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Home > Buying Guide > 6 best Xiaomi gadgets you rarely know on GearBest
6 best Xiaomi gadgets you rarely know on GearBest

6 best Xiaomi gadgets you rarely know on GearBest

By  GB Blog Official 2017-12-01 13938 18

From smartphones and fitness bands to tablets and rideables, Xiaomi has conquered the hearts and minds of consumers worldwide. While in this post, we take a close look at the 6 rarely known Xiaomi products offering the same quality as its more famous counterparts.

Some of its products like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 or the Mi Band 2 have made international headlines, others have remained in shadow. Let’s see them in details.


PC accessories: Xiaomi Yuemi MK01B Gaming Mechanical Keyboard - $106.63

The Xiaomi Yemi gaming keyboard offers almost unlimited customization options and will let you break through the competition the second you put your hands on it. Perfect for gamers, the Yuemi MK01B allows you to express yourself in full thanks to the programmable advanced circular retro double color injection cap. All-key anti-ghosting with 1ms faster response speed will make your gaming fluent and smooth, and the ergonomic design is great for long hours of gameplay or typing away on your PC.

The high-quality mechanical Cherry switch offers comfortable keystroke feeling letting you not only work efficiently but also enjoy the process itself. Besides its enhanced performance, the best thing about the keyboard is that it’s incredibly easy to use: it’s plug & play and requires no drivers.


Portable media gadgets: Xiaomi Mi Laser 5000 Lumens Projector - $1959.00

The Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector is one of the first ultra-short projectors in the world coming with an advanced laser display (ALPD) technology. This technology is capable of delivering up to 150 inches of full HD quality images in 50 centimeters. This means that despite the speaker’s relatively compact size it will produce high quality imagery and footage and serve as a great tool for meetings, conferences or a relaxing movie night at home.

Another thing of note about the projector is that it comes with a built-in speaker at the back, so you will have quality sound to accompany your quality pictures and videos. The speaker itself is a classic Xiaomi design and supports Dolby Surround Sound for an even more immersive experience. The projector comes with 5,000 Lumens and will serve you long and well with up to 25,000 hours of available usage.


Smart security: Xiaomi Aqara WiFi Fingerprint Smart Door Lock - $235.99

You now have a Xiaomi option even when it comes to home security. The Xiaomi Aqara is a live fingerprint lock, which provides a more advanced level of security compared to optical fingerprint locks. What’s more, you will have plenty of options when it comes to unlocking the door: the Xiaomi Aqara supports password unlock, proximity card unlock and key unlock, which makes it suitable not only for home use but also as an efficient access control option for offices, storages and other facilities.

Moreover, the smart lock comes with a number of advanced security features like anti-peeping design, scrambled PIN code, and more. The lock’s app opens the door (pun intended) to more features: you will be able to view unlock records, set up family time and more. The lock measures just 369x76mm and is only 22mm thick and is good for up to 100,000 uses.

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Smart dental hygiene: Xiaomi Oclean One Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush - $89.99

We all know the basics of proper tooth brushing: brush back and forth in tooth-wide strokes, clean the inside and outside of your teeth, brush them for at least two minutes twice a day and so on. But the Xiaomi Oclean One Electric Toothbrush takes that to a whole new level, combining the latest achievements in dental technology for our everyday convenience and taking us one step closer to that shiny Hollywood smile.

The toothbrush is equipped with a high-efficiency magnetic levitation BLDC motor and is capable of 42000 strokes per minute ensuring a deep clean and efficient removal of plaque. Thanks to the American DuPont Tynex Brilliance bristle, the brush is perfectly safe for your tooth enamel and gums. The Xiaomi Oclean One lets you get creative too by switching between three cleaning modes: Clean, Whiten and Massage. More than that, you will even be able to receive "brushing" reports via a dedicated app.

Action cameras: Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera - $326.63

Security and action cameras are some of the other "rarely known" products made by Xiaomi. Despite the fact that they have not received the same acclaim as Xiaomi smartphones and fitness bands, Xiaomi cameras are well-represented on the market. But this particular model stands out from the product line.

First, the pan-tilt cam has been designed with the Xiaomi Mijia No.9 plus self-balancing scooter in mind and is the perfect fit for the scooter’s frame. One of the camera’s key features is the 3 axis gimbal stabilizer coming with three motors that help stabilize the camera, which ensure smooth footage and eliminate bounce and shake during the video taking process. Even though the camera works perfectly as a mini DVR for the Mijia No.9 scooter, it can also be efficiently used on its own and would do great when recording long videos or action footage.

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Smart home: Original Xiaomi OLED Display Smart Air Purifier 2S - $286.99

Xiaomi has launched a whole line of smart home accessories, which includes both individual accessories like smart LED bulbs as well as whole smart home kits like the Xiaomi Mijia 5-in-1 kit. There is also something for those who are not quite ready for the big changes but would like to add a practical smart element to their home — the Original Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 2S.

The purifier comes with an ultra-clear OLED Digital Display where you will be able to observe real-time PM 2.5 index, temperature, humidity, WiFi connectivity status and more. Thanks to the three-layered filter, the purifier can remove up to 99.99 percent of harmful PM 2.5 particles. Filter replacement is very easy and convenient, and you will even get a reminder when it needs to be changed. In the best of Xiaomi traditions, the smart air purifier features smartphone app control and you will be able to monitor your home’s air quality via the already familiar Mi Home App.

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