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Home > Buying Guide > DJI drone comparison: Mavic Pro, Spark & Phantom 4 Pro
DJI drone comparison: Mavic Pro, Spark & Phantom 4 Pro

DJI drone comparison: Mavic Pro, Spark & Phantom 4 Pro

By  GB Blog Official 2017-08-16 5465 1

DJI has long earned its right to be the first choice when it comes to purchasing RC quadcopters —with a whole fleet of bestsellers like the Phantom 3, Inspire 2 and others. In this post, we take a look at Mavic Pro, Spark, and Phantom 4 Pro making your next purchase a tad easier.

Mavic is described as "small but powerful" with its foldable design and can shoot 4K video at 24 frames per second with its onboard camera. Spark is a mini drone, packing the best of DJI tech into a small super portable frame. The drone shoots full HD with its onboard camera (no 4K here). Phantom 4 Pro is an upgraded classic with its polished shell and top-of-the-line specs. The drone's camera can shoot in 4K and take 20MP stills. Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty for each model and how they compare to each other.

At first, let's have a general overview about their specs.

Model Flight time Camera Max speed Range Key features Size Weight Price
Phantom 4 Pro around 30 minutes 4K at 60 frames per second; 20MP stills 72km/h (45mph) 7km (4.3 miles) Follow Me, Return Home, 3-directional obstacle avoidance 350mm in diagonal (13 inches) 1.4kg (3lb)
Spark 16 minutes 1080p video, 12MP stills 50km/h (31mph) 2km (1.2 miles) Follow Me, Return Home, obstacle avoidance, FPV, gesture control 14.3 x 14.3 x 5.5cm (5.6 x 5.6 x 2.1 inches) 330g (11.6 oz)

Mavic Pro 27 minutes 4K video, 12MP stills 65km/h (40mph) 7km (4.3 miles) Follow Me, Return Home, obstacle avoidance, foldable design 335mm in diagonal (13.2 inches) 743g (1.6lb)


Phantom 4 Pro, the master of aerial photography

The two key selling points of the Phantom 4 Pro are definitely its more than generous flight time — 30 minutes — and a really powerful onboard camera. The drone has been designed with professional aerial photography in mind and comes with all the necessary specs to support your filming projects. At the first glance, you may think that the drone is very similar to the Phantom 4 Advanced — and you will be right, as some of the specs (like flight time and camera ability) do overlap. However, the Phantom Pro, as the name implies, adds on a few key features for a more secure flight: the obstacle avoidance system works when flying forwards, backwards or downwards. What's more, you get the fancy touchscreen controller with your purchase — a much more convenient way to guide your drone in the sky.

Phantom 4 Pro, the master of aerial photography

Spark, a selfie-drone

For many, Spark fits neatly onto the shelf with mini selfie drones. And while its capabilities surely go quite a bit far beyond that, there is no denying the fact the drone's miniature size and features like gesture control make it perfect for self-photography as well a great option for first-time pilots. The compact drone is notably pricier than other entry level models on the market, but does offer a number of useful extras. The quadcopter comes with onboard GPS, position stability, a stabilized camera, obstacle avoidance and even a 720p downlink for your smartphone. The above-mentioned gesture control lets you tell the drone when to take photos with simple hand movements.

Spark, a selfie-drone

Mavic, the golden middle

Finally, we have the Mavic.

DJI's Mavic seems to hover right in between Phantom 4 and Spark when it comes to power and portability. The drone comes with an onboard 4K cam, a flight time that is almost equal to Phantom 4 Pro, yet a much smaller size and a light weight (which, we have to admit, can be a bit of a disadvantage in windy weather). Mavic is a proper quadcopter to bring on a hike, shoot your aerial movie with, bring along on a trip or use for some fun selfie time at the park. Out of the three models we've looked at today, Mavic definitely seems like your "everyday" choice when it comes to aerial photography. It is compact enough for easy travel and comes with powerful specs. Basically, you will be able to shoot your 4K aerial movie without bringing along a large drone case — Mavic's foldable design is definitely a notable plus here.


Wrapping it up, your choice of a quadcopter is only yours to make. If you are looking for a high-spec professional machine, the Phantom 4 Pro will best fit the bill. Entry-level pilots will find Spark easy to control and take photos with while Mavic seems to hit the spot for all those in the middle. With a wide choice of options at DJI, you are sure to find a flying companion to be the perfect fit. 


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