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  • Robert
    Yes (2) Color: Black Size: 7.8Ah Battery
    Sturdy & pratical e-bike
    I am impressed by Alfawise product; I weigh 95kg and I am 185cm so other chinese bikes were too brittle for me. This bike handles my weight perfectly, it comes READY to be used, even the wheels are perfectly pre-inflated, you just have to open the box, unfold it and go, INCREDIBLE work Alfawise; great. I have tested this bike for a month before making this review, Rome (italy) streets are the worst, and this bike handles them very well, even uneven ground, or holes didn't make this bike flinch. other pros: - battery charge holds, I have definitely done 40-50km in power assist mode on first run (over multiple days!). This bike does not need a recharge everyday. - It's really compact, as you can see from the pictures, you can bring it everywhere, even crowded subway or bus. - It has power, even without gears, the bike can push 95kg + 17kg (itself) quite everywhere. The best suggestion I can give living in a very uneven city is to use electric mode (using rotating handle). Altough manpower mode is possible (human legs assisted by motor), 'electric mode' it's just better because you can choose when you need most the battery power; on climbs or traffic light starts.

    Nov 02,2018

  • Catarina Santos
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 7.8Ah Battery
    Much better than I expected!
    I waited for a month and a half to get my hands on her, but once she got here I was hooked!The packaging it came in was great, super protected and battery was fully loaded. So it's ready to use!Uphill it stands pretty great and the fully electric mode works perfectly, you'll love it if, like me, you live in a city with it's ups and downs.I absolutely recommend this bike, the price is great (compared to what I could find in stores), works perfectly and it's super stylish.PS - you have to buy a back light, since it only comes with a reflector. Same goes for a speedometer or mileage device.

    Nov 26,2018

  • Brian
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 7.8Ah Battery
    Alfawise X1 Folding Electric Bike
    I ordered this product for west Europe.So, in contrast to the electric bicycles that are supplied in this area, the Alfawise bike has more features and is more desirable than other similar bikes.The main advantage is the price according to quality. The manufacturers aced it.Furthermore, all the extra features and functions like switches, lamps, horn, USB portal, etc. are taken care of.Also, the folding procedure is pretty fun, easy, and safe.It even fits through a turnstile.SuggestionYou have to add a speedometer. Furthermore, the rest are expected.

    Nov 21,2018

  • Esperanza
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 7.8Ah Battery
    Buena, bonita pero algo mejorable
    A similares características está bicicleta era más barata. Llegó rápido, en cuatro días, el seguimiento fue exaustivo. Aunque tiene varios rallones en el cuadro. Fácil montaje y peso ligero. Con herramientas en el paquete. Es muy bonita y cabe en el ascensor sin plegar.Lo malo es que pedalear hasta que entra la asistencia es muy duro y después arranca con mucha fuerza. En España el acelerador es ilegal pero tengo que usarlo para arrancar. Es muy difícil manejarla cuando la llevas a pie y la opción de ayuda para esa situación es a 6 km/h, una velocidad excesiva que te obliga a ir casi corriendo

    Sep 07,2019

  • Nicolas
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 10.4Ah Battery
    Petit vélo super pratique
    Le vélo est arrivé bien emballé, dans les temps (environ 2 mois). Il n’y a pas de montage car le vélo arrive déjà monté, il n’y a plus qu’à le déplier. Par contre nécessite des réglages avant la première utilisation. Pour ma part, le disque de frein avant est arrivé légèrement voilé ce qui fait qu’il y a un frottement lors de l’utilisation. Malgré plusieurs tentatives de réglages, rien à faire. Le cuir synthétique de selle n’adhère pas totalement aux forme de la selle. Cela risque de poser problème dans le temps, le cuir pourrait craquer. Dans l’ensemble je suis très satisfait!

    Aug 12,2019

  • Franklin
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: 7.8Ah Battery
    High-performance, of excellent quality, low-cost
    It is the best choice! After I opened the webpage, I found that other folding bikes were more expensive than it, and I didn't hesitate to buy. The moment I received and opened the box, I was impressed by the build quality, and I rode it immediately from the urban to the suburb to purchase some daily necessities at the hypermarket. It runs faster than I think, and I really enjoy the time riding on it. The battery is long-lasting because there was still power left when I got home at that time.

    Nov 04,2018

  • Albert
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 10.4Ah Battery
    Rapport qualité / prix /plaisir imbattable
    deuxième petit test d'un vélo électrique pliable bien sympathique le alfawise X1.Je l'ai commandé sur le site gearbest il m'a été livré en un mois et demi c'est la version 10,4 ampères.Il atteint facilement les 25 voir 31 km heure selon les versions en moins de 3 secondes en pédalant.Il peut parcourir de 25 à 50 km selon votre degré d'assistance et il se recharge en 3 4h.Seul petit défaut il y a qu'un seul plateau donc une seule vitesse alors il faut pédaler comme un malade pour maintenir les 25 km heure. les garde-boue sont vraiment cheap.

    Mar 24,2019

  • omar
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 10.4Ah Battery
    J'ai fais l'acquisition de ce vélo également
    J'ai fais l'acquisition de ce vélo également. Pour éviter les changements dans Paris. Je pèse dans les 100 kg pour 1m86 et sincèrement l'alfawise X1 tient bien la route et n'est pas trop encombrant dans le RER. Je l'ai payé trois fois moins cher qu'un vélo pliant non électrique. Au niveau confort et rapidité pliage c'est le top. De mon point de vue le seul point négatif c'est qu'il n'y a pas de feu stop. Autant le dire c'est accessoire. Moi je l'adore.

    Apr 26,2019

  • Steves
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 7.8Ah Battery
    More convenient than the ordinary folding bikes
    The smart bike is like a little scooter. I'm very happy to get such a useful bike. It saves me a lot of time in commuting, because of the traffic jam. And I can fold it nicely and put in under the computer desk in my office. A few colleagues also want to buy one for themselves. With the bike, I am not longer worried about insufficient exercise every day, and I believe that I will be better-traveled at weekends and that I will be healthier.

    Oct 28,2018

  • Nancy
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 7.8Ah Battery
    Great vehicle for daily use
    The bike is light, easy to fold, and compact. I use it at the highest speed on the way to work and use the moped mode at my leisure. It is great to explore what's around the district, the battery life is amazing. Up till now, I've used it about two weeks, and been to all the streets and blocks nearby. The saddle is very comfortable and the light is super bright for the darkness. I've never found riding so enjoyable.

    Oct 17,2018