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  • James
    Outstanding Quadcopter for beginners
    Fairly easy to assemble and learn the orientation of the controls. I really liked how quiet and smooth running this quadcopter is. I attached my SJ4000 on a camera mount that I already had for my Syma X8. The video is smooth and rather jello free, however there was a little jelloing in the video. I balanced each of the blades and once I did, the jello went away. I've achieved around 15 minutes of flight time so far with the new battery. Once the battery has been used a few time, it might fly a little longer. The GPS is a nice feature, but is rather sluggish as most GPS quads are, but was pretty accurate. This quadcopter will hold it's position rather well in 12 mph winds. I haven't flown in stronger winds yet. I would recommend this quad to anyone wanting a nice all around quadcopter that can take fairly smooth pictures. This is not a sport quadcopter but does fly pretty fast and operates well in altitude hold mode as well. I'm very satisfied with my purchase of this quadcopter.
    - Landing Gear too short - GPS module not located in the disk on top of Quadcopter - Remote controller antenna not routed properly for better reception . I only have a few Cons with this quadcopter. First off the quadcopter's landing gear is not very tall. I replaced the landing gear with some aftermarket DJI Phantom extended/tall landing gear, once I did, it worked even better and even allowed for a 2D brushless gimbal. So I'd recommend replacing the stock landing gear since it's not that great. The round disk on top of the quadcopter that has a GPS sticker on it, doesn't have anything in it and is empty. Looks like it's just for show, so why have it if it can only break off during a crash. The controller has a decent antenna but it needs to be routed/modified to extend through the rigid antenna mount. I drilled a small hole in the top of the hard plastic antenna mount and pulled the antenna through it. I put just a touch of hot glue to hold the antenna in place. I believe the antenna needs to be routed properly in the controller by the company.

    Jul 25,2017

  • DroneFisherMan
    Excellent drone for USD 125!
    I would give a huge thumbs up to the GB's customer support, although they responded within 24 hours, they always did their best to offer a solution.Special thanks to Mingy who was very courteous and professional in resolving the problemNow to the drone. this is the BEST drone you can have for its price.Excellent GPS, excellent handling.If you are aiming for a entry level drone, and don't want to invest heavily on Dji stuff, this is the safest bet.No question asked, this is the best purchase I could have made for its price.Cons:Antenna inside the drone was tilted, instead of using a fake GPS mount on top of the body, this could have been used for the antenna.Antenna inside the Tx needs to be kept outside.Advantage over other drones:I researched a lot on other drones with same features but this one was the best in its price range and features.

    Sep 11,2018

  • Max Cherkashyn
    Для меня запросы по полетам не такие и большие. Мне не нужен полет по точкам фоловми и тд. Так что для моих потреб это хороший квадракоптер. Все заявленные функции работают. Сразу снял эту фейк антену припаял фпв передатчик и летаю в свое удовольствие... Зимой при -1 летал 10минут. 7из них летал нормально а остальные 3 мигал лампочками и не давал далеко взлетать на последних секундах отобрал управление и сам сел в точку взлета
    Для меня минусы этого квадрика не существенные... Я полностью согласен что лучше собрать и купить фантом но зачем если половину того что есть у фантома по функционалу мне не нужно так что ставлю 5 баяну

    Mar 26,2018

  • Laszlo Varga
    Awesome drone. Stable, strong, holds position even in wind, good flight time. Slows down during descent when gets close to the ground. Returns home. Auto lands when battery gets low (don't fly over water...). You have to do the compass calibration procedure right. Manual says do it slowly, but don't do it too slow. Do it outside (to get gps lock)! When the blinking stops and the leds are fully lit, it's ready to fly.
    No real cons here, but: - You take it out of the box, and then it doesn't fly. You have to read the included manual, charge it, learn the controls (label the controls), do calibrations, then it flies at all. - You can't shut down the motors quickly, that would be handy when grinding the wall. - Looks like a toy, but it's a serious drone.

    Jan 27,2018

  • Андрей
    Хороший апарат!
    Посылка пришла в Украину за 10 дней с момента оплаты, что есть мой рекорд. Квадрлкоптер пришел в полной комплектации. Проверил - работает. Домой возвращается. Качество хорошее, реклмендую к покупке. Единственное ч так и не понял какова максимальная высота полета 1000 метров или 120. В инструкции упоминаются оба варианта, не могу точно сказать какой есть честный
    Если о минусах то пока не нашел

    Jan 27,2018

  • .Blueaarow
    Nice Quad, is it useful?
    Awesome GPS very roock steady when you stop. But it's normal to swing as if tied to a rope to a satellite when moving. But when stopped & panning video is smooth & pictures are steady. If you want smooth flying fast video flight then switch out of GPS mode. Has all the simple options/features you will need/want for fun flying & for video capture. Has a long flight time of about 18 minutes. I love this reliable Quadcopter. No issues so far.
    Normal GPS wobble when moving as if hanging on a pendulum. But that's normal for GPS at this price point. If you switch GPS off it performs perfectly no wobble. But if you stop it is rock steady even in wind with GPS on. Sometimes it takes a while to lock up with GPS. Get a bigger battery for longer flight time, not really a con with stock battery. Only thing is the charger they give you takes hours to charge stock battery. Better to use a real lipo hobby grade charger and the right connector adaptor. Not a common battery connector. Wish it came with prop protectors, but easily after market ones can be installed.

    Aug 16,2017

  • Mihail Zaytsev
    bayangtoys x-16 gps
    Безколлекторные двигатели; время полёта без груза до 18 мин.; грузоподъёмность более 0.5 кг ( правда время полёта уменьшается в двое); есть GPS , компас, бародатчик, так что висит сам, по команде возвращается назад и сам садится в точку взлёта. Вообще управлять легко. Дальность до 500м, в высоту 120м.
    Меня всё устраивает

    Mar 03,2018

  • Dan
    BayangToys X16 with GPS
    Good price. All items as described are in order. So far the drone is working. Can fly. Have not tested the accuracy of the GPS, RTH, the weather prevents me from flying outdoor. Tried to fly indoor - attitude hold rather stable. Transmitter and drone is responsive but not sure when outdoors.
    Product packaging - external plastic packing is okay. But box seemed to be cut open. Slight delay in tracking updates.

    Jan 12,2018

  • benjamin
    calidad precio inmejorables, tener un dron con esas prestaciones por menos de 100euros es un regalo. la verdad que lo aconsejo si no te quieres gastar mucho, esta claro que no lo puedes pedir lo mismo que su hermano mayor el x21 pero tambien por el precio que tiene, un dron que soporte una camara deportiva con tanta solvencia es un regalo

    Jun 03,2018

  • Juan Jose
    Bayangtoys x16 gps fantastico drone.
    Precio inmejorable, comprado en oferta flash a precio ridiculo, poco mas de 100€ Estabilidad, modo headless, vuelta a casa, Gps, despegue y aterrizaje automaticos. En definitiva compra recomendable. No creo que encontremos un drone de estas carectiristicas a este precio.
    Nada en contra,

    Sep 11,2017