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  • Anton
    Yes (0) Color: BLACK - EU PLUG Size: With Printer Material + Bracket
    One of the best delta kits
    Amazing print quality for this price.
    Came with 1kg spool of black PLA.
    Good to go after proper leveling. No mods required to get great prints with PLA.
    Motherboard has ports for a heated bed and a 2nd extruder

    Look up 'Calibrate A Delta 3d Printer with Marlin 1.1.8 Manually' on youtube for a tutorial on how to enable manual 'auto' leveling within Marlin for easy as pie calibration of the radius and tower angles without a probe.

    In my experience, Simplify3d gives a noticeably smoother outer shell than Cura 3.2.1 does with this printer.
    Many nuts were poorly threaded so I had to put a lot of force to put bolts in it.
    Stock firmware isn't ideal. Better to find adapted Marlin 1.1.8 for this printer and work upon it right away.
    Included 8gb micro sd card is janky. So better get a full size sd card from somewhere else.

    Mar 17,2018

  • J Baker
    Yes (0) Color: BLACK - US PLUG Size: With Printer Material + Bracket
    A good, yet effective printer!
    I chose this printer because it was the largest out of all of the printers at the time of purchase for its price range.

    - big
    - accurate
    - easy to setup
    - simple construction
    - upgradeable
    - compact (not a lot poking out/going over the edge)
    - heat bed possible (with a proper PSU)

    - the little slides you use to pinch together the 20mm beams were too thick. spent 3 hours of non-stop sanding to make every single one fit.
    - noise. it wines louder than some other printers, squeaky at times.
    - no auto bed leveling. leveling a delta printer can be a huge issue at times

    Other than the correctable issues, it's a large and powerful printer for both beginners and, advanced users!

    Sep 21,2018

  • Marco
    Yes (0) Color: BLACK - EU PLUG Size: With Printer Material + Bracket
    Very good 3D printer at affordable price!
    The printer is complete with all what you need for a base model, with the advantage of easy upgrades. I already upgrade the motor controller with TMC2100 (for super silent operations), added the Anycubic autolevel device, added an heated bed and I already printed many parts for the printer itself. I also upgraded the firmware with latest Marlin.
    The istructions are clean and simple, with all steps well illustrated.
    There are many spares if you have issues or want use for future upgrades.
    The base firmware is not so complete, I suggest upgrade to latest Marlin.
    The leveling for me was a little bit hard, because the video wich explain how autolevel not mention that you have to modify the Z-Probe height if your first layer it's too high.

    Mar 15,2018

  • Kratos72
    Yes (0) Color: BLACK - EU PLUG Size: With Printer Material + Bracket
    For first time user for 3D printer
    Price (Budget) is main reason to buy this printer.
    The volume of delta is great to compare with other type.
    The quality is acceptable for this price range.
    Easy to assemble, easy to debug, only faced some issues.
    The advice is to check every steps done.
    Wiring is simple but can go wrong easily.
    For first time builder for 3D printer, delta is hard.
    No major concern.
    It will take one day assembly and one day debug if you are not familiar with 3D printer.
    If skilled person do, will be 6~8hr to complete.

    Dec 25,2017

  • Anthony J. Ethridge
    Yes (4) Color: BLACK - US PLUG Size: With Printer Material + Bracket
    Excellent delta printer
    Easy to assemble and calibrate, sturdy construction, high quality aluminum extrusions and injection molded plastic parts. great documentation with supporting online videos. tools provided. extra screws and nuts. upgradeable, with extra motor controller for second extruder or backup if one burns out. excellent quality prints. quiet operation. great price.
    three wheel rail caster design can deflect or deviate if too much force is applied. Need to remove flash or extra plastic from seams on injection molded parts.

    Jul 20,2017

  • Abel
    Yes (0) Color: BLACK - EU PLUG Size: With Printer Material + Bracket
    fantastic printer
    I absolutely love this printer, it is very cheap but easy to build and once you leveled the bed it prints fantastic prints!
    however, please consider buying the new version which is the same price but partly assembled and has automatic bed leveling. But even without the automatic bed leveling, this printer is still worth every penny.

    also, a lot of extra screws were included so it's no problem if you lose a few.

    Nov 02,2018

  • Bob
    Yes (0) Color: BLACK - US PLUG Size: With Printer Material + Bracket
    Great for people who like to tinker and who are familiar with 3d printers
    This is a good low cost delta printer.
    Bought this printer as a gift for my cousins they are currently enjoying it after some tinkering and upgrading. Delta printers require a lot more skill to assemble and use, this kit benefits greatly from a bed leveling sensor and a firmware upgrade. I have a piezo sensor on mine and use the delta auto-calibration function in Marlin to auto adjust the delta settings and set delta height.

    Oct 12,2018

  • grassman
    Yes (0) Color: BLACK - EU PLUG Size: With Printer Material + Bracket
    good but can be better
    the printer works good gives nice prints
    came in without problems

    but the allen wrench wearsout quite quick, and the included filament cooler part and fan could be better fan needs more power and the air director needs a replacement part, mine melted after just a fiew months. the printbed has bad adhesion but is fixable with glue or blue tape (wide blue painters tape)

    Aug 19,2019

  • Tim
    Yes (1) Color: BLACK - US PLUG Size: With Printer Material + Bracket
    My expectations have been exceeded.
    The machine prints very well, specially for it's price.
    It has a much taller print area than a lot of machines anywhere near it's price range.
    Quiet. I can barely hear it over the sound of my air purifier.
    The frame is sturdy, aluminum rather than acrylic
    It comes with a full 10kg roll of black PLA filament.
    Heated bed is sold separately.
    Instructions were "pretty good", BUT it left out installing the spacers on the arms. It caused me trouble.
    The motherboard needs more support. It is just dangling and you need to hold one end when you plug things in.

    Nov 15,2017

  • Great value
    Yes (1) Color: BLACK - EU PLUG Size: With Printer Material + Bracket
    Great value
    Came in a well packaged box with all parts including some extras. It was very straight forward assembling the machine with good instructions. All parts were well labeled and wrapped in individual plastic. Once calibrated, it produces beautiful prints consistently and fast
    Some parts were in inferior quality, plastic rather than metal. It was at times difficult to calibrate the circular bed.

    Feb 04,2018