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Home > Buying Guide > 8 tech gift ideas for kids for the 2018 winter holidays
8 tech gift ideas for kids for the 2018 winter holidays

8 tech gift ideas for kids for the 2018 winter holidays

By  GB Blog Official 2018-11-20 1433 1

The winter holidays are fast approaching — but there is still plenty of time to stock up on some fun gifts to surprise your loved ones with fun techy gifts. Today, we’ve made a nice little this selection of kids’ gift ideas for the winter of 2018 — take a look!

1. Giiker magic cube toy from Xiaomi - $39.99

If there is one toy out there that will probably never get old, it's the Rubik's Cube.  This seemingly simple game has kept both kids and adults occupied for decades. Today, the toy has managed to preserve its original looks but has acquired quite a bit of smart functionality. The Giiker Magic Cube Toy from Xiaomi may look like your standard Rubik's Cube, but there is quite a bit of intelligence under the hood. Equipped with six sensors, the cube easily pairs with the dedicated app on your smartphone that lets you unlock a variety of fun features, games and tactics to help you put the cube together in the shortest possible time.



2. DIY assembled electric robot induction educational toy - $14.99

Robots are all the craze this year - whether it comes to house chores, delivery, cooking or just fun. This DIY little robot is the perfect gift for those just starting out in the exciting field of robotics and would make a cool companion for little inventors. Assembling the robot is part of the fun - but with clear instructions and a handy manual - this should not be a difficult task. The robot is simple to operate and pretty smart despite its small size. There are two operational modes: the mini robot can follow your hand or walk independently using the built-in obstacle avoidance technology.



3. DIY robot arm kit educational robotic claw set - $12.99

If you are looking for something more advanced, check out this DIY Robot Arm Kit. You will start by assembling the kit itself - this will be a bit more complex than with our previous robot - but still quite straightforward thanks to the step by step instructions. Once assembled, the robot arm will be able to operate across 4 axis and will support a rotation of up to 180 degrees. This robot will be more suitable  for older children and would also make the perfect educational tool for school labs or home makers projects.



4. Tree man flower pot doll - $4.79

For all the fans of The Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel, there is this cartoon flowerpot that can be both a toy in your movie reenactments as well as a stylish decoration for your desk. The toy is made out of durable and eco friendly PVC material and is not easily damaged.

The item is not just decorative too. With a small storage space on top, the toy can easily double as a pen holder, flower pot or a storage rack for other items. You can also change the postures of the toy - the hands are flexible and easily moveable.



5. Xiaomi MITU WiFi FPV 720P HD camera mini RC drone - $65

Older children will surely appreciate the gift of aerial photography. Camera drones are some of the most popular gadgets of 2018. Capable of recording stunning footage from above, they are a great way to explore the world and challenge one's creative skills. The Xiaomi MITU mini camera drone comes equipped with a 720P HD camera and is designed specifically with serial photography in mind. The mini drone comes with the Precision Hover feature that lets it hover at the same height for the needed period of time. Headless Mode lets the quad keep its direction even if it rotated in the air and the 360 Degree Air Tumbling makes it possible for the drone to do a 360 degree flip.


Xiaomi MITU WiFi FPV 720P HD camera mini RC drone 

6. JJRC Q39 HIGHLANDER 4WD RC desert truck - $69.99

For those who prefer land transportation, there is the JJRC Q39 HIGHLANDER, a toy 4WD brushed RC desert truck equipped with high-torque servo. This little beast can do it all: climb up the slope, accelerate, drift around corners, brake to a stop and more. Despite its miniature size, the truck is capable of very "grown-up" speeds of up to 35km/h. There is a handy remote control and you will be able to steer the car from the distance of up to 80 meters.

The toy truck comes with a large 7.4V 1500mAh battery guaranteeing a whole 15 minutes of non stop fun.  



7. Itazura Piggy Bank - $9.99

Itazura Piggy banks may not be the latest gadgets, but their popularity seems to be a thing of stability. Loads of fun for both kids and adults, these miniature gimmicks make it great toys and decorations. Simply place the coin on top of the piggy bank and you will see a little paw sneakily take it away. You can use it as a piggy bank (it can store up to 40 coins), naturally, but the mini gadget is also perfect for storing other small items like keys, tokens and others.  When you are ready to take out your savings, simply lift the bottom cover and shake the mini power bank - your coins will easily come out.



8. Gesture sensing transformer car - $21.99

We complete the list with the ultimate transformer toy - the gesture sensing 2-in-1 car robot. Coming with the cool shiny look, the car will surely call for quite a few "wow"s when it's taken out of its packaging. But what can it do?

Gesture sensing transformer car 

First, you will only need to press one button for the car to transform. Second, it's not all about the looks. The robot can go forwards and backwards, turn left and right and comes with a dedicated control system for more functionality. Plus, there is gesture control.

The toy is powered by a 700mAh battery that comes included in the package — so you can start playing with it right away. Plus, recharging is super fast and convenient thanks to the USB interface.

Still haven't found what you were looking for? Check out more fun holiday gifts in our Toys & Hobbies section.


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