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Home > Buying Guide > Should you get your child a quadcopter this Christmas?
Should you get your child a quadcopter this Christmas?

Should you get your child a quadcopter this Christmas?

By  GB Blog Official 2017-11-16 2134 1

Christmas gifts for your children are always big concerns - there is a gadget out there that can easily solve your trouble and your kids will love it too. In this post, we take a closer look at a quadcopter as a holiday gift for your child: pros, cons, drone model recommendations and things to watch out for.

Let's start with the pros.

Why you should get your child a quadcopter?

First and foremost, a drone is the type of gadget that can encourage your child to spend more time outdoors, willingly. While some smaller-sized drones can be flown indoors, most models are much more fun to play with "in the wild". Quadcopters will also make your child move a lot: they will enjoy running after the quadcopter, taking it to interesting spots to fly from, explore the routes from the quadcopter's footage and more.

Another plus is that the drone teaches your child responsibility. It's not a pet — but it does demand attention, care and thinking things through. Mastering piloting a drone takes patience, the knowledge and understanding of flying guidelines and develop awareness: your child will need to be careful of other people, animals and objects when flying the quadcopter.

Flying a drone requires mastering a new technology – especially if you go with one of the DIY options: quadcopter kits, bind-and-fly (BNF) quadcopters, almost-ready-to-fly quadcopters (ARF) quadcopters and more. For instance, the RoboCat Carbon Fiber Frame Kit will teach your child a valuable lesson in tech assembly — and could be a fun project to work on for the whole family.

Drones are quickly developing into a mass-used technology and, in the near future, may be used for a variety of functions: delivery, agriculture, road patrols, etc. Thus, introducing your child to the technology early on may prove to be very beneficial for the future.

Now, let's look into some cons and potential dangers.


What are the dangers of getting your child a drone?


First, there is the safety factor. You will need to spend quite a bit of time going over quadcopter operation and safety precautions to make sure your child is ready to pilot a device on their own.

There is a fine line between a drone and a toy — but, advanced high-flying quadcopters are definitely not harmless trinkets. They can crash into buildings, people, animals and cause damage to property.

Then, there is the privacy issue. If you get your child a quadcopter with a camera, there is always the danger of upsetting your neighbors as the quadcopter flies over their property.

So, should you get your kid a drone or not? It all comes down to choosing an age-appropriate model for your child.


What type of quadcopter to get your child?


As mentioned earlier, it mostly comes down to your child’s age.

Naturally, if your child has barely started to walk and you are eager to get them a quadcopter, the gift is probably more for you than for them. However, there are several key features that you would want in a quadcopter for your child: safety, durability, long battery life and relatively easy operation.

Here are a few recommendations for age appropriate quadcopters for a child.

5-8 years old: at this age, you might want to lure the kids into the drone game with something extra. For instance, this Flying Santa Claus RC Quadcopter would make a very fitting Christmas toy. First, it's a miniature ready-to-fly drone. Second, it's easy to pilot and features a 360 degree flip, one-key return, and an efficient propulsion system. The best part is, of course, the dancing Santa that sits atop the drone, sings Christmas songs, dances and sings.

8-12 years old: at this age, your child may be interested in something more complex — but still easily controllable. For this, we recommend the bestselling WowWee Lumi Gaming Drone. The mini drone is just 20x15x2cm in size and is perfect for flying indoors. The quadcopter connects with your smartphone and tablet and is easily controlled from the screen. The drone can perform in-flight tricks like upside-down with just one press of a button and is very safe to control: once it's out of the 5-meter range, it will land automatically.

12-16 years old: children at this age may be ready to fly "adult" quadcopters. Thus, you may want to get something with a purpose: either a quadcopter for aerial photography or a racing drone. A nice option is the FuriBee DarkMax 220mm FPV Racing Drone. It's a plug-and-play drone, so your child will be ready to take it to the air right out of the box. The racing quadcopter comes with a durable carbon fiber frame and features an integrated 960H CCD camera mount tilted at 30 degree. The drone is equipped with the Gemfan 5152 four-blade propeller offering a high maneuver efficiency in flight.

After reading the post, you would get a definite answer about whether you should get your child a quadcopter this Christmas. The answer is absolutely yes. Just buy one suitable for your child’s age.

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