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Home > Buying Guide > 4 best drones for kids in 2018 on GearBest
4 best drones for kids in 2018 on GearBest

4 best drones for kids in 2018 on GearBest

By  Julio Ventura 2018-02-26 5764 3

Drones are fun for the whole family. That is why today we bring you the best drones for kids. These drones are Ready-to-Fly out of the box and prioritize a simple and easy flight, as well as the affordable price.

Conquer the Sky with the Spaceship from Star Wars – RC Fighter Shape Drone for $65.83


From one of the most popular movie franchises — Star Wars, this Fight Shape Drone is very fun to fly and at the same time is great for kids or beginners.


This drone has a very unique design, unlike any other currently in the market. It is a replica of the TIE Fighter, the iconic spaceship from the Imperial fleet. The product dimensions are as following: 7.09 x 7.09 x 5.91 inches. It does have 2 LED lights below the spaceship’s cockpit, resembling two shooting lasers. The drone is heavier than most toy drones, weighing 700g.


RC Fighter Shape comes with standard features, such as Headless Mode (just press the upper buttons on the 2.4GHz remote controller simultaneously). When you activate Headless Mode, the quadcopter becomes easier to control, great for beginners. The quad also features 3D stunt flips, with just the push of a button, it will do a 360º trick in air. On top of this, it has the built-in 6 Axis Gyro, a very common control system that makes the aircraft much more stable.

Flight Time & Control Range

RC Fighter Shape can be flown both indoors and outdoors, it’s a very gentle flyer. It has a maximum control range of 50 meters, a long distance if we compare to other same-price drones. It is powered by a 3.7V 350mAh LiPo battery that takes around 40 to 50 minutes to completely charge and provides a flight time of 5 to 8 minutes.

The Most Portable and Safest Drones - HAPPYCOW 777 Sky Phantom for $17.50


The perfect fit for younger kids. If safety is a big concern, you will be very happy with this drone. It has a protective frame that fully surrounds the quadcopter, ensuring maximum safety when crashing or hitting an object.


Because safety is always a priority, especially with younger kids, there is a quadcopter that ensures nothing goes wrong. HappyCow 777 has a fully protective frame around the all aircraft. Shielding its motors and propellers and ensuring durability for the quad and a safe flight. It is very lightweight (119g), small (2.95 x 2.56 x 0.98 inches), and it doesn’t have enough power to make damages or hurt someone. It is also important to mention the design of the remote controller, it functions as both transmitter and protective case to store the drone (easy-to-carry design).


HappyCow 777 focus mainly on its protective design and ease of use. However, it does come with three more fun features (besides the already mentioned): 3D Roll (press a button and quad does a 360º flip), Speed Switch (alternate the speed between low, medium, and high) and one LED light that beautifully flashes in the dark (helps guidance at night).

Flight Time & Control Range

Happycow 777 is a great indoor flyer, due to its stability and short range of 40 meters. However, you can also fly it outdoors with ease. It has a maximum flight time of 4 minutes powered by a 3.7V 280mAh Li-ion Battery that takes around 30 minutes to charge.

Crash-proof Drone with Honeycomb Protective Frame - Skytech M70 for $22.12


Skytech M70 Mini is a crash-proof protective football shaped cage quadcopter aimed at beginners and kids. You can hit objects indoor and it will remain airborne, great for learning how to fly without constantly crashing.


The design is mainly focused on safety and ease of use. M70 is surrounded by a protective frame in shape of a football. When it hits objects, walls, ceilings, the ground or even people, it will bounce off without hurting or causing damage and remain in flight. Dimensions are as following: 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches. It’s also very lightweight (210g).


Skytech M70 does come with some features, but it does not include Headless Mode unfortunately. However, it does come with a super fun feature that isn’t present in most toy drones. I’m talking about the 360º Auto-Pilot Circles. Press a button and M70 will begin flying in circles continuously and automatically. Besides this, it also features the regular 360º aerial flip and 2 different flight speeds (low and high).

Flight Time & Control Range

Skytech M70 is mainly for indoor flights, it does have a short range of 30 meters, which is ideal for kids. However, it can also be flown outdoors in good weather (no wind). It has a maximum flight time of 4 to 5 minutes, powered by a 3.7V 220mAh lithium-ion battery which takes around 50 minutes to charge.

2-in-1 RC Car & Drone - SY X25-1 Space Explorer for $52.08

A very unique RC Toy experience. On the ground it can be driven like a car and in the sky become an amazing quadcopter.


A 2-in-1 design like you have never experienced before. SY X25 is both a RC car and a drone. When on the ground it has Four Wheels Direction and can be driven like any other RC car. Once you move the left stick up and you give it throttle, it will gently begin to fly thanks to the propellers on top of the wheels. It is somewhat of a large product, dimensions are: 9.25 x 6.69 x 2.56 inches. It weighs only 150g.


Besides the 2-in-1 design characteristics, it also has features according to which role is performing. If on the land, it can be driven with proportional steering or semi proportional steering. When flying, you can use Headless Mode and One Key Return features. It also has the 360º aerial stunt feature and cool LED lights.


There are two versions of this RC car / quad, the one subject of our best drones for kids’ article is the camera-version. It comes with a built-in standard 0.92MP VGA camera capable of taking photographs and recording video.

Flight Time & Control Range

SY X25 has surprisingly great specifications. An amazing 80-meter control range, which is amazingly long compared to other same budget quads, and a 5 to 6 minutes flight time powered by a 3.7V 650mAh li-po battery (90 minutes to charge).

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4 best drones for kids in 2018 on GearBest
2018-02-26 By Julio Ventura