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  • DIYSmartHomeHU
    Yes (7) Color: Milk white
    [HU] Okosotthonba nélkülözhetetlen
    Aki szeretné valamilyen módon otthona hőmérsékletét monitorozni, vagy éppen erre építve automatizálni, annak ez a termék elkerülhetetlen. Egyedüli konkurenciája a gyártó másik termékcsaládjába tartozó szenzor, melyből kimaradt a légnyomás mérése, ezért valamivel olcsóbb.

    Csomagolása a szokásos egyszerű, letisztult, ugyanakkor praktikus.

    Maga az eszköz a Xiaomi féle prémium minőséget képviseli, nem véletlen mondják, hogy a Kínai Apple. Szép design jellemzi az apró szenzort, melyet ragasztással rögzíthetünk a kívánt helyre. Ehhez a csomagban tartalékot is mellékeltek.

    Működéséhez szükséges egy Zigbee gateway (Mijia, Aqara), illetve a Mi Home mobil app – mivel ez is a Xiaomi okoseszköz ökoszisztémába illeszkedő termék. Képes a mellékelt gombelemről akár több mint egy évig is működni, így sok gondunk nem lesz rá.

    Ez a változat a szokásos hőmérséklet és páratartalom mérésén kívül még a légnyomásról is szolgáltat adatot, melyet a mobil appban grafikusan is követhetünk, illetve a változásokra automatizálást köthetünk.

    Saját appján felül használhatjuk még akár Home Assistant, Domoticz vagy OpenHAB alatt is, de elvileg Tuya is támogatja (saját gateway-el)

    Feb 14,2019

  • Claudio
    Yes (3) Color: Milk white
    Sensore di Umidità, Temperatura e Pressione Aqara
    Ho ordinato tre di questi sensori per monitorare temperatura e umidità in due stanze più il balcone.
    Sono rimasto notevolmente impressionato dalla precisione e dalla possibilità di monitorare l'andamento nel tempo delle tre grandezze misurate (Temperature, Umidità e Pressione) anche in relazione all'ottimo prezzo.
    Semplice l'accoppiamento con l'app per iOS Xiaomi "Mi Home" (che ho preferito a quella di Aqara in quanto ha molte più funzioni).
    In associazione con lo Smart Gateway Aqara (compatibile con Apple Homekit) i sensori sono visibili anche in Apple "Casa", ma purtroppo non possono essere usati per creare automazioni. Automazioni che occorre creare in "Mi Home", con la limitazione che non è possibile interagire con gli altri apparecchi presenti in Apple "Casa" ma non in "Mi Home".
    Suggerimento: se lo si attacca con l'adesivo in dotazione non è necessario staccarlo per cambiare la batteria, basta ruotare l'intero sensore in senso antiorario per aprirlo, in ogni caso un adesivo di ricambio è presente nella scatola.

    Feb 24,2019


    Thank you for placing an order with us.
    We are sorry to hear that your product isn't working to your satisfaction.
    Please see here for more details:
    We have sent you a ticket detailing some solutions.
    Please kindly reply to us there.
    Best regards,
    Gearbest Customer Service Center

    Mar 14,2019

  • Foreignerrad
    Yes (1) Color: Milk white
    Отличный датчик температуры/влажности/атмосферного давления
    До Владивостока посылка шла ровно месяц, с учетом праздников, совсем не плохо. Приобрел 2 датчика для установки на 2 балкона (один северный, другой западный). Датчики приобретаю уже не первый раз, есть опыт работы с датчиками Xiaomi (они стоят у меня дома), а первый датчик температуры Aquara (для установки на улице) я приобрел более года назад, Он отработал чуть более года, потом пришлось сменить батарейку, видимо на срок работы батарейки сказались жесткие температурно-влажностные условия (температура от -25 до +30 и влажность до 100%). Для уличного датчика я вырезал из тонкой пластиковой упаковки коробочку и приклеил её двухсторонним скотчем на стену дома. В коробке сделал 3-х миллиметровые отверстия снизу и по бокам. Покупкой очень доволен. Датчики работают в системе Mi Home и Domoticz.

    Jan 12,2019

  • Farnsworth
    Yes (2) Color: Milk white
    Great ZigBee temperature sensor
    I ordered two of these to monitor my living room and basement temperatures and humidity and must say they work flawlessly so far in combination with Home Assistant and Zigbee2mqtt.

    It feels very high quality, exspecially considering the low price.

    Pairing with zigbee2mqtt is super easy: after allowing pairing, just press the button on the temperature sensor for around 4s until the LED starts to blink, then press it again every second and check your zigbee2mqtt logs until it appears and you're good. don't worry if there is a warning at first, that seems to be normal.

    If you remove the back, you'll find a standard CR2032 Battery.
    BTW: if you stick it somewhere, you don't have to forcefully remove the tape when changing the battery, just rotate the whole sensor a bit anticlockwise and you'll be able to take the whole sensor off, while the cover stays in place.

    Super satisfied with the product so far and I'll definitely get more of those for other rooms!

    Feb 07,2019

  • Работает
    Yes (0) Color: Milk white
    works. quickly determines the temperature and humidity and pressure. very little. Question 1. On the back of the double-sided tape with which to attach to the surface. and if the battery is dead, then what? tear off? and then how to fix? There is another scotch in the kit. and then, in a year? Question 2. I have not yet compared with an alcohol and electronic thermometer. need to compare accuracy.

    работает. быстро определяет температуру и влажность и давление. очень маленькая. вопрос 1. с задней стороны двусторонний скотч при помощи которого крепиться к поверхности. а если села батарейка, тогда что? отдирать? а потом как крепить? есть в комплекте ещё один скотч. а потом, через год? вопрос 2. ещё не сравнивал со спиртовым и электронным термометром. надо сравнить точность.

    Jan 28,2019

  • Nuno
    Yes (0) Color: Milk white
    Thanks gearbest for such a fast service. I will highly recommend this website for everyone.

    It is a great quality sensor, worth the price. Very nice and sleek look. It works very well.

    Very nice temperature and humidity sensor. The sensor is smart enough to only transmit data when there is a noticeable difference in one of the values.
    Pairing is ease as always with Aqara : push the button on the gateway 3 times and push the tiny button on the sensor. That's it, your sensor is working.
    This sensor provides temperature, humidity en pressure values, and as always battery information.

    I will highly recommend this product for everyone. I am attaching some pictures of this product. Hope it helps!
    Recommended Product

    Jan 24,2019

  • Aaron
    Yes (0) Color: Milk white
    Great for monitoring your home!
    I bought this sensor with the intention of monitoring the humidity (and temperature) levels in 2 of my rooms. It works perfectly and I can set alerts when the humidity (or temperature) reaches a certain level. It it small and runs of a flat battery that was included.

    I should mention that you will need a Xiaomi (also called Mijia) gateway for this to work as it runs off Zigbee I believe. You must also use the Xiaomi Mi Home app as there is currently no support for Apple HomeKit or Google. The app is fine though and it lets you set alerts and other automation.
    TIP: Set the app to China as your region, it unlocks a bunch more features.

    In summary would definitely recommend this small sensor for people wanting to monitor their home temp and humidity more closely. It's really tiny!

    Dec 04,2018

  • Lucián
    Yes (0) Color: Milk white
    Smart, small and really nice deisgned and working temperature, humidity and pressure sensor
    At the moment I am using one Aqara hub with 8 Temp/Hum/Press sensors, without any issues, so I decided to buy additional one to cover further area of my flat.
    Sensors came well packed and worked without any issues.
    Update of temperature is not online, there is always needed update of screen to get actual temperature - but this is due to long battery performance plan - so update of temperature and humidity,
    as well as pressure is not online, but only in the case where there is any bigger change in its values - not sure what is the treshold.
    History data could be seen in Xiaomi Home application - I would like to have possibility to export it into Excel for further processing.
    The size and design is really nice and it does fit in any environment no matter the style of furniture or decoration.

    Sep 23,2019

  • Swat79
    Yes (0) Color: Milk white
    Toller kleiner Sensor!
    Ich bin auf der Suche nach günstigen Smarthome Komponenten auf die Aqara Linie gestoßen. Beim Black Friday Säle habe ich zugeschlagen und einiges geordert. Alles ist sauber verarbeitet und macht einen qualitativ hochwertigen Eindruck. Leider habe ich erstmal nur 2 Sensoren bestellt, das ärgert mich am meisten... Beide kommunizieren problemlos mit ioBroker via cc2531 Stick. Die Werte der zwei Sensoren sind fast gleich, wenn sie nebeneinander liegen, nur die Luftfeuchtigkeit weicht ein klein wenig voneinander ab. Den Aqara Gateway nutze ich nicht. Ein Link zu einer englischen Version der Bedienungsanleitung wäre toll. Alles in allem bin ich sehr zufrieden mit den Temperatur—Luftfeuchtigkeit —Druck—Sensoren und werde mit Sicherheit noch einige ordern.

    Dec 07,2018

  • Mzoumgou
    Yes (4) Color: Milk white
    capteur température, humidité pression
    Attention, ce capteur ne fonctionne qu'avec la centrale Xiaomi. Une fois appairé, ce capteur nous donne des informations sur la température, la pression et le taux d'humidité de la pièce où il se situe. L'information est disponible sur tous les téléphones (Android) où l'application Xiaomi-mi est téléchargée. Attention, la notice et la procédure d'appairage est en chinois mais les dessins nous permettent de nous en sortir. La reconnaissance sur le réseau du capteur se fait lorsque vous indiquez à l'application d'aller sur le serveur chinois: profil---settings--- locale ---Mainland China.Vous faites une recherche manuelle de votre capteur puis vous suivez la procédure qui est en anglais.
    La qualité du produit est excellente.
    Une traduction en Français de la notice serait la bienvenue. Pour l'heure elle n'est qu'en chinois. Il faut aller sur l'application choisir soit l'anglais soit l'espagnol ou le russe.

    Jan 07,2018