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  • Jorge Luiz
    Asus ROG GT-AC5300
    - Excelente roteador, o melhor do mundo com certeza, lindo, de fácil manuseio, em 20 minutos instalei ele. - Realmente extrai e envia um excelente sinal da sua internet para o PC e para o Wifi. - Muito boa a distancia do sinal, pegou no meu quarteirão inteiro tranquilo. - A Bios dele é linda no tema ROG da Asus, tudo em PT-BR. - Aplicativo para celular também no tema ROG, e muito eficiente. - Funções tem de monte para você escolher. - 3 Bandas sendo uma para Game que no meu PS4 PRO ficou muito rápido. - Antes dele tinha o Asus RT-AC88U, esse é muito superior. - Hardware potente, quad core 1.8 x64 com 1GB Ram. - Preço baixo em relação aos vendidos aqui no Brasil.
    - Envio por parte do vendedor demorou 20 dias para ser postado. - Chegou no Brasil demorou mais uns 13 dias para conferência, fui taxado em R$500 nesse roteador.

    Feb 05,2018

  • Des Clement
    I purchased this device to act as an access point to extend the reach of my wireless network, my house is large and the garage is under the rear of the house, still could not get a good connection in a couple of key places, i have placed this router in the upper level of the house and disconnected all of the other wireless access points as well as the wireless in my old wireless `` N'' router and I have more coverage than ever before, my old router works perfectly and did not want to replace it, at the current price

    Jun 23,2018

  • John O. Keeler
    After struggling witth very poor wifi from a Centrurylink combo device for years ..., i finally woke up and discovered the joy of shutting down the awful built in wifi and bought this after reading the reviews, it is like I have a new lease on wifi life ... I had many dead spots and ordered an extender which turned into a real nightmare and wifi was still sketchy, somewhere in one of the many reviews, i can not wait to give Centurylink the boot for many reasons and have the same wifi solution there with Cox !!

    Jun 19,2018

  • Melanie Vee
    It replaced some other devices including Apple Airport extreme in connectivity to internet and LAN, this also increased range comparing to old solutions so working from yard over WiFi is now possible, they seem to keep consistency with utility interface so it is very easy to figure out where to go to configure even some advanced routing features

    Oct 19,2018

  • Hot Rod
    This router was incredibly easy to setup, provides excellent coverage, i printed off the setup screen from the previous router as a reference, had it swapped for this new router in a matter of a few minutes, it is installed in the center of the main floor, provides excellent coverage throughout the entire house, it is an excellent product for the money

    Sep 13,2018

  • Terrah Hatch
    Great router with easy set up, i did a lot of research online before buying this router and am very happy with it, i was able to set this router up in just a few minutes, buying this router and a new modem I've yet to have to reset my router, i recommend this to anyone who's not a tech genius and just wants great WIFI for home use

    Apr 09,2018

  • aLsx119
    Fantastic product - makes me regret getting a modem/router combo from my internet provider, the modem is located fairly centrally in the home - in the basement where most of our heavy internet usage occurs but up high and not in the same room as any of our internet devices, with spotty signal

    May 27,2018

  • Blayne Cannon
    I decided enough is enough and wanted to invest in a really nice router, i read tons of reviews that said this was both affordable and had good performance, i am so glad I listened to the reviews, i have not had a single issue with the router since purchase and have much faster speeds

    Jul 14,2018

  • James Moy
    Initial setup was very easy and it worked immediately, the range is so good, i speed tested in all locations in my home with full speed from all points and strong signal strength in most locations with medium strength but still full speed in a few corners

    Jun 29,2018

  • Angier
    Great product even better service, i reached out to their online tech support, years later the product works great and the company was ready to help too !! IF I need next router I am definitely getting the later models from the same company !!

    Jul 26,2018