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Home > Buying Guide > 5 popular office supplies for office workers
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5 popular office supplies for office workers

5 popular office supplies for office workers

By  David Tsang 2018-08-17 1044 1

Feel like an extra on the movie ‘Office Space’? Keep calm and read our guide to discover some great picks for office workers. Whether it’s to increase your productivity, enhance your comfort, or relieve your stress, our short guide is perfect to keep your energy up and your work output high. Best of all, our recommendations are suitable ideal for every budget. Let’s get started.


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office workers working in an office

Those of us working in an office job stuck behind a desk understand and appreciate the importance of comfort and convenience. GearBest searched high and low through our entire category to finally settle on just five that deliver a huge bang for your buck and make your office time feel less like office time. So before you clock in, check out our guide for the lowdown on the best office gear.

1. HXSJ T22 Rechargeable Vertical Wireless Mouse - $12.99

Office workers will be familiar with the standard mouse design, however there's a better way to do things. The HXSJ T22 Vertical Wireless Mouse features a novel, scientific ergonomic design. Designed to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, the peripheral utilizes "handshake" wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain - encourages a healthier, more neutral posture. On-board Optical Tracking Technology provides enhanced sensitivity over standard mice thanks to a DPI switcher for extra precision, allowing users to choose from 400 DPI, 800 DPI, 1600 DPI, and 2400 DPI.

 HXSJ T22 vertical wireless mouse

The 2.4GHz wireless connectivity is perfect for untethered use, up to 10m transmission range, with no annoying cables to ensure a cleaner, less cluttered, work environment. Convenient next/previous buttons on the HXSJ T22 Mouse are also ideal for webpage browsing but equally practical for gamers and people who work at length at the computer. The well thought out design extends to the easy setup, wide compatibility (PC and Mac) and the USB rechargeable battery. For those who want to push their workflow to the limit, the HXSJ T22 Vertical Wireless Mouse pushes computer peripherals to the next level.

Reasons to buy:

Smarter, safer ergonomic design for office work

Smooth, pin-point control and functionality

Wireless design for a seamless layout

Universal compatibility for any office environment

2. Jincomso Wrist Mouse Pads Elbow Arms Bracket - $27.72

Office work is largely sedentary and static work, placing greater emphasis on avoiding bad body posture. Unless properly addressed, poor posture can lead to neck and shoulder pain, stiff wrists, strained arm muscles and even backache. The Jincomso Wrist Mouse Pads Elbow Arms Bracket was designed specifically for tables and chairs, providing a stable and consistent platform to use your mouse. The ergonomically designed elbow bracket helps you to maintain the correct posture throughout the office day, relieving pressure on your cervical spine, shoulders, and arms by correctly aligning them.

Jincomso wrist mouse pads elbow arms bracket 

The bracket also features a high quality mouse pad and memory pad wrist rest, following the curvature of your wrist to further reduce wrist fatigue. Easy to install, with a low set up time, the bracket can be quickly affixed to either chairs or tables, allowing you to relieve the strain and pain developing in your eyes, shoulders, wrists and neck areas caused by long term computer use. The aluminum materials, smart design and convenience also ensure we give this pick a resounding thumbs up. Best of all, it's ideal for gamers, designers, office workers and IT professionals.

Reasons to buy:

Ergonomic design to reduce latent strain, fatigue and pain

Versatile and practical for many users

High quality, durable construction

3. Xiaomi MITU Building Blocks Finger Fidget Anti-stress Toy - $4.99

Offices can be stressful places full of distractions, deadlines and worse. We understand. That's why the Xiaomi MITU Building Blocks Finger Fidget Anti-Stress Toy is perfect as a way to relieve stress. Designed with an easy-grip design, it's manufactured from high grade materials, the toy is more than just having fun. The toy also delivers benefits improving relaxation and focus – at home, school, or in the workplace. They're also a way to effectively manage disorders, for example, attention deficit, ADHD, autism, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Anti-stress toys are also ideal for breaking your negative habits, such as nail biting, smoking, leg shaking and fidgeting.

Xiaomi MITU building blocks finger fidget anti-stress toy 

Best of all, the Xiaomi Anti-Stress Toy is extraordinarily portable and lightweight, so you can carry them anywhere - they're ready for instant use! Xiaomi has adopted draft angle technology to ensure the highest precision manufacturing standards. The result: ultra-smooth corners for the most fluid movements. Finally, it's more than a simple spinner toy, the MITU toy can be used together with the MITU robot as incredibly creative building blocks.

Reasons to buy:

Highly effective stress relief

Compact and portable for indoor/outdoor use

Ultra compact size for easy carry and storage

Easy to use with great connectivity

4. Cute 3-in-1 Multifunction Humidifier Mini Fan Night Light - $11.99

We have a unique product that's sure to bring a smile to your face. Designed to be multifunctional and resembling a small cat, our 3-in-1 Multifunction Humidifier Mini Fan Night Light device is perfect for both homes and offices.  Boasting an incredibly small footprint for effortless placement, its portable design makes it handy when moving it to other rooms or locations. It's absolutely feature packed, seamlessly combining an LED light, mini fan and humidifier in a single compact device. These functions make the combo-device perfect for office desks, coffee tables, as well as bedside cabinets.

cute 3-in-1 multifunction humidifier Mini fan night light 

The device is a great way to create a calming, relaxing environment for lasting results. For example, the humidifier is incredibly quiet at just 35db can be combined with the LED light, ideal for bedroom use to enhance the sleep quality of you and your loved ones. A USB interface offers two USB ports delivering easy connectivity, one for charging and another for external expansion. Finally, the device is also available in a range of relaxing colors: rose pearl, robbin egg blue and white. Simply choose the one that matches your mood.

Reasons to buy:

Combines three useful functions into one device

Family friendly design, suitable for different environments

Compact for easy carry and storage

Easy to use

5. Xiaomi Multifunctional Nap Pillow - $35.11

You deserve a rest after all your hard work at the office. The Xiaomi Multifunctional Nap Pillow is the answer for those wanting to wind down and relax. Providing exceptional therapeutic support, you can be confident of waking up feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the day. The special therapeutic design of the contoured pillow is designed to adapt to your head, neck and shoulders, as well as your spine, to provide enhanced support and gentle alignment. The adaptive, high density memory foam helps to reduce any pain and stiffness especially when staying in a prolonged position.

Xiaomi multifunctional nap pillow 

The pillow is versatile enough to be used as a neck rest or as a lumbar cushion for superior pressure relief with its cloud-like softness. The breathable inner cover features a special ventilated design that maximizes air circulation throughout the pillow to minimize moisture and sweat, keeping you dry, and delivering a cool sleeping experience. Enjoy restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed with this excellent pillow.

Reasons to buy:

High quality memory cotton material for maximum comfort

3-in-1 design: pillow, lumbar cushion and neck rest

Air Cooling system to keep you cool and dry

Washable design

Wrap up

Remove the stress out of work with affordable, multifunctional products that help you to relax, recharge and work smart. While we have only featured five in this guide, we have hundreds, even thousands, more you can shop in our office supplies category. At GearBest, get the relaxation you need at the prices you deserve.



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