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Home > Buying Guide > 5 best latest Xiaomi gadgets you might miss on GearBest
5 best latest Xiaomi gadgets you might miss on GearBest

5 best latest Xiaomi gadgets you might miss on GearBest

By  GB Blog Official 2018-03-29 4050 1

Are you a Xiaomi fan? Then you might find something you don’t yet have in this post. Here we introduce you to some of the Xiaomi gadgets you might miss - Xiaomi ceramic teapot, Philips Zhirui smart LED bulb, MiJia car charger and even tire for Xiaomi M365 electric scooter, you are definitely in for a few pleasant surprises!


For the perfect tea session: Xiaomi 370ml Porcelain Mug & Teapot

While we all know Xiaomi is one of the best mainland producers of gadgets, this Xiaomi ceramic teapot mug may come as a surprise. Not a big name in ceramics and kitchenware yet, thus we have to admit that this simple piece of drinkware well reflects the company’s drive for innovation and creativity. The Xiaomi Cup Pot features the ever so popular 2-in-1 design: it’s a cup and a teapot in one.

If you love tea, you are sure to appreciate it as the cup will let you brew small quantities of favorite blends instead of committing to one flavor. You will also be able to enjoy a cup of freshly-brewed tea every time instead of pouring "old" tea from a teapot.

The cup is crafted from fine ceramics and sports a delicate and elegant look worthy of the fanciest china set. Featuring a smooth and glazed surface, the cup is resistant to tea stains and is very easy to wash. 370ml capacity also seems to be the size that would fit most — large enough for a nice tea experience and small enough for the tea to not go cold quickly.

For smart lighting: Xiaomi Philips Zhirui Smart LED Bulb

Smart lighting is something we are more used to seeing from Xiaomi — and the Xiaomi Philips Zhirui Smart LED Bulb is made in the best of Xiaomi’s traditions.

The bulb comes with 8 LEDs, adjustable level of brightness and only 3.5W of consumption — which makes it perfect for indoor lighting both at home and office buildings. With a 10 year lifespan, the bulb will serve you long and well — and the high quality plastic makes sure the bulb is absolutely safe.

The smart features reveal themselves in convenient app control (compatible with both iOS and Android devices) and compatibility with other Xiaomi smart home gadgets — this means you can explore further functionality by connecting the light bulb with light and motion sensors.

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For comfy road trips: Xiaomi MiJia Power Inverter Car Charger

The MiJia Power Inverter is the perfect solution for people who spend a lot of time on the road and wish to use devices usually powered from the mains. Thanks to power inversion function, you can use cigarette lighter port to power up a variety of gadgets from smartphones and tablets to cameras and DVD players.

The car charger features dual USB charging ports and comes equipped with fast charging so that you can bring your gadgets back to life faster. With the ultra-compact and lightweight design, the charger is very convenient to use — can be plugged directly into any 12V cigarette lighter socket. Thanks to the magnetic cover, the charger reduces damage to your power supply and, as it does not come with a built-in fan, it also won’t disturb you with any noise.


For a good workout: Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Smartwatch 2 English Version

The Amazfit is a Xiaomi classic — and for good reasons as well. This is an English version, specially designed for the guys who don't know any Chinese. If you know Chinese, there is also an Chinese version Amazfit Smartwatch alternative. 

This personal health tracker comes with everything you might look for in a device of this kind. You have the heart rate monitor for keeping an eye on your general wellbeing, a sleep monitor for making sure you get a good night’s rest and more. You will get notifications on incoming messages, calls and social media updates. You can also use the watch to control smart home devices via the dedicated app "Amazfit Watch 2.0". One more highlight of the smartwatch is the quick Alipay payment, just lift your wrist and the payment will be finished.

The Xiaomi Huami Amazfit is 50m waterproof — a professional feature that makes it perfectly suitable for swimmers and even divers. 4GB of internal storage provides enough room for keeping pictures, videos, music and more and the original Xiaomi chip ensures low battery consumption and reliable performance.

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For a safe ride: 21 cm Tire for Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

Last but not least, we have a rideable accessory we want to draw your attention to. This rear tire is specifically meant for the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter.

Made from quality rubber material, the tire is abrasion-resistant, anti-slip and durable. This means that the tire will make your scooter suitable for a variety of weather conditions and a rainy day will no longer stand in your way. Despite its thick wear-resistant rubber material, the tire is surprisingly lightweight and is a nice option to have as a spare.

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