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  • mr. držiak na telefón
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Baseus 360 Degree Magnetic Car Mount Holder - SILVER 17
    Pros:Very good quality Strong magnet Holds very hard Fast shipping Low price Very strong magnetic as it can easily hold my Xiaomi redmi note 3! and the rotation also is a plus!! It is also small and takes very few places in the carMain Features: ● Elastic fixation design, allow it to be used in any situation, and grip firmly to the slats in your car's air vents.● Strong magnetic and quality support.● Portable mini magnetic holder, does not block your sight.● Strong capability of anti-shaking and anti-shocking.● The adhesive base allows you to stick it to whatever surface you want.● 360-degree rotation mount allows the phone to be adjusted to any angle.● Can be used anywhere literally, such as car dashboard, office desktop, or kitchen counter.● Easy installation and operation with one-hand, ensure your drive safe.● Can hold your phone firmly whether it is thwart, upright or diagonal.● Perfect for commuters, taxi drivers, long haul drivers, road trips and anybody who wants to use cellphone or device safely on the road.

    Aug 07,2018

  • Lubomir
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Baseus 360 Degree Magnetic Car Holder - gearbest
    toto je už môj druhý držiak od tejto firmy BASEUS - je to prémiový produktv aute telefón xiaomi note 4X - 150g drží veľmi dobre - na obale na ktorom sú nalepené kovové plátky z držiaku. Obaly z kovovým prstencom nedrží až tak pevne ale dostatočne silno aby mobil nespadolz nákupom som veľmi spokojnýthis is my second holder from BASEUS - it's a premium productin the car xiaomi note 4X - 150g hold very well - on the packaging on which are glued metal slices from the holder. The metal ring wrapper does not hold so tightly but sufficiently strong that the mobile does not fallI'm very satisfied with the purchase

    Oct 10,2018

  • Sicilio
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    A perfect hold (Una sujeción perfecta)
    In English:The glue 3m of the base makes it stay perfectly fixed on the dashboard of the car, The magnetic grip is very strong, perfectly holds my Xiaomi Mi A1. There are two metal adesivos one round and one square, which allows you to use the support with two devices. I have used it in 2 long trips and it has behaved perfectly, without vibrations or movements.En Español:El pegamento 3m de la base hace que se quede perfectamente fijado en el salpicadero del coche, La sujecion magnetica es muy fuerte, aguanta perfectamente mi Xiaomi Mi A1. Vienen dos adesivos metalicos uno redondo y otro cuadrado, lo que permite que se pueda usar el soporte con dos dispositivos. Lo he usado en 2 viajes largos y se ha comportado perfectamente, sin vibraciones ni movimientos.

    Sep 06,2018

  • Lubomir
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Baseus 360 Degree Magnetic Holder - gearbest
    tento držiak je už tretí ktorý som kúpiť - zo všetkými som spokojnýkvalita a funkčnosť je excelentnámagnet je silný3M fólia je silnáz nákupom som veľmi spokojnýnegatíva - všetko je z plastu. iné držiaky sú z kovuthis holder is the third one to buy - I'm happy with all of themquality and functionality is excellentthe magnet is strong3M foil is strongI'm very satisfied with the purchasenegative - everything is plastic. other holders are made of metal

    Nov 07,2018

  • Lubomir
    Yes (0) Color: Golden
    Baseus 360 Degree Magnetic Car Mount Holder - gearbest
    ešte nikdy som nemal tento typ držiaka na telefón v aute len klasické na sklotento typ sa mi páči najviac - malý, pekne vyzerá - funkčnosť je vynikajúca - xiaomi note 4x drži veľmi dobre - z nákupom som veľmi spokojnýI've never had this type of phone holder in the car just classic on the glassthis type I like the most - small, nice looks - functionality is excellent - xiaomi note 4x hold very well - I am very satisfied with the purchase

    Sep 20,2018

  • Allie Jones
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Baseus Mount Very Good Quality Firm Hold
    Very good quality. The mount comes with two magnets for either a small round surface or bigger rectangular surface to magnetize to. The phone feels very secure on the mount, it won't fall off. Also, the 360 adjustment is firm and won't be floppy. It comes with 2 films for the magnet to stick to on the back of your phone and also prevent scratching, but I just used a piece of paper behind the magnet to keep it from scratching the back of my phone. It works as well as the adhesive film. I would definitely recommend.

    Oct 19,2018

  • Val87
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Excellent quality
    It is an excellent magnetic holder. It is actually tiny, I expected it to be larger, put it nicely on the dash. With bumps and speed, it does not feel that strong but actually holds very well on all the bumps. It is stylish and practical, but as mentioned again, most importantly it is small. I got 2, for myself and my colleague. And we are both very happy with our purchase. Thank you, Gearbest.

    Feb 21,2019

  • fast83
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Molto comodo a patto di usare una cover
    Ho un Mi Max, per cui un telefono grande e pesante, ma la calamita qui lo tiene perfettamente. Ho messo la placca di metallo all'esterno della cover più che altro per un discorso appunto di peso e anche di estetica: avendo il Mi Max il retro di alluminio non vorrei che si rovinasse attaccandola alla cover all'interno o addirittura al telefono stesso. Se usate una cover sottile la calamita prende benissimo. Se la cover è più spessa, magari fate qualche prova, perché può tenere un po' meno.
    Forse l'adesivo dietro alla calamita è un po' poco resistente, ma magari dipende dal peso.

    Jan 14,2017

  • Jefferson Guerra
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Baseus Suporte Magnético de Carro
    Tem boa aderência ao carro usando a fita de fixação de origem, é pratico pois pode-se colocar em qualquer lugar. A força do magnético é boa se a chapinha de metal for colocada directamente sobre o suporte, ou seja se colocar dentro da capa do telefone não segura muito bem. O facto de ser pequeno é elegante mas fica sem área base para segurar o telefone que cai com facilidade ao ser tocado acidentalmente, uma vez que coloquei a chapinha dentro da capa do telefone.

    Nov 20,2018

  • Andy.R
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Baseus Telefon Halterung
    Kleiner,aber feiner Telefon-Halter. Der Halter wird mit dem verhandenen Klebepad auf Mittelkonsole oder ähnliches festgeklebt. Das Gegenstück wird dann ebenfalls auf die Rückseite vom Telefon (in meinem Fall Honor view 10) geklebt . Dabei hätte ich mir gewünscht ,das das Blech für das Telefon einwenig grösser gewesen wäre,da das Telefon wirklich genau darauf gesetzt werden muss , um einen stabilen Halt zu gewährleisen. Ist dies geschehen ,wird das Telefon wirklich gut festgehalten.Guter Kauf.

    Jan 27,2019