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  • Vlad Ioan Baciu
    Yes (0) Color: Golden
    Full review with the good and the bads of Asus Zenfone 2
    - Really good value and quality for the price
    - 5.5’’ full HD display, beautiful colors (adjustable with the Asus app)
    - Flawless performance with the 4GB of RAM
    - Good build quality with a good screen that uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3 (scratch resistant)
    - BlueLight Filter app really helps using the mobile phone at night
    - Although the device is rather big due to the screen size, the curved back of the device really helps keep the phone in hand even for the ladies and can be used with no problems for everyday use
    - 2 Micro SIM Card Slot (one for 2G and the other for 4G/3G/2G)
    - Another good point of the device is the location of the device buttons (Back/Home/Recent apps) that are below the screen. This makes for the images/apps displayed on the screen to use the full size of the screen
    - Several of the Asus installed apps are really useful and can be updated to the latest version very easy(few examples: Blue Light Filter, Asus Pixel camera app, Memory Management app, Mirror app)
    - Although the device comes with android 5 (Lolipop) and even when upgraded to android 6 (Marshmallow) the 3000 mAh battery has a decent uptime (around 1.5-2 days of normal facebook/whatsapp usage on 3G/WiFi)
    - Good performance of the 13 MP, f/2.0 back camera and the 5 MP, f/2.0 front camera. Updating to the latest version of the camera software from Asus, the camera will take some amazing photos in good/medium light and decent quality in low light situations
    - With the camera, there are some really nice options to choose when taking pictures: Manual mode (almost all the controls from a DSLR can be changes in this mode: iso/shutter speed/Focus area/White Balance), Time Lapse/Slow motion / Panorama / GIF Animation / HDR Pro / ZenFlash and many more
    - Double tap on the screen to wake/put the screen to sleep is a great feature
    - With the phone you get 100 GB of Google Drive storage free for two years which are really helpful to anyone
    - For those interested in customizing the appearance, the Themes app offers a lot of free themes that change the whole UI of the device
    - The Lock/Unlock button is placed in the top part of the device, awful position for such a small button (although the double tap on the screen can always be used with great result)
    - The optimization of the operating system (lolipop or marshmallow, depends what is installed on device) could have been better with the Intel processor installed on the ZE551ML model
    - Sadly with the Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML 16Gb version of storage you only get a standard charger and the feature to Fast charge the battery from 0-60% in 40 minutes isn’t really used

    Apr 05,2017

  • Alexei
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Just a buyer
    Excellent phone for excellent price.

    * Equipped with 2 quad-core CPUs, each running at ~2Ghz, the phone is super-fast. I did not try games, but the UI just "flies", it is so fast that it responds almost before you touch it.

    * ASUS ZenUI has 2 important features that help to save battery: app autostart manager (you can select which apps are allowed to autostart and which are not) and battery saving scheduling (high-performance mode for day, low-energy mode for night).

    * ZenUI is good-looking, fast, convenient and intuitive, for me, at least.

    * 4GB RAM helps for both speed and battery life, because the phone does not have to load and unload apps all the time, can keep them idle in RAM.

    * Support for microSD card.

    * Support for 2 SIMs, though for the second SIM you have to choose, either SIM or microSD card.

    * Support for NFC. Handy for checking how much money or days is left on a travel card. It's a pity that successor of this phone, Zenfone 3, does not have NFC.

    * Support for all the usual goodies that the phones have nowadays: 4G, Bluetooth, GPS/GLONASS, etc.

    * Good screen, good voice call quality, good quality of assembly.

    * The phone is stable: no accidental hangups or reboots.

    * Blue version of the phone has very beautiful back side.

    * The phone fits very conveniently into a (man's) big hand. The back side is not too glossy, you have a good grip.
    * Such big size (5.5") may be inconvenient for some people, especially for carrying in a pants pocket. Well, if you want nice big screen and big battery - you have to fit them somewhere.

    * 16GB storage size is small nowadays. It's better to take 64GB version, but such version is also more expensive. microSD card can help for storing photos/videos/music, but apps will still use much space on the internal storage. And is you use microSD card - you can not use the 2nd SIM card.

    * You can not have both 2 SIMs and microSD card installed.

    * The battery is not replaceable. Unfortunately, it is so for most modern phones.

    * The back side is not flat, thus, if the phone is lying on a hard surface, like a table, it's not convenient to enter text, like SMS, because the phone swings under your finger. Not a big issue: just hold the phone in another hand, or use the phone in a case/cover/wallet, which makes sense anyway.

    * Volume up/down buttons are located on the back side, below the camera. May be unusual/inconvenient for some people, especially in the beginning, but works pretty good after you get used to it.

    Apr 03,2017

  • Dario B
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    il miglior smartphone sotto i 130€
    Mi sono sempre affidato all'azienda Asus per vari pc portatili / fissi;
    questa è la mia prima esperienza con uno smartphone Asus.
    I materiali sono di ottima qualità, resistenti, ottima fattura.
    La scheda tecnica non mente, si comporta in maniera eccellente, in tutto, dalla navigazione web, al gaming, all'ottimo supporto di app Asus;
    Si può personalizzare il device in tutto (o quasi), grazie ai temi (gratis o a pagamento) che si possono scaricare ed applicare (anche parzialmente) dal programma predefinito "Temi".
    Ottimi i widget predefiniti, che rendono la Home davvero interessante, nulla da invidiare ai "Top di gamma"
    Unica pecca la batteria, con un utilizzo intenso, davvero intenso, si arriva e stento al tardo pomeriggio; ma tutto sommato, in una normale giornata poco stressante, ciò non accade.
    La fotocamera è di ottima qualità, molte personalizzazioni ed impostazioni.
    Interessanti infine le gesture, che rendono questo device di dimensioni "importanti", utilizzabile tranquillamente con una sola mano.
    Dopo vari giorni di utilizzo intenso, posso ritenermi soddisfatto dell'acquisto.
    Acquisto consigliatissimo a chi, come me, ha la necessità di avere un device di ottima qualità, che non manca di nulla (4 gb di ram fanno il loro dovere), ma non vuole spendere troppo.
    Grazie a questa offerta puoi portare a casa un, secondo la mia modesta opinione TOP di gamma, al modico prezzo di 126€

    Jan 19,2017

  • Appolon
    Yes (0) Color: Red
    - the device is a bit bigger than the usual size, but it's not so noticeable
    - in other hand, these 5,5"are giving so much space for browsing. The user experience is much much better and easier
    - the CPU (Intel ATOM) is sufficient for heavy multitasking
    - 4 GB of Ram are just overkill for everything
    some users are defining the spin of the phone as a strange decision (oval) but I actually feel it very comfortable to use it
    -the camera is shooting with 13 Mpx which is more than better
    The only one cons to the moment is the fast battery drain, but I still have to charge it a couple of times, to show it's full potential + I am really not letting it to rest in the past days

    Apr 01,2017

  • Rapatrivium
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Excelente compra
    Celular muito bem acabado com uma tela incrível e resistente. Até agora não possui nenhum arranhão, coisa que qualquer outro celular com um mês de uso ja teria (Desde que vc tenha bom senso e cuidado, não vá arrastar o celular no asfalto pra testar pelo amor de Deus).
    A performance é extramente boa e pelo preço pago, ainda mais se tiver alguma promoção, vale muio a pena. O custo benefício é extremamente alto.
    Roda jogos muito bem. Rodei o pubg sem problemas, apesar de não por tudo máximo pra ganhar jogabilidade. ASUS está se saindo muito bem com seus celulares.
    Com alguns apps pesados, principalmente jogos, esquenta bastante. Mas não parece atrapalhar o processamento.

    Jul 19,2018

  • Nikolay
    Yes (0) Color: Red
    ASUS ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) 5.5 inch Android 5.0 4G Phablet
    Роскошны корпус
    Высокая производительность
    Поддержка двух SIM-карт
    Защитное стекло Corning Gorilla 3
    Ты увидишь то, что скрыто
    Повышение яркости на 400% при низкой освещенности
    Точная цветопередача
    Увеличенный динамический диапазон
    Сверхвысокое разрешение — повышение детализации в 4 раза
    Панорамные Селфи
    Нулевая задержка затвора
    Обновленный дизайн интерфейса
    Технология Asus BoostMaster — ускоренная подзарядка смартфона
    None !!!

    May 02,2017

  • Lopes: Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Lopes a comentar Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML
    Muito boa qualidade.
    Muito bonito, diferente, elegante, resistente, linda parte de trás.
    A parte de trás com o reflexo muda de cores entre o azul e roxo, com um padrão triangular de 3 dimensões. Muito confortável ao usar sendo adaptado á mão, com a parte de trás curvada. Botões de alteração do volume por baixo da câmara da parte de trás o que é muito útil. Boa câmara, muito bom display, imagem, rápido... Ótimas cores de ecrã e de design.
    Após 4 meses de utilização começaram-se a demonstrar problemas com o ecrã ou outras funcionalidades do interior do dispositivo. Ligava a contactos sem tocar no ecrã ou sem qualquer movimento, entrava em aplicações , fazia publicações nas redes sociais da mesma forma. Com certeza que terá sido um caso de excessão e que a Gearbest não estará de qualquer forma relacionada com o problema.

    Jul 10,2018

  • Brendon Tacey
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Flagship performance for MUCH cheaper
    I love their gaming laptops (esp. ROG series) but this takes it a step further with some beastly performance for mobile devices, esp. gaming where it clearly exels. This has the usual Asus design language, excellent craftsmanship and great materials. It's a nice combination that WORKS! The hardware under the hood generates some srsly fast speed, this is the way to make a phone. I hope you're listening, Samsung and Apple. Incredible mid-range phone!
    None so far

    Aug 11,2015

  • solim
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    ASUS ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) 5.5 inch Android 5.0 4G Phablet
    Роскошны корпус
    Высокая производительность
    Поддержка двух SIM-карт
    Защитное стекло Corning Gorilla 3
    Ты увидишь то, что скрыто
    Повышение яркости на 400% при низкой освещенности
    Точная цветопередача
    Увеличенный динамический диапазон
    Сверхвысокое разрешение — повышение детализации в 4 раза
    Панорамные Селфи
    Нулевая задержка затвора
    Обновленный дизайн интерфейса
    Технология Asus BoostMaster — ускоренная подзарядка смартфона
    Аккумулятор хочется побольше

    Apr 25,2017

  • Olga Susana
    Yes (0) Color: Red
    bastante bien
    es potente incluso hoy por hoy la calidad de la pantalla es realmente buena incluso con gafas vr
    lo malo es la baja resistencia del plastico posterior, hay que cuidarlo
    y lo peor e inexplicable es que ASUS no saco actualizaciones
    y es un telefono que podria correr la ultima version de android
    una pena, recomiendo buscar uno mas actual este ya no compite
    el adaptador del enchufe que bino con el telefono tenia los pines muy gruesos no se pudo usar en mi casa

    Dec 18,2018