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Home > Buying Guide > Gearbest picked fidget spinner recommendation
Gearbest picked fidget spinner recommendation

Gearbest picked fidget spinner recommendation

By  Zim Watson 2017-05-31 2098 4

You're hesitating which fidget spinner to choose? You want some suggestions on buying a hand spinner? The spinner toys recommended in this post may be the one you are looking for.
Gearbest picked fidget spinner recommendation

Long spin time fidget spinners

Sure all the fidget spinners can spin, but how long they can spin is totally different. Most of the hand spinners can spin for 1 to 2 minutes, some can just spin under 1 minutes. That's not long enough for people who chase long spin time. But we are confident that the below two fidget toys must your idea choices, because each of them can spin long for unbelievable 4 minutes!

Long spin time fidget spinners

The both two are 2 blades fidget spinners and are made of brass, and each of them is about 70g, so generally they are heavier than the ABS or Alloy material spinners. And they tough enough that no matter how many times or how hard they drop on the floor, that's no big deal. Besides the colors shown in the picture, there are more choices to choose.

2 blades fidget spinners

This one is 73g, its bearing contains 9 balls, which is a key factor that makes it spin longer than other spinners. ($9.75 on Gearbest)

long spin 2 blades fidget spinners

This one is 70g, also there are 9 balls contained in its bearing. ($9.53 on Gearbest)

spinning 2 blades fidget spinners  

From the shape and the specs, we can know these two fidget toys are twins. The only differences between them are:

1. The logo and design are distinct.

2. The former one can be uninstalled as three parts while the second one is made in two parts.

But it doesn't matter, the point is both of them can spin a long time. So if you are a long spin time fidget spinner fan, you must love the bros.


Superior ABS fidget spinners

Not all the people like metal or alloy material spinner toys, instead, they prefer the ABS ones. And I have to say, the ABS hand spinners are safer than the metal ones because the ABS spinner's blades are smoother and softer, and usually the blade tip is round in shape. So the ABS spinner is also a good choice for the parents to buy for their kids.

However, some adult spinner fans may think that the ABS spinners are weak and easy to crack. Actually, not at all. Here I'd like to introduce you four nice quality ABS fidget spinners with different features.

The LED triple blades fidget spinner

LED triple blades fidget spinner

From its name you can know, besides the ABS character, it has a special LED feature. Each of the three blades installs an LED light. When you click on the LED button, it will light. There are four different flashing ways, which could offer you four distinct light effects. That's really romantic and interesting! Let's see the four light effects:

spinning LED triple blades fidget spinner  

The sweet part is, you don't need to worry if the battery runs out and the light would become useless, because this spinner supports you to uninstall the LED light and exchange the battery. No matter how long you play with it, it gives you the romantic feeling all the time, and the good ABS material quality also ensures it strong enough to resist damage.

There four available colors: Blue, white, black, and green. I'm sure the kids, girls and the fashion trendsetters will love it. ($2.93 on Gearbest)

The clover fidget spinner

clover fidget spinner

This one is the most typical triple blades hand spinners that most of the spinner fans love. But even there are plenty of similar shape ABS spinner toys in the market, the quality is different. But this one on Gearbest, not only the price is pretty cheap, the quality is unbelievable good! Compare with sharp blade spinners, its round blades can prevent you being cut by the edge if it throws out when spinning. So it's kind of a safer choice for adults and kids.

spinning clover fidget spinner

Besides that, the bearing is fastened to the center part, which means it cannot be uninstalled, which can prevent the small kids to put the small part into the mouth, so that to avoid the accidents that the recent news reported. Due to this feature, if you are a parent and want to buy a fidget spinner for your kid, this would be a nice choice.  ($2.02 on Gearbest)

The triple big blades fidget spinner

triple big blades fidget spinner

This is really a big guy, which feature three big wings that only a big hand can hold it. The whole design is a triangle, and each of the black dot can be uninstalled. Even it's an ABS one, it's heavy as well - 48g. The body is tough and durable, you don't need to worry whether it will break if it throws out from your hand and hits on the hard objects, the answer is NO. Also, the bearing is fastened as well. But it's not suitable for a kid to play with due to its big diameter and spinous blades. ($2.28 on Gearbest)

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spinning triple big blades fidget spinner


Cell phone stand & key ring fidget spinners

For you, who likes multiple function spinners, I also get you some awesome choices. The spinner I will recommend is not only a spinner toy, but also a key ring or a cell phone stand.

Cell phone stand & key ring fidget spinners

These two fidget spinners can stick on your phone back firmly, and when you pull out the finger ring, it can be hooked on your finger to prevent the cell phone dropping from your hand. Also, when you put the cell phone on the table, the spinner's blades and the finger ring will work together to stand your phone firmly and well on the table, so that you can watch videos like watching a small television. That's pretty convenient. (Tri-bar: $6.05 on Gearbest, five-star: $5.97 on Gearbest)

cute triple bear blades fidget spinner

This triple bear blades fidget spinner is cute and also it's not just a toy, it's a key ring. The three pandas on the blades truly highlight the design. I think most of the girls and the kids would fall in love with this toy + key ring.

All these three spinners are made of zinc alloy, which ensures a premium quality and hand feeling. And no matter which one you choose, when you are nervous, you can also use it as a fidget spinner to release your stress. This really called "kill two birds with one stone".

spinning triple bear blades fidget spinner

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