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Home > Buying Guide > Get fidget spinners on Gearbest!
Get fidget spinners on Gearbest!

Get fidget spinners on Gearbest!

By  Zim Watson 2017-05-10 3614 18

Fidget spinner, one of the 2017's hottest new hand toy on fingers, have exploded in popularity, sweeping the whole globe, and also Gearbest. All these leaves questions to the curious public: What is the fidget spinner? Why is it so popular?

People who don't know it would ask, where to get the fidget spinners? As it's particularly popular among the young-age groups (the primary and middle school children) and the adults (especially the office workers).The fidget spinner fans are searching the answer for it. All you want to know are written in this post.


What is a fidget spinner?

The fidget spinner is a small toy that fit in the palm of the hand and features a bearing in the center of the design that allows it to spin. It's made in different types and designs with distinct colorful plastic or metal (brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper) material. The expensive ones even can be made of gold or silver. On the design, some fidget spinners have one, two or three prongs. It's a kind of toy that can be spun on the fingertip or on the desk, creating a mesmerizing swirling pattern. And the fans always like having competitions on who can spin it longest.

The fidget spinner was invented by Katherine Hettinger in the 90s in Florida, with the motivation to help children with ADHD and autism to concentrate and overcome the anxiety. So before the fidget spinner is known by most people as a time killing toy, it's actually a "stress relievers" for anxious people to fidget with.

How popular is the fidget spinner?

Since the fidget spinners have been sold in the market, they are hard to find because the stock always cannot feed the consumers' need no matter in the retail shops or online shopping websites.

If you're lucky, you can find the coaster-sized fidget toys for as cheap as $1 on a few shopping websites, or $5 in local retail stores. But on/in most shops, the price range of the fidgety things is in $8 to $18.

Though many shops are struggling to keep the toys in the stock, they fly off the shelves so fast. According to an online retailer said, on one Saturday, 200 fidget spinners stock were gone in less than two hours of availability. That's amazing!

As a result, the purchasers are driving from store to store to find the toys, placing names on waiting lists or paying marked-up prices on reseller sites.

By Christmas, fidget spinners were named the "must-have office toy for 2017" by Forbes.


Get fidget spinners on Gearbest

Now, the fidget spinner family is coming into our Gearbest! We have owned abundant stock that no matter what style or color fidget spinner you want, you can find it here, and the price is awesome attractive just from $1.21 to $43.09! Hope you are the first one to read this post, so that you can have the priority to get the toys! Otherwise, maybe you will be in the waiting list as well...

So now all you need to do is to catch this chance: click on your favorite fidget toy, add it to the cart, and pay the bills as fast as you can! If you are late, we cannot promise we still have the stock because you know they are so popular and hard-won. The below chart has listed some the fidget hand spinners available on our Gearbest, just click click click to buy!

Type Dual Bar Spinners Tri-Spinners Multi-bar Spinners

























LED Lights














If you are also interested in other stress reliever toys, our Gearbest also offers you plenty choices with nice prices. You can click our stress reliever page to have a view.

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