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Home > Buying Guide > The best graphic cards for PC
The best graphic cards for PC

The best graphic cards for PC

By  Daniel Camilo 2017-04-01 7920 6

Buying or upgrading a computer has never been as easy as it is today. Online guides on how to do it are available everywhere, and even the most inexperienced person should be able to assemble a functioning machine, provided all the pieces are available.

Glorious PC gaming master race

When building or upgrading a PC, one of the essentials is the graphic card (also known as video card). If you want to get into all the nitty-gritty details of exactly what are graphic cards, feel free to check all this info. Essentially, the better your graphic card is (and in association with all other hardware pieces that compose the computer), the better your computer can handle high demanding games or graphic related software. Better graphic card = better graphics = more awesomeness.

Other components are also indispensable to have the perfect computer, and for those, we got you covered at GearBest, with a vast selection of PC hardware.

While Nvidia, AMD, ASUS and MSI generally dominate when it comes to brand awareness, the truth is there are plenty of options and variations available. Here are some of the best graphic cards you can buy on a budget at GearBest for your PC.

MAXSUN GeForce MS - GTX1060 Terminator

Developed by MAXSUN, this GeForce is a great entry-level graphic card with dedicated 6GB of RAM. It wont allow you to play all the most recent games in "Max" settings, but, if you have a good machine, it provides enough kick for most needs.

MAXSUN GeForce MS - GTX1060 Terminator

MAXSUN GeForce MS - GTX1060 Terminator 6GB Graphics Card


iGame1060 X

Essentially a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, giving ample breathing room to anyone's computer to flex out most games or high-end graphical and video editing software.

Original Colorful iGame1060 X 6GB DDR5

GeForce GTX 1060 GPU Chip 192bit GDDR5 Video Card

iGame1070 X

For hardcore PC gamers or those who run high performance computer applications, the iGame 1070X with its 8GB of GDDR5 RAM is the right choice! It will run virtually any game available today without any problems – maxed out settings, super fast frame rates and the highest resolutions available!

Colorful iGame1070 X

Colorful iGame1070 X 8GB DDR5

GeForce GTX 1070 GPU Chip 256bit GDDR5 Display Card


Last, and definitely least performance-wise, this 2GB MAXSUN card is nevertheless very good value for less demanding users looking for a powerful enough card to play their favorite games on satisfying average settings and still being able to run most video or image editing programs.



Radeon R7 360 DDR5 with HDMI VGA DVI Slot 768 Stream Processor

For more graphic cards, check the full catalog of cards available at GearBest and choose what's best for you.


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