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Home > Buying Guide > 6 essential picks for your gaming gear on GearBest
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6 essential picks for your gaming gear on GearBest

6 essential picks for your gaming gear on GearBest

By  David Tsang 2018-09-18 1063 2

Few things are cooler than gaming. No longer just a niche activity, gaming firmly entered the mainstream. With its growing popularity, gamers have never had it so good in terms of choice. To help GearBest gamers choose the winners from the losers, we’ve compiled a list of top 6 essential picks to get your gaming on. From powerhouse tech to awesome peripherals, get the gaming competitive advantage you want at the price you need.
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It's a fantastic time to be a gamer with powerful performance available for less. But sorting out the great from the not-so-good isn't always easy. That's why we've prepared this short guide to give you the lowdown on deals that combine gaming power with great prices. So if you want to reach the next level in performance and transform your gaming, keep reading.

1. MSI GV62 8RD - 092CN gaming laptop - $1199.99

the design of MSI GV62 8RD - 092CN gaming laptop 

Feature highlights:

● CPU: Intel Core i7-8750H

● Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5

● Motherboard: Intel HM370

● Display: 15.6 inch FHD


● Storage: 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD

A powerhouse gaming laptop, the MSI GV62 8RD-092CN hits all the right notes. Monstrously powerful, expect high frame rates and win counts with an uncompromising blend of speed, performance and affordability. A strong combination of gaming hardware including an advanced GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, Intel core i7 and 8GB of DDR4 RAM provide incredible power under the hood for silky-smooth gameplay. The spacious 128GB SSD is perfect for OS and games, while the 1TB HDD offers plenty of storage space. The backlit steelseries gaming keyboard was designed by gamers for gamers; enjoy phenomenal responsiveness and tactile feedback.

Class-leading hardware offers plenty of versatility and multitasking options – everything from a gaming platform to a productivity beast, the choice is yours. The 15.6 inch FHD screen is razor-sharp for immersive visuals, keeping you close to the gaming action at all times to pull off pixel-perfect power plays. The laptop's form factor feels reassuringly compact for portable gaming options. The enhanced cooler boost 4 technology keeps the temperatures down, while the all new Nahimic 3 audio delivers unparalleled 3D surround sound.

the cooler boost 4 of MSI GV62 8RD - 092CN gaming laptop 

Overall, the MSI GV62 delivers scorching performance at a fantastic price. For those who crave authentic gaming and feel the need for speed, this gaming laptop offers a compelling experience at the right price.

2. Xiaomi Mi game headset - $67.99

the design of Xiaomi Mi game headset 

Feature highlights:

● 7.1 virtual surround sound engine

● 40mm grapheme composite diaphragm for superior sound scalability

● Dual MIC ENC ambient noise reduction

● LED strips on the side

● Dual interface design (USB and 3.5mm)

The titans of tech, Xiaomi, have come up trumps again with the impressive Xiaomi Mi Game Headset. Experience pure sonic nirvana with premium sound and supreme comfort. The 7.1 virtual surround sound engine is perfect for demanding audiophiles and gaming enthusiasts. Mixing cool with versatility, the 40mm innovative speaker unit optimizes tri-band equalization for the most intense sound experience – for games, music or other multimedia. The dynamic noise reduction from the dual MIC ENC technology keeps you focused on the gaming without any distractions, while you're calling out winning team strats.

the 7.1 sound engine of Xiaomi Mi game headset  

Stunning ergonomics have created a universal headband design. Fully adjustable for maximum comfort and all-day wear, the acoustic earmuffs utilize soundproof materials to minimize noise and vibration. For those who demand gamer cred, dynamic LED strips provide a visual feast for the eyes. Xiaomi's attention to detail extends to the dual interface design for USB and 3.5mm audio jacks for maximum compatibility.

Perfectly balanced, the Xiaomi Mi Game Headset is a stunning gaming audio peripheral. Combining total control, premium materials and maximum comfort, these headphones deliver big sound for your competitive advantage.

3. Motospeed GK89 2.4GHz wireless / USB wired mechanical keyboard - $54.70

the design of Motospeed GK89 2.4GHz wireless / USB wired mechanical keyboard 

Feature highlights:

● 104 mechanical keys

● 5ms response time

● Plug and play functionality

● N-Key Rollover (NKRO)

6-color LED lighting

Not all keyboards are created equal. Get the gaming edge with the Motospeed GK89 2.4GHz Wireless / USB Wired Mechanical Keyboard. Budget-friendly and designed for gamers, this responsive keyboard transforms the way you use and connect with your desktop PC, gaming console, or other device. Delivering a smooth combination of great tactile performance, an insane 5ms response time, and affordability, this Motospeed keyboard is a winner.

Other great features include a lightweight and ergonomic design for gamers, awesome 6-color backlighting for maximum ambience, NKRO, and dual connectivity options (wireless 2.4GHz and wired dual mode). In short, you can expect smart design and an ultra-responsive typing experience. Take your gaming to the next level with amazing twitch plays and precision movement. The versatile Motospeed keyboard is also ideal for multimedia at home, productivity in business, or for students.

the ergonomic design of Motospeed GK89 keyboard 

Bottom line: the Motospeed GK89 keyboard offers a sensational design that's matched only by its comprehensive feature set and quality. Evolve your gaming and connect with this sensational keyboard today.

4. Rocketek macro programmable wired gaming mouse with RGB backlight  - $50.91

the design of Rocketek gaming mouse   

Feature highlights:

● High precision control and ultra-responsive

● DPI switcher: 3600, 6400, 9600 and 16400 DPI

● 12 macro programmable keys

● 5 adjustable backlight colors

● Matte surface for comfortable gaming

The right gaming mouse matters. Specifically, ergonomics, construction and precision are at the top of the list of priorities for gamers. The Rocketek Macro Programmable Wired Gaming Mouse with RGB Backlight delivers a superb experience for FPS, MOBA, MMO, and more. The very best mice function like an extension of your hand and offer great build quality. The Rocketek Gaming Mouse delivers incredible precision and responsiveness thanks to its DPI switcher with 4 settings: choose from 3600, 6400, 9600 or 16400 DPI for the control and optical tracking you need.

the DPI switcher of Rocketek gaming mouse 

The design is impeccable with a matte surface for extra grip and suitable for a variety of hand sizes and grip styles – perfect for those long gaming session. Additional control is provided by 12 macro programmable keys, extending the versatility of this gaming mouse, especially for those who enjoy MOBAs or MMOs. And for the true enthusiast – you know who you are – variable weights are also included. Your gamer cred is further assured with adjustable backlighting.

In short, this a fantastic mouse that covers all the bases. It's also available at an affordable price, so you don't need to break the bank while you're making your way up the leader board. Keep calm and dominate the competition with this stunning gaming mouse.

5. iPEGA PG - 9088 Bluetooth gamepad controller  - $16.99

the design of iPEGA PG - 9088 Bluetooth gamepad controller

Feature highlights:

● Fully wireless: Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity

● Ergonomic design with tough ABS material

● Built-in 400mAh battery

● Superb compatibility with phones, tablets, consoles, smart TVs, TV boxes and more

● Standby time: over 30 days

● Removable mobile phone bracket for screens up to 6 inches

Ensuring smooth performance for winning plays doesn't get any easier than this. The iPEGA PG-9088 Bluetooth Gamepad Controller was designed to deliver the most memorable powerhouse plays. Get winning right out of the box and unleash the smackdown with tactile ergonomics and durability to survive every gaming session unscathed. With a strong Bluetooth connection up to 10m, your gameplay comes with no strings attached.

Great features such as the high-precision 360° rocker for extreme accuracy, 4-axis positioning for fluid movement, key customization and trigger buttons give you maximum control. With comfortable handles, enjoy long gaming sessions in comfort without getting tired. The built-in 400mAh Li-ion battery utilizes power-saving technology to give you over 10 hours of continuous gameplay too.

the 360° rocker of iPEGA PG - 9088 Bluetooth gamepad controller     

For those who enjoy winning, the iPEGA PG-9088 wireless gamepad controller offers uncompromising precision. Best of all, it's compatible on Android, iOS, and Windows, ensuring you get the most out of your precious game time.  

6. MOCUTE 058 Bluetooth gamepad universal game controller mobile joystick  - $14.05

the design of MOCUTE 058 Bluetooth gamepad universal game controller mobile joystick 

Feature highlights:

● Fully wireless: Bluetooth 3.0 (10m transmission)

● Ergonomic design with tough ABS material

● Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery

● Superb compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows OS

● Suitable for mobile phones up to 6.8 inches

● Supports most games

The MOCUTE 058 Bluetooth Gamepad delivers authentic console-style control for mobile platforms including phones and tablets, as well as computers (desktop and laptop). Precision matters and this ergonomic controller delivers with great design features including an accurate 360° joystick with no dead angles. Elevate your gaming experience with the non-slip gripping ABS texture and customizable buttons.

non-slip gripping of MOCUTE 058 Bluetooth Gamepad  

The main feature is the phone holder design to keep you connected and immersed in your favourite games. Compatible with large phablets up to 6.8 inches, the single-handle gamepad transforms gaming anytime, anywhere into a reality. The high speed Bluetooth connection is perfect for plug and play action, while the innovative telescopic design maximizes heat dissipation to keep your mobile device cool.

Overall, the MOCUTE 058 Bluetooth gamepad is a sensational device for gamers, especially mobile ones. Play with power and stay confident during the most intense gameplay sessions. Stay in control, let your gaming do the talking, and shop the MOCUTE 058 gamepad today.

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