it! This is my first 3D printer
    Easy to assemble!Easy to use!Quality printing!I had been expecting the arrival of Alfawise U20 after I had ordered it. It took me about 10 minutes to put the three parts together and finish leveling. Really fast! Another good thing is that the glass plate is flat, so I did not need to replace it. After testing several small prints and full-size prints, I concluded that the printing precision is great, and the salmon skin that the printer produces is exquisite. The layers are perfectly aligned even it is operating at 150mm/s. This is incredible! A little paint came off from the metal frame. The package needs to be improved; the spool holder does not support 1kg filament, which is a pity. However, the problems are minor.

    Jun 14,2018

  • Martin
    Effective solution to build up my collection of buildings
    As an architect, I am crazy about printing buildings. It is like accomplishing a new one within about ten hours in the reality. I have used Alfawise U20 to create two prototypes of the buildings and I am amazed at the exquisite details. The models are solid and nice-looking. Because I've learned 3D modeling before, it did not took long for me to create the G-code files. The 3D printer is easy to use! However, I have to say that the interface of the color touchscreen needs to be improved. It doesn't look great, although it works well.Sooner or later, my house will be filled with fantastic 3D-printed buildings.

    Jun 23,2018

  • Madou
    Alafawise U20 is good
    L’imprimante Alafawise U20 répond parfaitement à mes attentes. Ce qui m’a fait décider de commander celle-ci c’est la fait qu’elle dispose d’un écran tactile chose que d’autres imprimantes n’ont pas dans ce format là, mais ce qui est bien pratique c’est son détecteur de fin de filament qui permet en cas de fin de bobine de pouvoir en remettre une autre sans que l’impression soit annulé. Pareil par chez moi c’est très régulier d’avoir de coupures de courant, avec le système intégré dans l’imprimante, il est possible de reprendre là où elle s’est arrêté.Son assemblage m’a pris pas plus de 15 minutes car tout est pratiquement monté. Il faut juste assembler le portique avec sa base.Concernant la livraison, je l’ai re? u sous deux semaines comme annoncé par Gearbest. Je ne peux que la recommander.

    Jun 25,2018

  • Amoury Jacques
    Alfawise U20
    Emballage très correct qui a résisté au long voyage Chine France, bien que le polystyrène employé soit d'apparence moins résistant que ceux des imprimantes Tevo.Le déballage et le montage est très facile et très rapide, belle finition de la machine. IL n'y a pas eu de réglage a effectuerJ ai bien apprécié la présence de pinces coupantes, de la bobine de PLA ainsi que la qualité de la spatule.J'ai aussi bien aimé les nombreux modèles présents sur la carte SDLa mise en route a nécessité le réglage de la buttée arrière de l'axe Y qui a dû être avancée pour éviter que la buse tape et entraîne les pinces de serrage du plateau de la face avant.Pour l'instant, toutes les impressions se sont bien passées et je suis satisfait de cet achatJ.AMOURY

    Oct 28,2018

  • Candy
    Same performance as Creality3D CR-10, but better services
    Alfawise U20 offers the same performance as Creality3D CR-10, whereas, it is $188 cheaper. The features of Alfawise U20 are very useful, especially the filament run-out protection and power outage protection. I'm glad that I've bought Alfawise U20, because it saves a lot of troubles and I don't need to restart printing from the beginning anymore. I've joined the Facebook group, Alfawise U10 & U20 3d Printer Group and found this group is amazing. There are many enthusiasts in the group, and your questions will be answered immediately by the development team. The services are what you cannot get from Creality3D CR-10.

    Jun 10,2018

  • Vincent Lamy
    Affordable and reliable
    I compared it with other printers, none has the same features. Either the printing size is not big enough or the screen is not color touchscreen. Whereas, what matters the most is the printing quality. There are flat aluminum plate and glass plate to be put on the heat bed, which is nice. The layers are fine and perfectly aligned. The surfaces of the prints have not much differences from other 3D printers.Some screws are not well tightened that I had to tighten them again before I started to print.

    Jun 19,2018