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Home > Buying Guide > Things you should consider before buying a projector
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Things you should consider before buying a projector

Things you should consider before buying a projector

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-07 8229 1

As the demand for domestic entertainment gradually increased, a growing number of home users have set their sights on the projector when thinking about entertainment display device. However, the types of home projector are variety on the market, which makes many people intend to buy the projector at a loss. So, it's necessary to tell users what to consider before buying a projector.


The resolution of the projector

The first thing to look at is resolution, but many people don't understand the difference between a native resolution and a compatible resolution. The original resolution is the resolution of the chip itself. For example, LCD projection, its core imaging panel resolution is 1024 x 768, so this is the original resolution. But if you can connect it with 1080P input, it can also display, but the clarity of the display is still 1024x768, which is called compatible 1080P (or support 1080P).

compatible 1080P  

Generally speaking, the Internet is compatible with 4k resolution. 4k resolution is 4096x2160, this resolution is naturally very clear, and attracts more attention from netizens. But the original resolution of many projection is 1080P. Although the 4k signal can also display the picture, but that is 1080P clarity, 4k compatible can be said to be meaningless.

The different resolution of the projector

As for the projectors with 4K resolution, the lowest price at present is about 8,000 yuan. Anything lower than this price level, it is not credible to have 4K resolution.

The brightness of the projector

The brightness of the projector is an important indicator of the projector. But now some brands are starting to package this parameter, the most common is the brightness of the light. The fallacy of light intensity is ridiculous. The projector imaging is such a principle. The brightness of the light source is imaged through the chip, and then it is finally seen by the human eye through the lens. In this process, the lost brightness can reach more than 70%.

The brightness of the projector  

For the traditional brand of projectors, there's never been a model that says the brightness of a light source because it's "too cheeky" to do so. But many cheap projectors advertise the brightness of their lights. In fact, we should pay attention to ANSI brightness, which is the brightness of the picture color and brightness under the optimized state. However, most manufacturers of projectors are not so standard, because the ANSI brightness is usually low. More common on the market is maximum brightness.

the the ANSI brightness and maximum brightness of projectors 

Maximum brightness is the brightness and contrast of the picture are adjusted to 100 screen brightness. In this state, the color of the picture is distorted, no one will maintain this state using the projector, so the maximum brightness is actually a bit of a cat. However, it is much better than the brightness of the light source.

So how do we judge the ANSI brightness of a projector? in fact, as long as it is a big brand, basically everyone optimizes the brightness of ANSI according to the level of 80%. For example, a projector standard 2000 lumens, then its ANSI lumen should be above 1600.

different lumens 

In the end, we will find that many sales pages of projectors always have people watching the effect presentation of the picture of the projector at noon, the picture is clear and bright. In fact, this is impossible, for the current projector technology, even if the ANSI brightness reaches 10,000 lumens, the picture is still white during the day. This is due to the imaging principles of the projector.

The projector's picture is reflected into the human eye on the screen, and the sunlight is much brighter than the projector, so even the very bright projector products, especially at noon during the day, will basically disappoint you.

the very bright projector products 

At night, if the ANSI brightness of a projector is actually more than 1000ANSI, then the viewing projection is 100 inches without pressure, and if it exceeds 2000ANSI, then the lights are projected 100 inches without pressure, although the picture is still a bit white at this time. But is not particularly obvious, does not affect the user's normal viewing.


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