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  • Kamal
    Good smartwatch
    The watch came a bit late than the expected date. I assume it may be due to restrictions on transit due to Corona virus.
    However the smartwatch fits my needs as a health tracking equipment.
    It does not have in-call capabilities like others but nonethelessly can inform you about incoming calls and messages from different messaging media.
    Can set up alarm too and customise background of the screen.
    Also the app is straightforward and simple and no ads bothering you.
    Recommends for anyone searching for a robust and affordable health tracking equipment.
    And yeah almost forgot shows time too. 😁

    Feb 10,2020

  • Emily I.
    Love it.
    First of all, I am very happy that I can buy it on the day of the launch. After I can't wait to try it, now I have completely fallen in love with it.
    The screen isn't a super fancy one but it is easy to read and absolutely functional. The watch itself is amazing. The activity trackers allow for calibration which I've found to be spot on to known running routes.
    The watch looks nice on the wrist and the band is comfy and doesn't cause me irritation.
    If you want a functional fitness tracker with some smart features, you'll love this. I strongly recommend this watch.

    Nov 04,2019

  • Estelle
    User friendly and sleek looking
    It’s a very advanced fitness tracker/watch and it also calculates your heart rate, steps, and sleep time. It’s nice and sleek. Very stylish way and affordable way to have a fitness tracker, it’s comparable to a Fitbit, but with more screen function. There’s an app that goes with it that can pair your phone with the watch. Easy to use and figure out. Especially with the booklet that’s included. The screen is bright and clear and you can also customize the home screen so I liked that. The whole watch is a small touchscreen so it’s very user friendly.

    Dec 01,2019

  • Abel Spenser
    Incredibly impressed with this watch!!!
    Love this Smartwatch! I am basically obsessed with fitness trackers and I have tried several. I am especially interested in sleep tracking and heart rate, but I am also quite active, so steps and activity monitoring are important too.
    The display is bright and clear even in full sunlight. In fact, it might even be better in full sunlight. I previously owned a pebble, and was disappointed when that product came to end of life. This is a very good replacement. Very lightweight. You can almost forget you're wearing it. It's very comfortable.

    Nov 04,2019

  • Ingemar Longman
    Excellent, as expected
    The screen is really clear and nice looking in direct light (unlike most modern smartwatches that fade in direct sunlight), and it has a nice backlight for low-light situations, as well.
    Seems sturdy enough, and I have a screen protector coming next week. I am very impressed with this watch considering the price.
    Not bad at all if all you want is a fitness watch for running or cycling on the cheap. It can work independently without your phone when out for a run to track distance. It's worth the money and you won't regret.

    Nov 04,2019

  • Lenard
    Super nice!!!
    Cool smart watch! It can provide basic information like heat rate, calories consumption, how many steps you take, and so on. Affordable and yet performs well. Easy to navigate and has accurate readings. Battery life lasted longer than I expected and it can last very long! I just charged it once and has used it over a week! Definitely worth for its price. Great for outdoors and brings a casual yet elegant look indoors. i use it at work and when i jog.

    Dec 03,2019

  • ST
    NORM.Confirm receipt. Work Well, the display is bright. Connected with the application quickly and without problems.
    Remarks: Packed not very firmly. In the DaFit application for this brand, there are only 3 digital displays. there are certain questions on measuring steps and blood pressure (I think this is unnecessary and inaccurate, a marketing feature)).
    In general, they perform their functions and look good.

    Dec 23,2019

  • Jay
    nice watch for good price.
    + nice design watch.solid metal body and easy app setup. good price.
    don't expect all functions like high end ones (like GPS or altitude). but that's in the description so it's ok ...
    - no build in speaker. can't adjust own background only preinstalled 3thames. at least that's the answer from GB support

    Jan 11,2020

  • Jacopo
    Good gift for my grandpa
    I am a happy owner of a Samsung galaxy watch and my grandpa saw it and felt in love. He desired a cheap smartwatch too so I bought him this one.
    good built quality and the screen it's good however the brightness and colours can't be compared to a top brand one.
    It has lot of functions and it's perfect as a sport watch but also it has a very smart design so you can use it in every situation.

    Mar 15,2020

  • Senior
    gutes und preiswertes Produkt
    die Lieferung war problemlos und dauerte ca. 17 Tage. Die Uhr sieht gut aus, ist aber keine zierliche Uhr. Auspacken und Einrichten hat nur etwa eine Viertelstunde gedauert.
    Die Funktionen sind ok, allerdings die Blutdruckmessung ist bei mir ungenau.
    Beeindruckend finde ich die Akku-Laufzeit.
    Alles in allem eine preiswerte und gute Uhr

    Jan 17,2020