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  • Doug
    Yes (4) Color: Gray
    The phone its self is a nice looking phone. It\'s large and feels well made. you know it could take a regular fall from your hand.

    the camera is good, not brilliant though. it takes a second or two to focus.
    photos on the phone seem over saturated but I\'m sure it\'s just to do with phone options.

    Ive had it in water in the sink with no issues.

    I missed where the Add mentioned its a Type C Charger, not the regular Android you would be used to its no big deal as you get everything you need in the box and Blackview has added a handy little adaptor from a standard one to the type c so you can have a spare charger too.

    the battery lasts me roughly 2 days of use wich ranges from Gps. bluetooth, streaming music and calls, and texts.

    Overall I am happy with the phone as I think it\'s the best value phone you will get for in around the €300 area.
    one annoying feature ive found is the headphone jack. it seems a little deeper than normal ones so the Aux lead in my car doesn\'t work. maybe there is an adaptor available I have not looked into this.

    It does not have HD calling that is available in High spec phones here in Ireland.

    The camera takes a moment to focus but nothing too bad.
    photos on the phone seem over saturated but I\'m sure it\'s just to do with phone options.

    cannot load photos and video from phone here as they exceed the file size.

    Jul 09,2017

  • Konstantinos
    Yes (2) Color: Golden
    The Blackview BV8000 Pro is probably the first rugged phone to come with the hardware you’d normally find on a mid-range device but encased in a super durable outer shell. This means you can get a proper and smooth Android user experience in pretty much any real life scenario, without the risk of getting your handset damaged. This all sounds good on a spec sheet, but how does it actually behave in every day use? 
    antutu only 59.000 above...- back softkey is at a bad place, hard to touch. W- I am right handed, but use the phone sometimes w- gps always loses signal, navigation is not punct

    Sep 22,2017

  • Ricardo
    Yes (1) Color: Silver
    O Melhor ShockProof do Mercado
    Equipamento bem construido e robusto
    Tráz adaptador para o micro usb e para ligar uma pen drive ao equipamento, tráz tambem uma pelicula já colocada no equipamento e uma extra e fones.
    Camara de 16mgp bastante razoavel, qualidade do ecrã com bom contraste e luminosidade. Em relação ao som, fiquei surpriendido com o volume que para um equipamento estanque e com uma estrutura envolvente tao robusta e expessa a volta do equipamento consegue tocar bem alto.Leitor de impressão digital funciona 10 tentativas em 10
    As teclas de volume tem alguma folga e fazem um telintar desagradavel.
    É um bocado expesso de mais.
    Chapa de metal a dizer ip68 era totalmente desnecessário.
    Muito pesado.

    Jan 06,2018

  • MAT Engineer
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Very good product! it works well and resists water impacts as advertised, the only downside is the charging cord on the C type side is extra long therefor no other cable is useful to charge or transfer files. Same issue with the 3.5 only the headphones in the box works as intended with this device.
    I like the product and its performance and many people make good comments on the tough appearance.

    I'm satisfied with the quality of the product by the price I paid.
    but compared with more commercial brands connectivity isn't where should be.

    Jan 16,2019

  • dastillero
    Yes (6) Color: Gray
    Impressive device
    - really good looking device. Good design
    - solid build. Everything fits well
    - not much bloatware. Almost vanilla android with customized launcher and theme
    - it's fast. No lag except when updating/installing a lot of applications
    - screen is crisp and works well outdoors
    - loud speakers with not much sound distortion
    - calling sound is good as well as signal
    - notification led available
    - no need for a protecting case :)
    - it's big and quite heavy
    - if you change SIMs/microSD too often, the four screws you need to remove to open the lid will bother you
    - USB-C and earphone ports are not standard, they are deeper than normal so you need specific connectors
    - OS is not completely translated into spanish. Looks like there are issues with other translations too (polish, Czech...). Some badly translated settings options make them confusing
    - launcher and settings icons look old and outdated :D
    - cameras are only average, but do their function
    - notification led is too dim
    - although the device is quite fast, I expected a little bit more of the SoC, but if you don't play heavy games it will be powerful enough
    - Android 7.0 "only". I hope Blackview will upgrade this excellent phone to 7.1.1 at least

    Jul 26,2017

  • Kiss László
    Yes (0) Color: Golden
    Hungary 3200 Gyöngyös
    Számomra tökéletes telefon. Kiváló ár / érték arány!
    Ami nagyon meglepett, az az ujjlenyomat olvasó gyorsasága, pontossága.
    Csak ajánlani tudom mindenki számára!
    Extraként egy univerzális hálózati adaptert is kaptam hozzá :)

    For me a perfect phone. Great value for money!
    What surprised me is the speed and precision of the fingerprint reader.
    I can only recommend it to everyone!
    As an extra I also got a universal AC adapter :)
    Nem tapasztaltam semmi olyat amit hátrányként akár csak meg is lehetne említeni.

    I did not find anything that could even be mentioned as a disadvantage.

    Dec 24,2017

  • Everett
    Yes (4) Color: Silver
    BlackView BV8000 pro
    The phone was great for about 3 months. Camera was decent...Then it experienced charging issues. I would have to restart the phone for it to accept a charge. Here I am about 4 months in and it will not charge at all. It just says its charging and never does. Sometimes the touch screen is unresponsive. I recommend looking into other phones around this price range. I am completely disappointed by this phone. Tired of fighting with it.
    Can't charge. Head phone jack is too deep for most headphones. especially in the U.S.A

    return policy discontinued as soon as I needed it. WASTE OF MONEY

    Feb 24,2018

  • Pankaj
    Yes (1) Color: Golden
    SIM not Recognised after auto updates
    I have been using this phone for the last 4 months. I have been extremely happy with it. However a few days back after it auto-updated its OS, it stopped recognizing the SIM. I tried to reset the phone to factory updates, but still no change. All else is working, but it does not recognize any SIM now. I wrote to the company, but they have not responded. I hope they will take cognizance of this review and send me a solution. What use is a phone, that cannot call?
    Failed to recognize the sim after auto-updates on the OS. This is a perineal problem with this phone. I checked on the net, and a lot many are facing the same problem. Hope the company comes out with a solution. As of now the phone is just paper-weight and a tab.

    Apr 06,2018

  • Blondy1982
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Ottimo telefono
    A distanza di circa 6 mesi dall'acquisto il prodotto funziona ancora ottimamente. Buon prodotto, ben fornita la confezione dalla casa-madre. Fortunatamente per ora non ho ancora avuto modo la resistenza agli urti ed eventualmente all'acqua ma sicuramente sta durando più del mio vecchio Samsung Note Edge ed ho speso meno della metà.
    Tempi di spedizione un po' lunghi ma alla fine nel rapporto qualità prezzo ne vale decisamente la pena.
    Ottimo prodotto.

    Nov 16,2018

  • Dilip66
    Yes (1) Color: Gray
    BV8000 Pro
    Very solid build.
    Easy to set up.
    Battery charges quickly.
    Fast delivery to Spain. (5 days from EU warehouse.)
    Dedicated camera button.
    Runs smoothly.
    Copes OK with hd games.
    Video playback is OK.
    powerful (loud) speaker
    Sits in the hand comfortably, despite its size.
    Fast fingerprint scanner located on the side of the phone is convenient.
    Supplied earphones are not very good.
    Needs an adaptor to use third party earphones (available from for about 10 euros).
    Heavy and thick. (to be expected from a rugged Phone.

    Jan 10,2018