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Home > Buying Guide > Buying guide for new smart watches in 2018
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Buying guide for new smart watches in 2018

Buying guide for new smart watches in 2018

By  Linky Johnson 2018-10-27 4077 1

As the smartphones are becoming more popular across the world, everyone is wondering what the next product to replace smart watches will be, and smart wearable products have undoubtedly become the next goal of intellectualization. In the past two years, smart watches in the market have been updated quite quickly, some becoming reminders of all kinds of notifications, some becoming your personal fitness coaches. Of course, the bigger ambition is to replace smart phones and reduce human dependence on them.


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But no matter how smart watches are updated, the public does not seem to be able to accept it easily. The so-called smart products themselves are more like smartphone accessories. In particular, there are now some smartphones with built-in pedometers and heart rate sensors, and unless professionals need more accurate personal health data, the basic phone's APP can meet the needs of ordinary users.

Although the development of smartphones has been hindered, it does not mean chicken ribs. When you need a smart device that is closer to your life, you will find that there is no product that is closer to your watch. Its more direct vibration feedback, more accurate body data and more convenient usage scenarios are all beyond the reach of mobile phones. So do you know how to choose a smartwatch? It looks simple, but in fact it is not easy, because there are a lot of similar products in the market, and they are also subdivided into a number of different types. Some of them look similar, but the functions are completely different, so before making a choice, you might as well learn something about them.

a number of different types of smartwatch 

The main differences between smartwatches

The current smartwatch market is divided into two main categories.

1.Used for entertainment --- represented by Apple Watch and Huawei Watch

the watches for entertainment  

This kind of smart watch has a high daily usage rate and is built with an exclusive watch system, which replaces some functions of mobile phone, such as message pushing, Bluetooth music, mobile payment, customized dial, answering and making phone calls, etc., and also integrates some sports monitoring functions, such as sports detection, heart rate monitoring, GPS navigation, etc. Through the integration of functions, various daily application scenarios can be fully covered.

2. Used for sports --- represented by Garmin and SUUNTO

the watches for sports 

Such smartwatches, which are made for sports, are mostly for the outdoors and fitness fanatics, and they are built with specialized hardware and sports data that can cover all sports scenes.

The fatal flaws of smart watches in the market

Since the official development of smartwatch started in 2013, it is not too long, so there are still many defects in product positioning and function. At present, the most teased are the following categories: high price, large size, poor battery life, compatibility problem, poor interactive experience, etc. Among them, battery life is the most ridiculed. Therefore, before starting, you can consider whether you can accept the poor experience of daily charging. With that in mind, you'll be able to find the smartwatch that works best for you, without having to leave it to dust for a few days. Keep in mind that smart watch technology is still developing, so it is likely to change a new smart watch in several years like a smartphone. It is unlike a traditional watch, which can take a lifetime.

the watches with long battery life 

Three operating systems of mainstream smartwatches in the market

 Here are the three main operating systems of smartwatches.Let's look at them together.

1. Watch OS

the exclusive system of Apple Watch designed 

 The exclusive system of Apple Watch designed by Apple inc. It can only be connected to Apple phone. Apple fans may prefer it.

2. Android Wear

Android Wear 2.0 of watches  

 Google's system for smart wearable devices, like android on mobile phones, is highly open, and thanks to its openness, its application volume is the most comprehensive in the watch system. The first version of Android Wear was released with only Android phone compatibility. The release of Android Wear 2.0, however, will be fully enabled for apple phones.

3. Manufacturer's homemade system

Samsung's independent bearing system TIZEN 

 Under the leadership of Samsung's independent bearing system TIZEN, many aggressive manufacturers have also begun to develop their own independent carrying system, which can match the hardware to the highest degree. But the apps are relatively minimal, so it's important to know if there are any features you need before buying a smartwatch.


A powerful system is the key to the performance of hardware, which depends on whether you can download the app you want. Apple Watch 2 (iWatch2), Huawei Watch 2, Ticwatch 2, MOTOROLA Moto360 2 and Samsung Gear S3 are all smart watches that can download the app independently.

Some tips for choosing a smartwatch

The six tips for new users to choose a suitable smartwatch.

1. Compatibility

The smartwatch has many features that need to be connected to the phone. If you're an Apple user, the Apple Watch 2 should be your first choice. If you're an android user, most other smartwatches can be considered.

2. Price

These smartwatch products can be divided into three levels of price.

Below 1000 yuan: there are not many smart watch products selling within 1000 yuan at present. The recommended ones are TicWatch2 (999 yuan),Huami AMAZFIT smart sports watch (799 yuan), WeLoop hey3s (588 yuan), Honor s1 (699 yuan).

Below 3,000 yuan: APPLE WATCH 2 38mm (2,988 yuan), Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 (2,799 yuan)

Above 3,000 yuan: Garmin Forerunner935 (3980), APPLE WATCH 2 42mm (3,188 yuan)

3. Functions

Mainly promoting APPLE WATCH 2 and Huawei WATCH 2(including step memory, heart rate & sleep monitoring, GPS, waterproof, talk, application expansion, etc.).

4. Endurance

Mainly promoting Hey3s (30 days), Garmin Forerunner935 (22 hours GPS, 14 days pure watch mode), Huami AMAZFIT smart sport watch (5 days or so), Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 (2 days).

5. Sports

Mainly promoting Garmin Forerunner 235, Ferace 3, TicWatch s

6. Appearance

Mainly promoting Moto360 2, Huawei WATCH 2, Apple WATCH 2


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