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Home > Buying Guide > De-stress with these 10 simple desk toys
De-stress with these 10 simple desk toys

De-stress with these 10 simple desk toys

By  GB Blog Official 2017-05-10 7956 12

No matter how Zen you may train yourself to be, life (and even more so, work) often throws us curve balls. Deadlines, tough projects, demanding bosses or simply a bad hair day can throw our busy lives completely off track.

That's why an efficient way to de-stress and decompose is essential - especially when it can be incredibly easy with these 10 simple desk toys.

PIECE FUN Stress Relief Magic Cube

This little gadget is a true savior for fidgeters. If a stressful situation has you moving all over the place, tearing at your hair or (the horror) biting your fingernails, this little toy can rid you of the bad habits. Equipped with a multitude of tiny levers and knobs, the cube will keep your hands busy and let you focus your mind on work.

PIECE FUN ABS Stress Reliever

PIECE FUN ABS Stress Reliever Magic Cube for Worker

Pressure Reducing Anti-stress Plaything


Rolling Stick Focus Toy


A true international hit, this incredibly simple desk toy offers endless possibilties for improving your dexterity, creativity and sparking your competitiveness. Simply place it on your desk and start rolling. The addictive game will have you hooked in not time and pretty soon a lunch time rolling race will become an established office tradition.

Rolling Stick Focus Toy

Rolling Stick Focus Toy Anti-stress Plaything

For Killing Time


Magnetic Ball Puzzle


Looking for something a bit more challenging and crafty? The magnetic puzzle structure will surely keep you busy. Made with 216 little magnetic balls, the puzzle gives you total freedom to arrange them into anything you want them to be: from a simple magnetic cube to a complicated design pattern or even a piece of shiny jewelry.

Magic Magnetic Ball Puzzle Toy

Magic Magnetic Ball Puzzle Toy for Children

216Pcs 5mm Diameter

Fidget Spinner Toy

Yet another delight for fidgeters - a small fun spinning toy that you can discretely play with to calm your nerves down - without causing inconvenience to anyone around. Just spin it between your fingers and see how long you can go for - the game is both relaxing and addictive.

Steel Ball Bearing Gyro Focus Toy

Stainless Steel Bearing Hand Spinner Toy for Killing Time

Pressure Reducing Anti-stress Plaything


Itazura Piggy Bank Stealing Coin Panda


If you are looking for something to cutsie up your work space and serve a purpose at the same time - check out the famous Itazura toy piggy bank.

Itazura Piggy Bank Stealing Coin Panda Bank

Itazura Piggy Bank Stealing Coin Panda Bank

11.5CM Coin Stealing Panda Piggy Bank Coin Bank


Put a coin on the designated spot and watch as a miniature panda peeks out and grabs it with its furry paw. If this one can not inspire savings, we don't know what can :-)



3D Gear Magic Cube


There is no going wrong with a classic - and a Rubik's Cube is as classic as they get. This 3D Magic Cube comes with a cool design twist but preserves all the fun of the original gadget. Take a break from work and practice thinking outside the box - literally.

3D Gear Magic Cube

3D Gear Magic Cube 3 x 3 x 3 Colorful Cool Toy



Virtual Pet Toy


If you come from the tamagotchi era - you probably won't be able to look at this one without at least a drop of nostalgia. Having some company at your desk (even if it's digital pixelated company) is always nice. A trip back to the late 90s may be just what you need to bring down that stress level as you stroll down memory lane.

Virtual Pet

Nostalgic Toy Tiny 49 Pet in One Virtual Pet - 1pc



Stress Relief Spiky Massage Ball


If you spend a lot of time typing (and, let's face it, most of us do), allocating at least a few minutes a day to rest your hands is necessary and a good way to lower the risk of capal tunnel. Roll the massage ball around in your hand, squeeze it and massage your palms. You will feel your muscles instantly relax and your tension fade away.

Stress Relief Spiky Massage Ball

Stress Relief Spiky Massage Ball - 9CM

Trigger Point Yoga Health Care Sport Toy


Pinch Props Stress Relief


This one is for all bubble wrap poppers out there. Whether it's that crackling sound or the feeling of air bubbles exploding under your fingers - popping bubble wrap is incredibly relaxing. It also relieves muscle tension, leaving us feeled relaxed and de-stressed. The problem - bringing rolls of bubble wrap to the office may send some questioning looks your way. The solution - a mini pinch prop stress relief toy that fits right into your wallet.

Pinch Props Stress Relief Decompression Toy

Pinch Props Stress Relief Decompression Toy



Caomaru Mini Squeeze Toy


We wrap up the list with a personal favorite - a squeeze toy that is fun, freaky and friendly.

Mini Squeeze Ball Pressure Reduce Toy

Caomaru Mini Squeeze Ball Pressure Reduce Toy Perfect Elasticity



Squeeze the face-ball to get a variety of facial expressions and rid yourself of stress and tension. Set your creative spirit free - just be careful to not make it look like your supervisor :-)


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