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Home > Buying Guide > 10 weirdest gadgets that would make awesome Halloween gifts
10 weirdest gadgets that would make awesome Halloween gifts

10 weirdest gadgets that would make awesome Halloween gifts

By  GB Blog Official 2017-10-17 2042 0

With Halloween just around the corner, we think it's high time to introduce you to 10 weirdest gadgets on GearBest — that would also make great Halloween gifts for your friends.

For the artsy friend: Creative Roman Numerals Melting Clock

If you have an artistic friend who admires the works of Dali, this Roman Numerals Melting Clock would probably make the best possible gift for him/her (apart, of course, from the original painting). Place the clock on your desk and it will look as if it's melting right off it. Despite the unusual design, this is a perfectly practical gadget that will tell time and help you stay on track with daily tasks and appointments.

Creative Roman Numerals Melting Clock

For the party-goer: LED Spider Man glasses

If your friend enjoys being the centre of attention — he or she probably already loves the idea of LED glasses. Perfect for a club setting, the glowing glasses will be hard not to notice. And, having been featured in a variety of popular music videos, they are now the “it” accessory for party goers. The LED Spider Man glasses would be fun for a club outing, but are also a handy accessory for Cosplay. The glasses are available in three colors: red, blue and green. And, you will be able to choose between 3 flash modes: steady on, slow flash and quick flash.

LED Spider Man glasses

For the prankster: Funny Beer Belly Waist Bag

For the lovers of pranks, jokes and trolling – there this beer belly pouch bag. Simply snap it on and shock friends and family with your newly acquired belly. The snap-on paunch would also make a fun addition to any Halloween costume. Be warned though: thanks to the realistic design, the bag may fool lots of onlookers into thinking that your belly is real. So, wear with caution and use the space inside for everyday essentials — another benefit here is that pickpockets would probably choose to stay away from you.

Funny Beer Belly Waist Bag

For the athlete: Muscle 3D Printed Crew Neck Funny Tee

An alternative to the bear belly bag, we have this muscle tee, which can make your friend look like a Hulk in a matter of seconds. Once again, the tee would work perfectly as part of a Halloween costume. With that, it's also a fun top to wear for a party or an informal event — and anyone wearing it would definitely turn heads at the office on a casual Friday.

Muscle 3D Printed Crew Neck Funny Tee

For the bad boy: Cosplay Scary Pig Head Mask

All Cosplay fans will truly appreciate this scary yet original pig head mask that looks like a prop for a gory Halloween movie. The mask would be a great way to complete any Halloween costume or an effective way to scare a loved one by putting it on early in the morning while they are still asleep. As you can see, there are plenty of fun ideas to explore with the pig head mask.

Cosplay Scary Pig Head Mask

For the introvert: Motorbike Skull Wall Tapestry

Some prefer to channel their Halloween spirit into the elements of home decor. The Motorbike Skull Tapestry is a fiery to decorate a living room or bedroom — or a nice prop for a Halloween party. The tapestry easily attaches to any surface and won't cause any damage to your home decor. The bright tapestry is made of durable material and is waterproof. Looking for something edgier? There are plenty more patterns available right here.

Motorbike Skull Wall Tapestry

For the hipster: Fake Mustache Set for a Halloween Party

Even though this fake mustache set promotes itself as a Halloween accessory, we are sure there are plenty more possible applications to enjoy. In the set, you will find 12 different mustaches with fun labels to help you make the right choice: Scoundrel, Party Boy, Casanova, Smarty and others. A great gift for a dandy or an aspiring hipster.

Fake Mustache Set for a Halloween Party

For the minimalist: Funny Alien Switch Wall Sticker

Another mini home decor accessory with a spooky element is this Alien Switch Wall Sticker. It's small, simple and won't turn your house into a Dracula Castle — but it will add to the Halloween atmosphere and would make a fun give-away at a party. The sticker easily attaches to the wall without damaging any surface, it is eco-friendly, non-toxic and anti-dust. Made of high quality PVC, the sticker is durable — but can also be easily removed when needed.

Funny Alien Switch Wall Sticker

For the lazy one: Realistic Stitch Stickers/Tattoos

A Halloween costume does not necessarily mean hours of dress-up and make-up. Sometimes, a few simple accessories would do the job perfectly well. These very realistic stitch stickers will help you (or your friends) get ready for a party in just a few minutes — and are just fun props to have around for a quick joke with friends.

Realistic Stitch Stickers/Tattoos

For the fashionista: Halloween False Beard Cosplay

One more Cosplay accessory in our list, which is suitable for both a Halloween party and a bar outing — especially these days, when beards are not scary but rather trendy. This Cosplay beard looks very realistic and is made of quality materials. It's easy to attach and very comfortable to wear — a fun and affordable gift that would surely bring a smile to a friend's bearded face.

Halloween False Beard Cosplay

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