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Home > Buying Guide > 5 smart connected gadgets to upgrade your home security
5 smart connected gadgets to upgrade your home security

5 smart connected gadgets to upgrade your home security

By  GB Blog Official 2017-11-21 2193 0

Home security is one of the key aspects of a safe and comfortable living environment. Today, we take a look at 5 types of most essential smart connected gadgets that will take your home security to a new level.

WiFi pan-tilt IP cameras

A smart security camera is one of the most basic accessories for a home — especially if you live in a house and have outdoor property. Why a WiFi camera?

A WiFi security camera will let you see the footage and imagery right on your smartphone wherever you are. Thus, you can easily keep an eye on your home, effortlessly and without mastering any complicated software. Pan-tilt cameras are a great choice as they offer a full view of everything happening on the property. Another important feature is night vision — a camera equipped with IR-cut LED lights will let you observe your property even after nightfall.

Taking all of this in consideration, following models are recommended here:

Xiaomi Mijia Smart 720P WiFi IP cam (night vision, 360 degree view, $29.99),

ESCAM G02 720P P2P WiFi IP cam (night vision, ONVIF support, EU plug, $18.99),

ZS - GX1 1080P WiFi IP Camera (doubles as a webcam, pan-tilt, night vision, cloud storage, $25.56),

Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera (3-axis mechanical stabilization,16MP, $326.63).

WiFi security cameras

Smart home alarm systems

A smart alarm is another simple but important security accessory. Most IP cameras can detect human presence in the house and alert you if any unusual activity is taking place. For extra functionality, you can add a separate human body sensor, like the Xiaomi Smart Home Aqara Human Body Sensor. Paired with other smart home gadgets, you can enable extra features: have the lights turn on as you enter the room or turn off air conditioning when you leave the area.

Xiaomi Smart Home Aqara Human Body Sensor

A truly indispensable alarm gadget is a fire alarm. No matter how careful you are with electric gadgets, it's always better to be safe than sorry. A smart fire alarm like the Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Fire Alarm Detector which will instantly notify you of smoke in your home or apartment — both with sound and remotely.

Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Fire Alarm Detector 

Smart door & window sensors

If you don't to bulk up your home with a complex alarm system, a simple door & window sensor can be a very efficient way to keep your home secure — and a helpful one in keeping your children and pets out of dangerous areas.

A door and window sensor attaches to a door or window and will then remotely alert you if your door or window is opened. Door and window sensors, like the Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor, are discrete and won't mess with your home decor. In addition to doors and windows, you can also attach the sensor to cupboards and drawers to keep dangerous items out of children's reach or to trash bins to make sure your pets do not get into the bin when you are not looking.

Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor

Smart wireless doorbells and intercoms

Some dangers sneak into your house under the cloak of darkness when you are away, while others can march right through the front door. Some smart wireless doorbells, like this WiFi Doorbell, are equipped with cameras and will let you see who exactly is at the door even at night without opening it. You can watch your visitors on a smartphone or tablet and then unlock the door remotely.  With two-way audio, you can also exchange a few words with your guests  before making the decision. The doorbell also comes with PIR sensor and alert you to any presence near your door or gate.

Wi-Fi Doorbell

If you want a truly professional front door setup, you can go with a smart intercom door phone. These types of intercoms come with large quality screens where you can see and interact with your visitors, offer night vision, remote door unlocking and more.

smart intercom door phone

For a further home security in door system, here is the Xiaomi Aqara WiFi Fingerprint Smart Door Touch Lock. With live fingerprint unlock technology, the lock is securer to use than optical fingerprints. Also it supports password unlock, which is more convenient and safer than traditional key unlock.

Xiaomi Aqara WiFi Fingerprint Smart Door Touch Lock

Smart baby monitors

For those with small children, a baby monitor offers a better peace of mind and lets you keep an eye on your child from any room in the house — and even remotely. For instance, this simple Baby Monitor WiFi IP Camera comes with two-way audio, night vision and lets you see real-time footage right on your smartphone or tablet. The installation is quick and simple and videos can be recorded onto a separate storage device.

Baby Monitor Wi-Fi IP Camera

If you prefer a baby monitor with its own screen, consider a gadget like the Seneo Wireless Baby Monitor, coming with two-way audio, night vision, 5 built-in relaxing lullabies and more.

Seneo Wireless Baby Monitor

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