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Home > Buying Guide > MPOW D6 vs. Xiaomi Mi Band 2: which smart watch does the job better?
MPOW D6 vs. Xiaomi Mi Band 2: which smart watch does the job better?

MPOW D6 vs. Xiaomi Mi Band 2: which smart watch does the job better?

By  GB Blog Official 2017-12-06 14424 39

If you are always on the go and want to keep in shape, you will need some professional assistance. If you can’t yet commit to a personal trainer, why not opt for a digital one? But which one to choose? In this post, we take a look at the two popular smart watch options: MPOW D6 and Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

As smart fitness tracker, MPOW D6 and Xiaomi Mi Band 2 can both become your helpful partner though the most strenuous workouts and help you stay on track with your fitness program. Let’s find out the which one can do the job better? 

MPOW D6 vs. Xiaomi Mi Band 2: design

At the first glance, the two bands look very similar. There are both black, both come with a subtle OLED display and a practical rubber band. The displays on both watches are relatively small: the MPOW D6 comes with a 0.87 inch rectangle screen while the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 features an even smaller 0.42 inch oval display. The band size for the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 measures 9.25 x 0.41 inches while the MPOW D6 is 9.84 x 0.79 inches.

They both design with detachable display, you can take out the detachable dial to charge the smart watch. So, what's the biggest difference in design? It is their charging method — MPOW D6 is equipped with a USB plug, so you can connect it directly to your laptop for charging, while Xiaomi Mi Band 2 charges through the USB charger base.   

MPOW D6 vs. Xiaomi Mi Band 2: features and performance

Both the MPOW D6 and the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 are smart sports bracelets and have been designed with the purpose of helping its wearers keep to a healthy lifestyle and monitor their workout progress. Hence, loads of fitness tracking features in both bracelets.

The MPOW D6 comes with a built-in heart rate sensor, which will monitor the changes in your pulse throughout the workout or rest period. While the heart rate monitor is most useful during periods of activity, the sleep monitor is there to help you have a good night’s rest. Thanks to the sleep monitor, you will learn a number of useful facts about your sleep pattern: the duration of your deep sleep and light sleep, average heart rate while you rest and more.

In addition to the heart rate and sleep monitors, you will have access to more helpful workout data in Running Mode: calories consumption, distance, steps and more. You will also have 5 alarm modes at your disposal to make sure you wake up on time and don’t miss out on important events. For keeping up with your social engagements, the MPOW D6 will send you timely notifications about incoming calls and social media updates — as well as sedentary reminders.


The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is also equipped with an extensive set of features for staying in shape. It comes with a heart rate monitor capable of dynamic and static monitoring. Sleep monitor is also there to accurately measure total effective sleeping time and monitor your movements during sleep. When it comes to fitness tracking proper, the smart band records steps, calories, and distance.

The intelligent alarm function will not only help you wake up on time every morning — just like with the MPOW D6 it will also send you idle alerts to make sure you stretch and take regular breaks between work sessions. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will let you know when someone calls or messages you with gentle vibrations.

Both fitness bands will communicate with your smartphone via Bluetooth and come with dedicated apps. The MPOW D6 uses Bluetooth 4.2 with NRF52832 chip (Bluetooth version upgrades are also supported) while the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 supports Bluetooth 4.0. For the MPOW D6, you will need to download the MPOW Band to save and sync data and in the case of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, it searches for the already familiar Mi Fit app from the Play Store or App Store.

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MPOW D6 vs. Xiaomi Mi Band 2: which smart watch is better?

As in most cases, it all depends on your specific requirements and lifestyle. What caught our eye about the MPOW D6 is the special design — along with the extra functionality it brings. The detachable display can be plugged in directly into a computer for quick and efficient charging.

With that, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 comes with better protection from the elements: the smart band is IP67 waterproof, dustproof and corrosion-proof. Plus, you get the confidence of owning a Xiaomi device — a brand known for its quality consumer gadgets.

In other aspects, the two smart sports watches are mostly the same: you have all the needed fitness tracking features, notifications, Bluetooth communication, app control and IP67 waterproof. A thing to consider is a significant difference in price: the MPOW D6 can be yours for just $14.99 while the branded Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is almost double that at $26.99.

At last, let's have a brief comparison of MPOW D6 and Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

Model MPOW D6 Xiaomi Mi Band 2
Display Size 0.87 inch 0.42 inch
Detachable Display Yes Yes
Charging Method USB plug USB charger base
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.2 Bluetooth 4.0
Dedicated App MPOW Band Mi Fit
Battery Capacity 90mAh 70mAh
Charging Time About 1.5h About 3h
Heart Rate Sensor Built-in Built-in
IP Rating IP67 IP67


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