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Home > Buying Guide > Best 4 accessory bundles for GoPro on GearBest
Best 4 accessory bundles for GoPro on GearBest

Best 4 accessory bundles for GoPro on GearBest

By  GB Blog Official 2017-09-11 2630 0

GoPro is the world's number one action camera. And, if you are an avid traveller and adventurer, you are probably already well-familiar with all of the camera's selling points: good photo and video quality, miniature size and incredible toughness.

In this post, we help you equip your GoPro with some of the most comprehensive GoPro accessory kits to keep your camera safe and extend its capabilities.

Best GoPro Accessories to choose

GoPro is a best action camera for you with amazing features so that you can always record all adventurous with breathtaking clarity.

There is no doubt to say that GoPro is one of the most competing action camera developers and this brand is loved by all action camera lovers. GoPro accessories tend to so many and figuring out which one is not always easy.

The article below contains complete information about some of the best action camera accessories from GoPro that can be used for car racing, diving, skateboarding, surfing and other adventure sports activities. The completed list including almost all the GoPro accessories here make you have the best choices.


There are so many Gopro mounts in the action camera marketing. Few can be mounted on helmet whereas others are connected on chest. The mounts are developed as per need of action camera lovers best the mounts assist in stable shooting when user during biking and skiing etc.

2.Dive Mask

The Dive Mask is usually designed with a common shape that can be attached to almost all GoPro cameras. It is essential for diving lovers preparing the dive mask to guarantee they can record the video underwater. The dive mask perfectly covers your face during activities and the camera is usually mounted on its top position over a standard mount. These dive masks are designed with highly comfortable designs to make you recall the underwater world.


Although market is flooded with so many designs of GoPro sticks and poles. If you want selfie, the stick for GoPro is necessary.


The lenses can definitely improve the results of photography even with lesser efforts from user side. It’s commendable and useful bundle includes polarizer, macro lens and one natural density filter.


The drone with GoPro is the cool idea to capture the beautiful views. You simply need to mount your GoPro action camera at bottom of your light weight drone and then your superior device is ready to record beautiful shots from sky. The drone can have complete control in the sky as well as camera from remote applications, which can shoot the scenery and people from the bird's view.

7.Anti-Fog Inserts

Sometime the GoPro will influence by the steam in the adventurous tours so some GoPro owners will have the anti-fog inserts in their essential GoPro accessory list and prefer to put in their bag. These inserts will protect the camera lens during shooting at humid environment.

Best GoPro Accessories of 2018 on Gearbest

1.45 in 1 Universal Camera Accessory Kit for GoPro

This kit is suitable for GoPro Hero 4 / 3 / 2 / 1.

This is probably one of the most complete GoPro accessory kits out there, as it comes with 45 items designed specifically for your miniature camera. In this kit, you will find a selection of accessories that will enhance your photographic experience on land, sea and in the area.

Universal Camera Accessory Kit for GoPro

First, you have an extensive selection of straps and mounts: head strap, chest harness, wrist strap, helmet strap, handlebar mount, hook buckle mount, flat and curved surface mounts and more. The floating hand grip handle makes it easy to get a solid grip on your camera and keep it afloat. You also get a handy selfie stick for taking cool action shots or recording informative videos and more.

The accessories come in a convenient carrying case, compact and shock-resistant, that will help you keep your GoPro accessories well-organized and easily portable.

2.Action Sports Camera Accessory Kit for GoPro Hero 5

This kit is for GoPro Hero 5 action camera.

If you've already purchased the latest GoPro Hero 5, check out this action-themes accessory kit designed specifically for the perfect fit with Hero 5. This kit is not as extensive as the previous one but you get all the must-haves for efficient camera use.

Sports Camera Accessory Kit for GoPro Hero 5

All the accessories come in a big size storage bag and are easily portable.

With the kit, you get all the basic straps and mounts: handlebar holder, hand strap, head mount, chest harness, helmet strap and more. Plus, you will be able to use your GoPro Hero 5 in the water with the utmost convenience thanks to the 30m waterproof IP68 case and a floaty bobber. Of course, you also get the world's most popular camera accessory: a selfie stick extendable from 22.3cm to 106.5cm.

3.GoPro 3 Way Adjustment

There are a ton of GoPro sticks. The Gearbest official 3-Way is particularly handy due to its multi-functionality. You can use it as a basic handle for your GoPro or simply as a tripod. This 3 way arm adapter not only adapt to GoPro Hero 6/5/4, but also the Xiaomi Yi action camera.

3 way for GoPro

4.GoPro Waterproof LED Light

If you are the diving amateur, you need the led light underwater. The waterproof video diving light is the perfect tool to illuminate your undersea adventures and make you record the more splendid view.

3 way for GoPro

5.Mini accessory kits for GoPro

Finally, we have two mini accessory kit for your consideration. If you don't want to carry around big accessory cases, here are the two super compact accessory kit options.

Mini accessory kits for GoPro

The water action GoPro accessory kit is perfect for those who spend a lot of time in the water and love taking action selfies. The kit comes with a floating bobber handheld stick, monopod and tripod mount. The other accessory kit is more mount-oriented and you get the most popular mounts and straps in one compact package: head strap, chest strap, screw and a J-shaped mount.

Accessory Kit for GoPro / SJCAM Action Camera


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Best 4 accessory bundles for GoPro on GearBest
2017-09-11 By GB Blog Official