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Home > Buying Guide > 6 useful Christmas gifts for your mom in 2017
6 useful Christmas gifts for your mom in 2017

6 useful Christmas gifts for your mom in 2017

By  GB Blog Official 2017-12-13 2033 0

Mom deserves to get the best Christmas gift every year. Show your love, appreciation and admiration for your Mom with these thoughtful, hand-picked presents — from Xiaomi smart therapy belt and Xiaomi U-shape neck pillow to bath bomb and sonic toothbrush.

Xiaomi A10 PMA Graphene Smart Therapy Belt - $29.99

We all want our mothers to stay healthy for as long as possible. And the Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Belt is a great preventative and pain relief tool that is safe and very easy to use.

Made of high-quality nanofibre graphene, the belt features great thermal conductivity and optical properties, letting it relieve its wearer of pain and physical fatigue. Emitting 6 - 14μm of infrared light, the belt also promotes blood circulation and strengthens the immune system of the body. Despite all of its healing properties, the Xiaomi A10 is ultra-thin and very comfortable to wear: so, your mom won’t be scared of the new gadget and will be able to have it on at any time throughout the day.

Xiaomi U-shaped Massage Neck Pillow - $29.99

No matter how calm and relaxed your mom's life may seem from the outside, trust us — she is probably very busy. And that meant that relaxation and good sleep are important to her well-being and good mood.

The Xiaomi U-shaped Massage Neck Pillow offers a great way to catch a few minutes of rewarding sleep or a quick nap in the ultimate comfort. The super soft pillow will also make traveling much more comfortable for you mom — and she may become more eager to see new places. Lightweight and very easy to carry around, the pillow is the perfect travel companion — especially for those who often find it hard falling asleep in the car, on the bus or plane. Thanks to the flexible design, the pillow can also be used as a seat waist cushion or be laid on the desktop as a pad.

2pcs Multifunctional Heart Shape Bath Bomb - $7.96

Give your mom the gift of ultimate bliss and relaxation this Christmas, helping her create a real SPA experience at home. Instead of traveling for miles in search of a SPA salon, your mom can stay comfortably at home and unwind after the busy holiday week. All she needs to do is drop the multifunctional bath fizzer into the bathtub filled with hot water and watch it transform into a fragrant body bath — relaxing, cleansing and rejuvenating. The heart-shaped bath bombs are not only powerful but also very pretty-looking. Packaged into beautiful little boxes, they would make a very nice gift for a variety of occasions.

Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - $12.66

Keeping an eye on health is the key to living a long and comfortable life. And while going to the hospital for the annual check-up is a definite must, there are also small additional procedures that can help your mom efficiently monitor her health.

The digital fingerprint oximeter helps measure the level of oxygen in the blood and is a good indicator of general well-being. The simple rule is this: an oxygen level of more than 95% is considered to be a normal oxygen level while an oxygen level of 92% or less suggests a low blood oxygen. If the value is not within the value range, it will alarm automatically. The oximeter is very simple and painless in use: simply place your fingertip into the padded clip and turn it on. You will then see the results of the measurements conveniently displayed on the mini OLED screen.

Xiaomi Intelligent Thermal Vacuum Water Bottle - $38.99

With age, as the metabolism slows down, staying well-hydrated throughout the day becomes more and more important. Apart from health reasons, your mom my simply enjoy having a cup of her favorite hot tea, coffee or herb blend ready by her side at all times.

Made of stainless steel, PP, and PC, the thermos cup is capable of long heat preservation (over 6 hours) and efficient cold insulation. Equipped with a highly accurate temperature sensor and an OLED display, the cup will tell you the temperature of the stored drink precisely: so no need to worry about getting burned or gulping an unexpectedly cold drink.

Lebiyu Portable Sonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer - $44.99

A great start of the day is often a prerogative for the rest of the day going well. Make the morning routine much easier and healthier for your mother with the Lebiyu — a portable sonic toothbrush and see her smile more often!

Driven by a sonic wave motor with the shock frequency of up to 31,000 times per minute, the toothbrush is incredibly efficient at taking care of your smile. Featuring three cleaning modes (cleaning mode, sensitive mode and whitening mode), the toothbrush offers plenty of flexibility. Plus, thanks to the low noise function — lower than 50dB — it will not bother your mom with too much buzzing and humming. The brush comes with a multifunctional 2-in-1 box, which serves as tooth-brushing cup, charging base, sterilizing and drying section.

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