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Home > Buying Guide > Mobile phone buying guide
Mobile phone buying guide

Mobile phone buying guide

By  GB Blog Official 2017-03-05 12033 7

Your Mobile phone is your reliable companion and indispensable connection to the world, helping you to stay on top of the email and instant message, deliver video and stream music, organize your life with dozens of apps, all at a swipe of a finger. Buying a right smartphone for yourself is a big deal. The operating system, screen display, the camera or its wireless connectivity, which you will treasure most? We come up a quick list for your convenience.

Which cell phone is right for you?

For a more in-depth look at what the cell phone market has to offer, we have introduced four types of phone here for you: basic phone, smartphone and watch phone. Here our GearBest is dedicated to offering options of smartphone and unlocked phone for you.

Basic phone

Usually a flip phone or bar phone, featuring basic functions of calling, text messaging, camera, and Bluetooth. It is mainly used by the seniors.


Smart phones sport advanced mobile operating system and have a platform for various applications and has the capability to connect to your WiFi or Bluetooth.

Watch Phone

Watch phone is a smartwatch features normal timekeeping the possibility to serve the web, read emails, MP3 and MP4 media players, Bluetooth and even take pictures in high quality.

Unlocked Cellphone

An unlocked cell phone is one that is not restricted to a certain carrier's network, it will work with a number of different cellular service providers and can be used throughout the world. There are many manufacturers producing unlocked cellphones, including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, OnePlus, etc. and they are available with a variety of operating systems, such as Android, Windows Phone, iOS and BlackBerry.

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How big screen do you need?

As long as you have a handset at hand, the first thing you pay attention is absolutely the screen quality. There are three key factors to consider here: screen material, screen size and screen resolution. At present, major smartphones adopt screen with LCD (TFT, IPS) and OLED (AMOLED) on a large scale. The screen size is measured by screen diagonal length with the unit in inch, which is classified as follows:

>>Small screen: less than 4.5 inch
>>Medium screen: 4.5 - 5.4 inch
>>Large screen / phablet: 5.5 inch and above

The major screen size on our site includes: 4.5 inch, 4.7 inch, 5.0 inch, 5.5 inch, 5.7 inch, and 6.0 inch. Screen resolution is the number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed. The major smartphone screen resolution are listed as follow:

Standard Aspect ratio Width (px) Height (px)
VGA 4:3 640 480
SVGA 4:3 800 600
QVGA 4:3 320 240
HVGA 2:3 320 480
WVGA 5:3 800 480
DVGA 3:2 960 640
FWVGA 16:9 854 480
XGA 16:9 1024 768
HD 16:9 1280 720
FHD 16:9 1920 1080
qHD 16:9 960 540
QHD/2K 16:9 2560 1440


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Which operating system do you prefer?

The counts for much when you are buying a smartphones. At present, there are five major operating systems in the market --- Android, MIUI, Flyme, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Here we focus on introducing Android and MIUI in the Gearbest.  

An open source mobile developed by Google based on Linux platform. The latest version is Android 7.0 Nougat.


Free software Android operating system developed by Xiaomi Tech. The latest version is MIUI 8.


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How much storage space is enough for your needs?

When purchasing a new phone, you ought to take the amount of internal storage space into account. It is one of several key factors which influences the decision to buy one phone over another. Just the same story with computers, phone storage also includes RAM and internal storage.RAM stands for Random Access Memory. The more RAM a smartphone has, the smoother the experience will be for the user. So far, the major phones are equipped with 3GB or 4GB, even 6GB RAM on Gearbest.

Internal Storage 
is also referred to as ROM (Read Only Memory), which allows the user to access it. At present, most smartphones have 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or even 128GB, 256GB storage.


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Country based Mobile Phone frequency band

Processor: the heart of the phone

If you want to enjoy a good user experience, then you need to choose a good processor inside a phone. The processor with embedded chipsets, determine what dedicated functions the device can perform and executes accurately what you want your smartphone to do.

CPU (Central Processing Unit) performance is vital for the daily user experience.​People tend to use the clock rate of the main CPU that is in the heart of the chipset to compare the performance of competitive end products.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a microprocessor for graphics calculation and great at 3D rendering. Effects such as panning (scrolling), transitions (window swapping), zooming, etc. are all handled effortlessly by the GPU.   

Analysis chart for major CPU and GPU in our platform

Processor Brand Mobile chipset Primary CPU GPU ISA Clock speed Bit Multi-core
MTK MTK6580 ARM Cortex-A7 MPcore Mali-400 MP ARMv7 1.3GHz 32-bit Quad-core
MTK6737 ARM Cortex-A53 Mali-T720 ARMv8 (A32, A64) 1.1GHz 64-bit Quad-core
MTK6753 ARM Cortex-A53 Mali-T720 ARMv8 (A32, A64) 1.5GHz 64-bit Octa-core
Snapdragon Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 (MSM8996) Qualcomm Kyro 100 Adreno 530 ARMv8 (A64) 2.4GHz 64-bit Quad-core
Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 (MSM8953) ARM Cortex-A53 Adreno 5.6 ARMv8 2.0GHz 64-bit Octa-core
Intel Intel Z3560 Intel Silvermont processor Power VR G6430 IA-32 (x86), SSE 4, SSE 4.1, SSE 4.2 1.8GHz 64-bit Quad-core
Exynos Exynos 8890 Exynos M1 (Cortex A53) Mali T880 ARMv8 2.0GHz 64-bit Quad-core



You won't always have a DSLR with you when something cool happens, but you will have your cell phone, having one capable of taking a good picture at least. Most phones are integrated 5.0MP or above camera into your smartphone which offers good quality images. However, higher megapixels isn't always equal to higher quality shots. Do not go by numbers alone. Instead, pay attention to image quality, aperture, pixel size, speed and determine whether you need extras, such as facial recognition, panoramic modes, zoom capabilities, and flash. Also, the front camera is so significant for us nowadays, taking a selfie and posting some words on SNS to share and express ourselves becomes a very common way of our daily life.


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Network connectivity

Mobile phones have become ubiquitous and basic communications tools, not only for calls and messages but also accessing the Internet, sharing information and documenting the world. There are various types of mobile network, 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and GMS, etc., all are helpful and undermine the user's privacy.

4G: The fourth generation of wireless network technology featuring greater bandwidth and faster speeds (1Gbit/s for low mobility communication and 100Mbit/s peak speed for high mobility communication) than previous wireless networks, such as 3G.

List of 5 Major US Mobile Network Carriers

Carrier Network Type 3G Band 3G Frequency 4G LTE Band 4G Frequency
Verizon Wireless CDMA 0, 1 850, 1900 2, 4, 13 1900, 1700 f, 700 c
T-Mobile US GSM / UMTS / HSPA+ 2, 4 1900, 1700/2100 2, 4, 12 1900, 1700 def, 700c
AT&T Mobility GSM / UMTS / HSPA+ 2, 5 1900, 850 2, 4, 12, 17 1900, 1700 abcde, 700 bc
Sprint Corporation CDMA 10, 1 800, 1900 25, 26, 41 1900 g, 850, 2500
U.S. Cellular CDMA 0, 1 800, 1900 5, 12 850, 700 ab


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Our smartphones are equipped with more and more new, advanced sensors, so much that you may be confused about them. And no exception of these sensors embedded in most of the smartphones - accelerometer, gyroscope, gesture sensor, gyroscope, infrared sensor, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, magnetometer, etc. With these sensors built into your handsets, many smart functions are eventually realized, such as when you bring the phone close to your ear to talk the display shuts off...


It is comprised of an infrared LED and IR light detector to detect how close your smartphone's screen is to your body like cheek, face or ear. During a call, it can let you know that you are most probably in a call and the screen will be turned off.


It measures how bright the ambient light is. The phone's software uses this data to adjust the display's brightness automatically.


It uses to detect and recognize meaningful gestures from the parts of the human body, such as hands, arms, face, and head.

Proximity Sensor   Ambient Light Sensor   Gesture Sensor


Additional Features: Fingerprint Scanner, OTG, NFC

You want a smartphone that has all the daily basis functionality with security and user-friendly operation so that you can take full advantage of your device's features without frustration.

Fingerprint Scanner

As security is one of the topmost concerns as all personal data is in the smartphone, fingerprint sensor starts to be embedded in the cell phone. It is convenient and secure for using as it makes sure that your data is accessible by no one else other than you. It is usually on the back, power button or home button.

Wireless Charging

This tech is becoming the trend in the next generation smartphone, using an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects. Keep your smartphone charged has never been easier, blending in beauty with your home, and can be placed where you need them most. All without having to hide messy cables.

USB-C Connector

It is a 24-pin fully reversible-plug USB connector system allowing transport of data and energy, the new standard for Android phones. Both ends of a Type-C USB cable are the same, allowing for reversible plug orientation. Users don't need to worry about plugging it in upside down as it will work both ways.


The phones with OTA (Over The Air) can receive device updates and can easily be updated by use of wireless internet instead of connecting to a PC via USB.


The devices with OTG support USB On The Go. In other words, with such devices, you can use USB devices like flash drives and printers directly with the phone.


The Near Field Communication works like Bluetooth but at a very short range for sharing files. It provides more using security, no need to pair or set up anything before making use of it.


It allows the capacitive touchscreen of smartphones to interact by sending or receiving data, in a similar way to NFC, but not require an NFC chip of both devices.


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To protect our tiny friends well and take full advantage of the functions, updating a new look, enjoying music, making it fully charged to carry anywhere, updating or replacing with the latest accessories like headphones, cases, screen protector, power bank, chargers and cables and even parts are necessary.

Phone Case

It is designed to attach to, support, or otherwise hold your smartphone. Protecting your phone from scratches, drops and dust; Making your phone more attractive with the different patterns.


When the original pair is broken or you want a new pair of earphone for your smartphone for better quality. The earphone is quite an important accessory for enjoying your favorite music, having a sweet conversation with a loved one, making more fun for achieving your fitness goal...

Screen Protector

Smartphones are expensive and you wouldn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on one and end up with a scratched screen. Then the screen protector will provide protection, adhering to the screen which fits the exact shape of your phone along with holes for buttons and the speakers.


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Upadated on 3/10/2017 


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